Light Spirit Epic Chapter 599: The twists and turns in the return (2)


Chapter 599 Twists and turns in the return (two)

The portal works frantically, ejecting particles of golden light from its mirror surface.

A light flashed, and Arthur found himself on a teleportation platform underground.

This teleportation platform is exactly the one in Camelot’s dungeon.

The teleporter where Arthur and Greenville first entered Avalon.

After a long journey through muddy waters, I finally came back here.

The Grand Duke of Lyon Dickens is here waiting for Arthur’s return, and the Knights of Heaven seem to know all this.

“We’ve been waiting for a long time, Your Majesty!” The Grand Duke of Lyon Dickens added a bit of respect and joy in his tone.

“Sorry, the coronation ceremony that was supposed to be attended——“

“No, you have completed the coronation ceremony, Your Majesty.” Leon Dickens looked at the crown on Arthur’s head, his eyes almost glowing: “The ordinary [coronation] is for those who cannot get [the Holy Spirit]. The king of the crown] prepared it. It’s just a drama.

His Majesty obtained the [Holy Crown] by his own strength and completed the [True Coronation].

You are indeed the most well-deserved and most powerful [King] of the Pantoracken generations.

You are already a legend. There is no one before and no one since.

From now on, history will truly record your famous name, and let your story be passed down through the ages. “

“Hmph, stop flattering me.” The King of Knights didn’t care.

Fame and fortune were never what Arthur wanted. Even if there is no pursuit of it, he is always entangled in fame and fortune.

When he first met Justinian, he had predicted this. Arthur, surrounded by huge light veins, is the future king of Pantoracken, an indispensable existence to the world.

As a result, it was all caught by Justinian. This is an impossible fate that Arthur wants to avoid.

He just fought and slashed all the way to survive, for revenge, and for various reasons.

When I look back, I find that behind me is the dazzling throne, the peak of the world that no one can match.

Arthur sighed, feeling the wonder of the world.

He cleared his mind and glanced around. This time the ruins seemed a bit empty and deserted, so he asked curiously, “What about the other Celestial Knights?”

“Hall was in Brindisi, Euns was in the Swedish Ice Fleet, and Palinlore went to Prague. The German side was in a hurry, and Palinlore was probably too busy. ?”

“Really? We have to hurry to support.” Arthur said absently, “…do you have any news from Bedivere?”

As the death of the Holy White Wolf will affect Bedivere, Arthur is very worried about Beddie’s health.

His top priority is not to support Palinlor, but to check on Bedi’s safety.

“Knight Bedivere?” The Grand Duke of Lyon Dickens thought for a moment. “There was a situation report before, and he should have joined the younger son of Ewens (referring to Evan) and traveled from Brindisi to Underdark on a mission.

……It was just a reconnaissance mission for a few days, should you be back?

If your Majesty goes to Brindisi, you should be able to meet them. “

“Understood, then, we’ll go right away.”

Arthur was about to leave——

Celestial Knight Leon Dickens swooped and knocked Arthur away.

“Ugh. What are you doing?” Arthur quickly got up and was about to blame Leon Dickens when he saw a bright red spreading from the back of the Heavenly Knight.

The dagger pierced Leon Dickens’ back. Who wants to attack Arthur!

The King of Knights swiftly pulled out the dagger from Leon Dickens’ back and raised his weapon to be alert: “Who is it?! Come out!”

“Hum hum hum,” a sinister laugh came from the corner, “Long time no see, Arthur.”

With the help of the golden light from the King’s Sword, Arthur saw the assassin in the corner. He was wearing black armor, and his body exuded a sickening smell of corruption.

“Richa!” Arthur exclaimed as he recognized the other party.

That person was Arthur’s first “master” when he served in the Knights of the North – Viscount Richard Leon Dickens.

Son of the Grand Duke of Leon Dickens.

Arthur’s face changed, and his heart was angry: “Greenville said that you stabbed the Grand Duke of Leon Dickens and escaped. I didn’t believe it. You did, you bastard!”

Obviously I have relatives but I don’t know how to cherish them. Arthur, who lost his parents since childhood, hated people like Richard the most.

“Hmph, why isn’t that old guy dead yet?” He looked at Leon Dickens on the ground, “He actually blocked a knife for you, and it’s going to get in my way wherever you go. What a **** old man.” “

“Enough!” Arthur roared, he had already put on a pose, ready to rush over to slash and check: “Apologize to your father!”

“Apologize?” Richard remained stubborn, “I don’t know what to apologize for. I wanted to kill you, but the old guy is going to rush up and get stabbed, what can I do?”

Leon Dickens also got up from the ground and coughed a few mouthfuls of blood, “Your Majesty, don’t bother with this kid. He’s just…”

Arthur had already sped out and slashed Richard’s shoulder with a sword!

Click! A muffled sound.


No. Can’t get in!

Richard’s shoulder suddenly transformed into a black crystal-like hard shell, which was so hard that Arthur’s Sword of the Holy King couldn’t even cut it!

“What?!” Arthur, who could not succeed with a single blow, was afraid of being counterattacked, and jumped back to distance himself.

Richard didn’t do anything, just smiled proudly: “Ahahahaha! Did you see it? This is the new power that Queen Morgan has given me! What kind of king’s sword, what is the strongest Pantoracken? Swordsman, it’s of no use to me! You can’t even scratch me!”

Arthur looked at Richard with contempt. He understood everything.

Richard joins Morgan and uses the power of a succubus to become the Green Knight.

“I am worthless and cannot be promoted, so I betrayed the Knights and exchanged your dignity for strength?”

Seemingly on point, Richard’s expression quickly changed from smug to sullen.

“Richa, you are really a rubbish. A **** who only knows how to gain status by relying on his father’s Arthur cursed bitterly, “If you don’t want to be aggressive, you will betray the Knights. . You have even abandoned human dignity, what is there to show off this [power] in exchange? “

“Closed——” Riza’s veins protruded from anger.

“Having a son like you, I really feel sorry for the Grand Duke of Leon Dickens.” Arthur continued to scold.

“Shut up!!!!” Richard roared, and several explosions sounded in the surrounding corners!

The explosion sent the entire underground ruins far away!

“Hahaha, ahhahahahahaha!” Richard took out a controller from his pocket, “I planted 6,000 bombs in this ruin. This was supposed to be the last thing I left. Well, Ya Se, since you want to die so much, let you die happily!”

“…You’re crazy.” Arthur replied indifferently.

“Look at you being stubborn!” More blue veins appeared on Licha’s forehead, and he pressed the button of the detonator without thinking!

Boom! ! ! Countless explosions came from all directions, and the ruins were about to be engulfed by the explosions!

Arthur held the sheath of the king and subconsciously wanted to activate the griffin shield, but he thought about it, even if the griffin shield could block the power of the moment of the explosion, the collapse of the ruins would still bury them alive!

In this case, the only option is ——!

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