Light Spirit Epic Chapter 597: Due to Tianyuan (25)


Chapter 597: The duel against Yu Tianyuan (twenty-five)

The star-slicing giant blade, like a falling meteor in the sky, slashes down!

Slash? No, not a slash!

It uses the giant blade and the broad body to shoot down, hitting the Holy Spirit Steel God Dragon!

This is the “correct” usage of the Star Slasher! With a terrifying momentum, with a huge contact surface, with an amazing falling speed, the opponent was completely smashed from head to toe!

Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble! ! ! ! !

A powerful blow from the sky to hell, smashing the body of the Iron God Dragon to dust! !

The earth is shaking, shaking violently!

“Wow! Here again?!” Albert (Bediveville) was about to drink the juice, but accidentally knocked over the glass because of the shaking of the castle!

Having experienced the lesson of the last time, the assassin did not poison the food this time, but instead injected the poison into the juice!

Although it is highly corrosive and highly poisonous, the juice is marked as “carbonated drink”. It bubbling naturally when it landed on the ground, concealing its hideous true face.

This murderous plan that was supposed to take the life of the tiger man boy was ruined by the shaking!

“Wow!” Albert (Bediveville) got up from the ground, “Oh my God, earthquakes are so frequent today! It’s not enough to make you feel at ease with a meal, meow?!”

“Ah! My meal!” The tiger man looked at the meal in front of him desperately. The oatmeal in the bowl was completely stained with dust shaking off the ceiling, and even the chicken thighs were covered in a thick layer of dust!

“This, how can people eat this?!” The tiger man boy cried and grimaced.

The knight Cadol, who was guarding by the side, was silent and watched with cold eyes. He had already eaten, and it had nothing to do with him whether Albert (Bediveville) was starving.

Instead, he thinks young people should starve more. Eat one less meal and you won’t die. Today’s young people are too spoiled.

But Albert (Beddieville) is really hungry. I just took a bite of the food in front of me, and it wasn’t enough to fill my stomach. No, just because I only took one bite, all the digestive organs in my stomach were activated, and now I am extraordinarily hungry!

—— Hungry, a poignant sonata sounded in the belly!

“Wow, it doesn’t matter, if it’s not clean, you have to eat it——” He flew up, trying to finish the dusty food.

With one hand, he quickly pulled away the plate containing the food!

“Hey! What are you doing, meow?!” Albert (Bediveville) pounced and protested loudly.

“Sorry,” said the soldier disguised as an assassin with a smile, “but, this meal has been contaminated and cannot be eaten. The villain will change it for you immediately.”

“Since when have you been concerned about the hygiene of food?” Albert asked suspiciously. He’s been in a cell for weeks, and he’s been eating dog food.

“I’m sorry, just bear with it for a while. I’ll replace it with a new one right away.” The soldier ignored the tiger man boy’s objection and hurried away with the plate of food.

Of course.

The poisonous glass of juice was knocked over. Is there any poison in these meals? How could Albert finish it?

Once the tiger is full, it may be very difficult to pry open his mouth and feed poison into it.

Because of this **** earthquake, the Assassin lost another chance to kill Albert.

He takes the meal away, but he keeps murmuring, cursing Albert’s (Bedevier) luck again and again.

How difficult is the simple task of poisoning a kid? !

That boy, is there the blessing of the **** of luck? !

At the same time, Romanee’s Wilderness.

“Okay, let’s all come out.” Ivan jumped out of the teleportation port of the mirror world, and once returned to the real world, he immediately used the eagle eye technique to inspect the surroundings.

They have been far away from the battlefield for a long time. In addition, the sky is dark and the surroundings are extremely dark, so they should not be easily discovered by the enemy.

“Then, come with me if you want to go to the Turks.” Vivian stretched out her hands, preparing to activate the teleportation technique.

Palamides pulls old Demian and grabs Vivian’s hand. Bedivere (Albert) also grabs Vivian’s other hand.

Tristan grabbed the rabbit and put his hand on Vivian’s arm.

“Why should I go too?!” Rabbit Ryder said resentfully.

“It’s better to leave you in the Turks, it’s safe there.” Tristan sneered.

Brindisi is not a safe place to hide.

Vivian glanced at everyone: “Up to seven people can be sent, and there is still one place left. Who else wants to follow?”

“I’m free, and I have to go back to Brindisi to report all this.” Evan shook his head, but his eyes were fixed on Tristan, “You leave your submarine and run to Turks, there’s no problem. ?”

“I just contacted the [Ice Crystal] by phone, and the ship will cross the Black Sea to the Turks to join us.” Tristan said casually, “In the worst case, the [Ice Crystal] can still hide itself, slow. Slow dive back to Brindisi. My crew is excellent so don’t worry.”

“Humph!” Evan couldn’t say anything about Tristan, so he had to give up.

“That…” Constantine, who had been silent for a long time, finally spoke up, but his eyes never left the dragon boy Elaine.

Elaine stared intently at Merlin’s hat (Merlin kept Boles’ head in the magic hat’s warp), ignoring Constantine’s concerns.

“I’ll go too, okay?” Constantine said with mixed feelings, he was not thinking about how to comfort Elaine who lost his brother, but how to escape from Elaine’s side— —even if only temporarily.

“Are you going?” Palamidis looked at Constantine, “What are you doing in the Turks, little boy?”

“I think… I might be of use.” Constantine couldn’t think of a reason for a moment, so he had to answer hesitantly.

“Okay, do as you like.” The big cat grabbed the boy’s hand, “Vivian, let’s go.”

“Got it.” The woman grunted, and she was surrounded by a blue light and disappeared instantly.

“Let’s go too.” Archmage Merlin also stretched out his to prepare for teleportation.

The rest of the people formed a circle and put their hands on Merlin’s hands, only Elaine was still in a daze.

“Don’t worry, kid,” Merlin saw through the mind of the dragon boy. “As soon as I go back to Brindisi, I will start Bols’ restoration work. There is still his backup body in the laboratory. Repairs will be completed soon.”

“Uh, um…!” Elaine replied awkwardly, placing his dragon-scaled palm on Merlin’s left arm.

Whoosh! The second team also used the teleportation technique to leave, and Merlin returned to Brindisi with Lian Yin, Ivan, Elaine, Jaglowe, and Persiva.

As soon as their vision returned, they found themselves on the coast outside Brindisi.

Corpses are everywhere. Brindisi appears to have been through another major battle.

“Hey, are you back?” Celestial Knight Hall cut off the last enemy’s head with a sword, and turned to look at the people who had just arrived, “You missed the good show, it’s over here.”

“Grand Duke Hall,” Evan walked up impatiently, “I have important military information to report.”

“Of course,” the Celestial Knight touched his empty stomach, “but I’m starving to death, and you haven’t had dinner, right? Let’s go and have dinner in the barracks.”

(Before that, should you wipe the blood on the armor?)

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