Light Spirit Epic Chapter 596: Due to Tianyuan (24)


Chapter 596: The duel against Yu Tianyuan (twenty-four)

Brush! The crimson dragon’s tail also came in response, and the blade of the tail also poked a big hole in the chest of the steel **** dragon!

“Humph!” The Iron God Dragon grunted, and his whole body began to crack!

He disintegrated himself and turned into an army of the Holy Spirit, hundreds of thousands of Holy Spirits on the Avalon Pure Land! ! The army of the Holy Spirit swarmed up and began to bite the phantom crimson dragon!

Sand! The deep red dragon also disintegrated instantly, turning into a large number of red dragons, and the army of red dragons also rushed up, fighting with the army of the Holy Spirit! !

Clap! ! There was an incomparably crisp loud noise, and the core of the deep red dragon’s chest shattered! Among them, Arthur woke up immediately!

“King Orser!!!!” The boy raised his wings, targeting the knight in the distant sky, and charged straight at it!

“Boy!!” King Oser also raised his blade, stepped on the Holy Spirit Unicorn, and launched a final charge towards his opponent!

The golden light and the white light in the sky meet, collide, meet again, and collide at a very high speed, fighting fiercely in the melee between the Holy Spirit and the Red Dragon Army!

The sky is full of war, but the two have only each other in their eyes.

Arthur slashed a sword and suppressed King Oser’s left side with a sharp sword!

King Other dodged sideways, and the lightsaber in his right hand slashed towards Arthur’s abdomen! He only had one lightsaber in his hand, and it didn’t change: their battle was so intense that they didn’t even have time to deform the lightsaber!

Arthur bent down, nimbly dodged the opponent’s slash, and immediately slashed with a backhand, straight to King Oser’s shoulder!

King Oser raised his sword to ward off the attack, turned around and stabbed the sword!

The tip of the sword was only two inches from Arthur’s throat, but Arthur leaned back to avoid it! He volleyed and flew, and the sword of the holy king cut out a vertical arc at the same time!

King Oser turned to one side, and the sword of the holy king slashed from his chest, cutting off a large piece of his breastplate!

He took the lead with a very dangerous micro-shift dodge. Before Arthur’s flip was over, he swept out a sword and planned to cut Arthur in half!

Arthur flapped his wings and used the reaction force to restrain the flip! Only his wings were chopped off!

Arthur, who had no wings, accelerated with a sudden kick, and plunged his head towards King Oser!

The attack was so fast that it was impossible to dodge, and King Oser’s chest was pierced by the sword of the Holy King! The two fell from the sky to the ground at the same time!

“Hmph, you lost, boy.” King Oser sneered.

That’s right, King Oser is the Holy Spirit, and being pierced through his chest won’t kill him, let alone fall to his death.

Not so with Arthur, who lost his wings. He fell to the ground at this speed, and he must be bloody.

Dozens of Holy Spirits attacked together, as if they wanted to tear the boy apart before Arthur and the others fell to the ground!

“You lose.” Arthur sneered in return.

He drew another blade from his pocket. Crimson blade!

The last sword split from the Star Slasher!


A large group of Holy Spirits attacked, Arthur pulled out the holy sword from King Oser’s chest, and with both swords, chopped off the head of one Holy Spirit, stepped on the back of the headless Holy Spirit, and leaped to another Holy Spirit On the back, a sword pierced the opponent’s heart, then slashed the backhand, cut off the other opponent, and then jumped high!

The remaining few Holy Spirits attacked together and flew from Arthur’s feet, almost catching up with the boy!

Touch! The huge fist blow smashed those chasing Holy Spirits into smashes, and when they were retracted, they caught Arthur who fell!

The phantom crimson dragon, which disintegrated into countless red dragons, re-formed again! The first right fist that it reassembled rescued Arthur in time and brought Arthur back!

The teenager jumped up and jumped into the broken core of the ghost’s chest. The core was quickly repaired, and was hidden by the reorganized ghost body!

