Light Spirit Epic Chapter 592: Due to Tianyuan (20)


Chapter 592: The duel against Yu Tianyuan (twenty)

Under the strong pull of the crimson dragon, the outermost layer of the star-cutting giant blade peeled off like a shell!

A giant sword slightly smaller than the Star Slashing Blade, pulled from the blade, leaving only a huge scabbard!

(I still have a hand!)

(However, how do you avoid this?)

The four light blades are still chasing after them with the goal of assassinating the Crimson Dragon!

Their offensive is fierce, their attack is vicious, and their speed is fast. It is impossible to block them all with one sword!

Dang dang dang! !

The Crimson Dragon blocked it!

The deadly light blades were blocked by it one by one!

The split star-slicing giant blade is still not its final form. It is actually a composite sword assembled in a clever way.

Today, it splits into four blades.

Two thousand-foot long swords were held in both hands by the crimson dragon, blocking the first two light blades;

A three-hundred-foot dagger was bitten by the dragon, and with agile movement, it blocked the sword blow to the head;

The last blow was also a vicious attack aimed at the belly of the crimson dragon, intending to open a large hole there, but was blocked by a 500-foot-long dagger!

This short sword is wrapped in the tail of the Crimson Dragon!

Crimson Four Blades!

“Humm and hum, ahahahahahahaha!” Seeing the magical combat method of the dark red dragon, Iron and Steel Lasting laughed,

“Interesting, so interesting!! I’m going to see how your four-swords beat my six-swords!”

He dropped the [husk] of the Star Slashing Blade and vacated a pair of hands.

His six arms wield six light blades, ready to go!

The Crimson Dragon is also posing, ready to challenge the opponent’s six with four blades!

Swish swish swish! —— The sound of sword strikes, which occurred almost at the same time, struck the crimson dragon!

The six light blades were freely manipulated by the Iron God Dragon, moving as if alive, with six arcs of light slashing at the opponent’s head, chest, abdomen, shoulders and legs!

The Crimson Dragon raised his sword to block, first used the blade of his left hand to block the attack that swept down his shoulders, and then used the blade of his right hand to resist the sword light that was slashing towards the chest and abdomen;

As soon as it turned its head, it used the dagger in its mouth to resist the stab at the door; it swung its tail and used the dagger wrapped around its tail to deflect the slash from the lower plate!

Bump bump bump! The swords clashed, shaking the world!

Seeing that the attack was blocked, the Iron God Dragon did not stop moving. He retracted the light blade that attacked the opponent’s right shoulder and waist, and stabbed out again! At the same time, he continued to exert pressure on other blades, restraining the movement of the Crimson Dragon with brute force!

A blow stabbed the crimson dragon’s throat, the dragon twisted slightly to avoid it, and the blade of light brushed past the dragon’s neck, causing no special damage.

But this is only to further restrict the movement of the Crimson Dragon. The next blow stabbed into the heart of the crimson dragon!

Because of dodging the previous blow, the body was in a subtle state of imbalance, and the crimson dragon could no longer twist its body to avoid the heart-piercing blow.

Unable to do anything, it jumped back, used the force of the opponent’s other swords to dodge in the opposite direction, and swept out a kick at the same time!

Keng! The blow that was supposed to pierce the heart gave back a strange feel. The Iron God Dragon was at a strange time, and a red light flashed in the air, like a red crescent moon.

Upon closer inspection, it was actually the swinging leg that the Crimson Dragon volleyed back and kicked at the same time.

The red light came from the right calf of the crimson dragon.

That’s right, it’s a crimson foot knife.

It clings to the crimson dragon’s calves, kicking with a deadly wind of swords.

The Star Slasher is not split into four blades at all, but six.

This is the crimson dragon’s own six-knife style. Unlike the Holy Spirit Dragon, which has six arms and relies solely on the arms to attack, the crimson dragon has six blades in every part of the body.

Its every wave, every kick, every tail is a deadly slash, smooth and gorgeous, it can be called the ultimate in sword dance.

“That’s right! Hahahahaha!!” The Holy Spirit Steel Heavenly Divine Dragon laughed and rushed up, six light blades gushing out like a tide, one wave after another, stabbing the Phantom Crimson Dragon in turn. Everywhere in the body!

