Light Spirit Epic Chapter 594: The duel against Tianyuan (22)


Chapter 594: The duel against Yu Tianyuan (twenty-two)

At the same time, Avalon Pure Land.

The fierce offensive and defensive battle continues. The crimson dragon resisted the slashes of ten thousand lightsabers coming from every angle with an ingenious sword dance.

However, it can’t make any more counterattacks, and the defense alone has done its best. Its defeat is only a matter of time.

Finally, a lightsaber stabbed the crimson dragon in the abdomen under the omission of the crimson dragon’s defense.

The crimson dragon’s movements didn’t stop, and it was still dancing fast, blocking more attacks. However, the light blade stabbing in its lower abdomen somewhat hindered the crimson dragon’s movements, and its sword dance became less fluid.

Immediately afterwards, two, three, five, ten, and more light blades stabbed the crimson dragon, one by one nailed to the dragon’s body, making it look like a hedgehog.

“It’s over.” The Iron God Dragon, who was watching from the sidelines, groaned.

[King’s Domain (King’s Sword Formation)] is an invincible existence. Even if the deep dragon has great abilities, it can’t be avoided or cracked. Even if you fight hard, you will only get a slow and painful death in the end.

If I had known this earlier, I might as well let you rest in peace. The Iron God Dragon couldn’t help but scrutinize his opponent with regretful eyes.

After the Crimson Dragon finished his last struggle, he was immediately pierced by ten thousand blades. It looked like it was no longer a hedgehog, but a thorn ball composed of light blades.

Even if the crimson dragon didn’t die, it was pierced into countless pieces of flesh by the light blade, unable to move, and had to wait to die?

“It’s over.” King Oser sighed. Invincible, his life is as lonely as snow.

He was wrong.

The Eidolon Crimson Dragon is not dead, it is still fighting.

Even if the body is stabbed to pieces by the sword, its indomitable meaning is still fighting.

Its struggle seems pointless, just a dying struggle.

This is only the last breath of struggle, but it completely changed the flow of fate.

Due to the nature of the [Chaos] of the Crimson Dragon itself, the Crimson Dragon, which should have been defeated, activated the [Opportunity (Miracle)]——

The phantom crimson dragon, which was pierced by the lightsaber, was in great pain and was furious!

Its anger is powerfully transmitted and infectious.

The blades that pierce the phantom crimson dragon’s body are composed of pure, highly compressed photons, which are not easily broken or pulled out, and are intended to continuously reduce the opponent’s stamina.

However, after all, they are just clumps of pure photons.

After piercing the crimson dragon, he came into contact with the crimson dragon’s body, and was immediately contaminated by the [Chaos] in it, and gradually assimilated with the crimson dragon.

When the Holy Spirit Steel Celestial Dragon saw the light blade inserted in the opponent’s body change from white to red, he felt that something was wrong.

He didn’t stop attacking immediately, but hesitated.

I didn’t expect that these few seconds of hesitation would ruin the opportunity to fight and turn the tide of the battle in an instant!

“Roar ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah” [assassin] The roar of the dark red dragon in the fantasy spirit.

“Isn’t it dead yet? Send you to heaven!” The Iron God Dragon reached out and raised a thousand-foot-long giant lightsaber, stabbed at the opponent, and planned to kill the Crimson Dragon with one blow!


No hit.

A pair of **** hands stretched out from the thorn ball and caught the blade of the Iron Dragon!

In the next second, the [Thorn Ball] disintegrated instantly and disintegrated into sword blades all over the sky!

Tens of thousands of red lightsabers floated in the sky. This was originally a blade made by the Iron God Dragon, but it was taken by the crimson dragon and dyed the pure white light blade with its own color.

“Interesting.” King Oser looked at the crimson dragon whose body was covered in blood, but the wound was recovering quickly, “Is this your plan?”

He raised his hand, and tens of thousands of white light blades appeared in the sky again.

“Can you control the lightsaber I control with [King’s Domain]? Don’t be naive!”

Tens of thousands of white light blades swarmed up, attacking the crimson dragon again!

(Innocent is you.)

The crimson dragon didn’t dodge or dodge, but the red light blades beside him swung automatically to fight against the attacking white light blades, causing a big melee!

The crimson dragon does not need to control those light blades.

The red light blade infected by [Chaos] is an extension of the crimson dragon’s consciousness, that is to say, its [anger].

These flaming blades will actively attack all enemy units around them, and they are the ultimate weapons of destruction.

Watching the fierce battle between thousands of red and white blades in the sky, King Oser sighed.

The king with absolutely invincible destiny was forced to such a point.

Perhaps, fate can really break.

Perhaps, that teenager can really create miracles?

“Not yet!” The Iron God Dragon made a fierce swipe, trying his best to abandon these naive thoughts in his mind, and raised his weapon again.

“If you really want to change your destiny, just come!”

I am your destiny, and I am the shackle of destiny that blocks your progress!

If you want to change your destiny, try to defeat me!

——Beat me with force until I surrender, try to beat me! “

(If you really can.)

The Crimson Dragon raises his weapon. It’s still scarred, and the wounds on its body haven’t fully healed.

Even so, it still won’t stop.

Nothing can stop it anymore. Not even fate!

(You brought it yourself.)

(You failed because you angered me.)

The Crimson Dragon dashed up and charged towards the Iron God Dragon in the rain of swords flying in the sky!

The Iron God Dragon also came up to meet him, wielding six lightsabers, slashing at opponents while dodging the sky-filled blades!

The battle has returned to its original The two are on equal footing. But the red and white swords flying everywhere increased the danger of the entire battlefield.

The Crimson Dragon swung his left arm to draw a sword, the blade of which pointed directly at the opponent’s throat. The white blade floating in the air brushed across the dragon’s arm, leaving a small wound!

The Iron God Dragon raised an arm to block, but the red blade floating in the air brushed the dragon’s right shoulder, cutting off a small piece of meat!

The crimson dragon chased up, kicked out with its left foot, and the long knife bound to the foot drew a beautiful red arc, pointing straight to the sky! However, a small piece of its cheek was cut off by the floating white light blade, and blood spurted wildly!

Keng! The Holy Spirit Dragon raised his double swords to block, and at the same time stabbed a blow, piercing the belly of the crimson dragon from the lower left side! And his back was slashed fiercely by the floating red blade!

The crimson dragon swept its tail and used the blade of the tail to block the sword blow that would pierce into the abdomen. At the same time, a backflip took advantage of the situation. The moment he flew up, he was also injured by a floating white blade of light, and his calf was covered in blood.

The Iron God Dragon hurriedly used two arms to set off the attack, and unloaded the impact force that was strong enough to send people flying to both sides to maintain balance. Standing firm, he didn’t wait for the opponent to fall, and immediately drew a sword, trying to block the opponent’s next move!

The Crimson Dragon just made a circle in mid-air. He ignored the danger of being hit by his opponent and threw the dagger from his mouth first!

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