At the same time, King Oser’s fragments also turned into light, and reassembled into a Holy Spirit core. The core recalled the Holy Spirit Army and reorganized the body of the Iron God Dragon again!

However, his reorganization was slower than the Crimson Dragon, half a second slower!

A difference of half a second is enough to kill!

The Crimson Dragon has long been in front of the Iron Dragon, and before the opponent is completely reorganized, it will strike with both swords!

The Iron God Dragon raised the sword in his hand to block, but was easily bypassed! The two swords of the crimson dragon cut off the arms of the heavenly dragon!

The Crimson Dragon swung its legs around, and the blades of its legs completely cut through the opponent’s abdomen and chest!

The crimson dragon swirled in mid-air, and the blades on its wings swept across, slicing the head, chest, and abdomen of the steel celestial dragon into three pieces!

After the opponent was tragically dismembered, the attack was not over yet. The crimson dragon’s tail operated a short sword and stabbed it violently, piercing countless small holes in the stump of the iron dragon!

“Ah, ah, ah, ah!” The Iron Dragon’s head was flying in mid-air, and just as it was about to shoot out dragon flames, the dagger in the crimson dragon’s mouth had already flown out, cutting the Iron Dragon’s head into two pieces. Half!

After the eight swords were unleashed and chopped up the opponent, the crimson dragon did not give the steel **** dragon time to repair its body.

It combined the two swords in its hand, turned it into a broad sword, and swept towards the steel Tianshenlong, cutting off the waist of the Tianshenlong that was just about to recover!

The Crimson Dragon folded its wings together to form a double-edged sword, and swung it out with its own spin, tearing the half-healed chest of the Heavenly Dragon Dragon again!

The Phantom Crimson Dragon kicked up with its left foot, cut off the opponent’s left shoulder, and the blades on its feet flew out at the same time, hovering in the air;

It jumped into the air, and its right foot swept straight down like a shooting star. The blade on the right foot merged with the blade hovering in the air. The sharp long sword was accompanied by kicks, and the Holy Spirit Steel Heavenly God Dragon One Divide into two!

The Iron Dragon is reorganizing at a higher speed. No matter how chopped it is, the Holy Spirit never dies!

The crimson dragon threw the dagger from its mouth, and stabbed the end of the dagger with the short sword wrapped in its tail. The two swords fit together perfectly and became a larger blade! It waved the blade with its tail, continued to stab the opponent, and instantly stabbed tens of thousands of large holes in the opponent’s newly healed abdomen, and the waist of the Holy Spirit Steel Dragon was broken again!

The broad sword in the Crimson Dragon’s hand and the double-edged sword on its back combine to form an epee, smashing the opponent’s chest with one blow!

It then grabbed the long sword on its feet, stabbed it into the hilt of the epee, combined it into a big sword, and swept across the Tianshenlong’s waist!

It combines the short sword on its tail with the tip of the great sword to form a giant sword. The heavy blow of the giant sword smashed the Holy Spirit Steel Heavenly Dragon into the air!

The Crimson Dragon charged forward with a single stride, stepping on the outer shell of the Star Slicing Giant Blade. The shell of the giant blade inserted obliquely on the ground was bounced into the air, and the crimson dragon had already greeted it.

The phantom crimson dragon flew into the air with a giant blade three thousand feet long, catching up with the steel celestial dragon that was swept away.

The shoulders and waist have not yet been regenerated, and the Iron God Dragon, who is powerless to fight back, knows that his death is approaching, but just smiles at his opponent indifferently.

(Is this your answer?)

(Even if you are smashed to pieces, you must fight your destiny to the last moment.)

(Pour all your anger into rebellion against fate, and spare no effort to hack and slash.)

(Even though, knowing how stupid that would be.)

(Even though I know how powerless I am.)

(The fate that must be defeated at all costs—will arrive eventually.)


The red shadow catches up with the white shadow, and the two light and shadows instantly overlap in the air.

Pounds! ! ————————

The Crimson Dragon raised the star-slicing blade and swung a full blow!

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