Touch! The crimson dragon slashed a sword horizontally and collided with the opponent’s attack!

Keng! ! It turned around, swung its tail and swept its legs together, blocking attacks from the middle and bottom lanes from both directions!

Bump! As soon as it turned around, the two swords in its hands stabbed out together, and slammed into the opponent’s lightsaber!

Whoosh! The crimson dragon turned his head using the inertia of the rotation, and the short sword in his mouth had already shot out, stabbing straight at the steel Tianshenlong’s forehead, forcing the Tianshenlong to withdraw one arm and raise the sword to block!

The crimson dagger that flew out was controlled by some kind of magic, and it drew a beautiful arc in the sky like a boomerang, and then returned to the crimson dragon and was bitten by the dragon!

The Crimson Dragon responds to the opponent’s attack without hesitation. The blade dance it dances, with a wonderful dance posture, forms a unique battle method that can be attacked and defended, close and far!

After the crimson dragon blocked the opponent’s attack, it immediately responded with color, and the double sword in his hand drew two sword flowers, and the short sword in his mouth also threw it at the same time! A straight red light pointed directly at the opponent’s throat, and two crossed red arcs blocked the opponent’s lateral movement options.

The Holy Spirit Steel Heavenly God Dragon uses three blades to block the attack, and then uses the other three blades to stab at the shoulders and waist of the crimson dragon!

Keng! The crimson dragon swung its tail, blocked the initial attack with the blade on its tail, and turned back with the help of the reaction force!

There were two incredible red rays of light slashing towards the Iron God Dragon. Before the God Dragon could understand what was going on, the double swords he stabbed at the opponent’s shoulders were smashed by one of the huge impact forces! He himself was briefly knocked off balance by the impact.

The second inconceivable red light took the opportunity to cut out, pointing directly at the chest of the steel **** dragon with the middle door wide open! The Iron God Dragon immediately retracted its two arms, no longer caring about the problem of the body continuing to lose its balance. The two swords in his hand turned into light shields, blocking this powerful blow!

Pounds! ! It was a very heavy blow, impossible to deliver from the hand or the foot. After the attack was blocked, the Iron God Dragon was able to see clearly the secret of the opponent’s attack: the long sword hanging on its wings!

The crimson dragon is not only equipped with blades on its limbs, tail and mouth, but also has a long sword on each of the wings on its back! The crimson dragon’s wings, which are full of muscles but have no wing membranes, are not suitable for flying, but have sharp and strong claws on them, which can firmly hold the long sword and swing like two extra arms!

Moreover, the dragon’s wings are very long and can be swung far more powerfully than the hands or feet. The crimson dragon turned around quickly and slapped its wings hard. The power of the wings itself plus the centrifugal force, its power was difficult to resist even the steel **** dragon!

The star-slicing giant blade is divided into eight pieces, perfectly combined with the crimson dragon in an amazing The crimson dragon is indeed [armed to the teeth], and every movement of it is a sword swing, Every action is murderous!

“Very good.” Unexpectedly, the opponent could use the [sword] to such an extreme level, and the Iron God Dragon gave a compliment.

But that doesn’t change anything. The Iron Dragon is still undefeated.

Born in troubled times, he has fought millions of times in his life, and he has never lost a single one in his life.

That is Orser D. Pantoracken, the legendary Pantoracken’s strongest king.

The same is true for King Other’s Holy Spirit, the legendary Pantoracken’s strongest spirit.

Even in the face of the ultimate **** of destruction, the Crimson Dragon, King Oser will not be defeated. [Changsheng] is the fate of King Other, his essence.

With [that], he will be absolutely invincible!

A ray of light rose from the head of the Holy Spirit Steel Celestial Dragon, forming a halo.

“May the glory of Pantoracken shine in the sky forever, even the **** storm can’t cover up its light!” As if chanting a spell, the steel celestial dragon chanted.

This motto is what the knights of Pantoracken often say. Modern knights do not know the true meaning of this phrase. Its true meaning, only King Oser can understand.

The [Imperivm Field] that rules everything, activate!

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