Light Spirit Epic Chapter 593: The duel against Tianyuan (21)


Chapter 593: The duel against Yu Tianyuan (twenty-one)

The halo on the Iron God Dragon’s head turned into 10,000 light spheres and flew out, revolving around the Crimson Dragon! The spheres of light turned into blades, each of which was a huge three-hundred-foot-long blade of light, enough to poke a big hole in the crimson dragon!

The [law] of the Holy Spirit Steel Celestial Dragon is correctly [rule].

He can rule over all the Holy Spirits in Avalon and all [Light] in the world.

Taking advantage of this feature, King Oser maximized the [Light Magic] that he was originally good at, and maximized the control and power of [Light] to create this [King’s Sword Array].

It’s the ultimate kill formation against the toughest foes.

“Let me do this, let me praise you first.” Iron Dragon snorted, “Unfortunately, it’s time for you to go to heaven!”

10,000 giant lightsabers swarmed up, slashing, piercing, and impacting the phantom crimson dragon! !

The crimson dragon dances wildly, turning itself into a crimson whirlwind, resisting the oncoming onslaught with amazing movements!

Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang! ! The sound of sword strikes began to come and go, and they were so densely connected that there was almost no gap between the sounds!

In just a few seconds, the crimson dragon took a thousand blows, ten thousand strikes, a hundred thousand strikes, a million strikes!

Its reactions exceed the speed of light, and its movements are lightning fast, so it can survive such an airtight all-round attack!

However, it is after all [one] combat unit against tens of thousands of units.

The steel celestial dragon’s blades are as numerous as the stars in the sky. They are self-controlled and will not stop until they smash all hostile units within range.

The ten thousand light blades slashed endlessly at the Crimson Dragon, and it was only a matter of time before the Crimson Dragon was defeated!

At the same time, Romani’s wilderness, in the [mirror world].

Ivan and the others rode on the extra-large sleigh, resting as far as possible from the previous combat area.

Although they will not be attacked by enemies in the [Mirror World], they have to stay away from the original area full of enemies until they reach a safer area to return to the real world from the [Mirror World].

Taking advantage of the time in the vehicle, Ivan and Palamides briefly exchanged information.

“Really.” After listening to the big cat’s narration, Ivan held his chin and thought for a while, “What about the next plan?”

Merlin replied: “We must divide into two teams, one team will go to inform Arthur as soon as possible, and the other team will go to the control room of the [World Wall] and activate the second-level security protocol.”

“No, before that—” Palamedis couldn’t help but chime in, “I’m going to take old Demian to the Turks first. I need his knowledge to make [neutralizers] ], to save my children.”

“We also need this old man to lead the way to the [control room]!” Merlin glared at Palamidis: “Which should be the priority, saving the world or saving your children?”

Unexpectedly, the leopard warrior glared back: “For a desperate father, saving his children is the priority.”

The two were at a stalemate immediately, sparks bursting out of their eyes!

“Let him go.” Evan quickly advised, “If Uncle Paramy didn’t show up in time, we wouldn’t even be able to get Bols back. Let him save his son first.”

“Very good.” Merlin looked displeased: “If this world is destroyed, there is no point in saving your children. Just keep wasting time.”

(I don’t know the big truth.)

(However, my children are still frozen in the survival pod, tortured by illness, and may be whimpering at any time.)

(If you can’t even save your own children, why save the world?)

“Humph!” The big cat grunted in response, and swallowed all the words that should have been said.

Those who have never had children will never understand Palamidis’ anxiety at this time.

“Don’t do that.” Vivian put her hand lightly on her husband’s shoulder, “I can still use teleportation today, and it’s only a matter of time before we go back to Turkic. Once we’re done, we’ll set off for [ The Wall of the World].”

“It’s the [Great Firewall], not the [Wall of the World]” the Earl of Conwell protested.

“Oh yes, great-great-great-grandfather, the [Great Firewall].” Vivian agreed.

“I’ll go with you to the Turks.” Bedivere (Albert) couldn’t help suggesting.

“What?!” cried Tristan, “No! Your body…you’re going back to Brindisi with us!”

“We don’t have that time.” Bedivere (Albert) was stubborn, “The more vanguards attacking [the Wall of the World], the better, right?”

He was actually very unwilling. The previous battle did not help at all, and only the most basic fire support was carried out.

Even Elaine, the stupid bear, had a lot of potential and helped a lot, but Bedivere (Albert) watched the situation worsen and couldn’t do anything.

Just like when Morgos attacked Athens. Albert couldn’t do anything, couldn’t do anything to help, just watch the world go into flames.

Hall deliberately used the [Soul Exchange Stone] to exchange the consciousness of El and Bedi. What was it for? In order to let Albert watch all this from afar?

Just to make Al curse himself for his worthlessness?

Not convinced. Really dissatisfied!

If there is another must seize it——

In order to make this trip meaningful. In order to live up to the [heart] that Bedivere lent his body.

“…I really don’t like you.” Tristan saw the stubbornness in Bedivere (Albert)’s eyes and sighed: “Well then, I’ll go with you too.”

“Hey!” Ivan was startled and yelled at the murloc prince.

“If you don’t keep an eye on this guy, he’ll hurt Buddy…and his own body.” Tristan shrugged, “To stop him from jumping into the fire pit, I have to .”

“I’ll follow——” Lian Yin on the side volunteered to say.

“Okay, do as you like.” Evan frowned, “Don’t attack the [Wall of the World] right away, at least wait for the reinforcements to arrive before attacking in one go.”

The half-dragon boy can predict that the enemy must have deployed a heavy army in the wall of the world, waiting for them to fall into the trap.

Attacking the walls of the world with a small number of troops is not a smart move. At least have Arthur present. Only Arthur can reverse the trend with the powerful attack of the Sword of the Holy King.

Originally, as long as you wait patiently, you can avoid death and injury to the greatest extent.

However, the group of people in front of him were all impatient guys.

With them around, things will go smoothly…no wonder.

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