Light Spirit Epic Chapter 591: Fight against Yu Tianyuan (19)


Chapter 591: The duel against Yu Tianyuan (nineteen)

At the same time, Avalon Pure Land.

The duel between Arthur and King Other enters the final stage.

A furious Arthur released red photons from his body, which instantly condensed in the air and turned into a phantom crimson dragon.

The incarnation of Chaos, [Phantom Crimson Dragon—Seat of Wrath—Angnu Moore], appeared on the Pure Land in full form.

Its chaos is endless, and it takes a different form each time it appears.

This time, it appeared in a structure close to human form, wearing ruby ​​scale armor all over and holding a 10,000-foot giant sword.

The slender body, the right muscle structure, and the gleaming scales make the crimson dragon look like a swordsman.

There are no floating blades flying around, no crimson dragon flames, just this star-cutting blade that is three thousand feet long.

It’s no exaggeration to call it the Star Chopping Blade. This 3,000-foot-long giant sword made of high-purity red crystal can cover the sky and cover the moon with clouds!

It is no exaggeration to say that its full blow can cut the earth in half.

There is no second blade in this world.

This is the only configuration that can injure the invulnerable Holy Spirit Steel Dragon.

“Hum hum hum,” The Holy Spirit Steel Dragon’s huge palm swiped, and a warp immediately engulfed the Steel Dragon and the Crimson Dragon at the same time.

“If you fight outside, I’m afraid the world will be destroyed.” King Oser spread his wings, ready to go, “Here, we can fight happily.”

“Come on!” The steel dragon spreads its wings and soars into the sky at an astonishing speed!

“Roar!!!” Of course, the crimson dragon was chasing after him. It rose into the air with a pure leap, stopped in the air like this, and faced off against the steel giant dragon of the Holy Spirit.

The Crimson Dragon raised the star-slicing giant blade in his hand.


The holy dragon spewed huge blades of light from its hands, and seemed to want to use it as a weapon to fight the crimson dragon.

Another second of silence.

Time seems to be stagnant at this moment forever, only two kinds of light, one white and one red, emitted by the two spirit bodies, are slowly flickering.

Then, the silence breaks.

With a piercing sound, the crimson dragon rushed out and slashed a sword at the steel giant’s head!

Keng! The steel giant raised the light blades of both hands to hold it together, two intersecting white lights and a red light stuck together, and the three lights burst into flames like meteors, and then set off a shock wave that shook the world!

Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble!

“What’s the matter?!” The Gaia knight Cador in Brindisi looked at the violently shaking ceiling in surprise. For a moment, he thought the ceiling would collapse and bury them alive.

Pfft! The soldier who came to deliver the dinner fell awkwardly because of the shaking, knocking over the meal.

“Ugh! My dinner!” Albert (Bediveville) in the cell screamed desperately.

“That’s all you care about?” Cador cast a staring gaze at the tiger-man boy.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” The soldier’s attitude was much more polite than usual, “I’ll go and change it right away.”

Soldiers hurriedly packed up the overturned meals.

The highly poisonous food burns on the ground and emits light smoke, but only the soldier sees it——

He used his figure to cover the sight of Albert (Bediver) in the cell, and in combination with the dim environment, even the tiger man’s eyesight couldn’t be detected;

The knight Cador, who was guarding in the corridor, focused his attention on the ceiling that (he thought) could collapse at any time, and did not have time to check the food spilled on the floor.

The soldier quickly packed up and left with the soiled meal. The plan to poison Albert still hasn’t worked out, it’s just been delayed a little.

Boom! Boom! Boom boom boom boom!

The two ethereal dragons in Avalon’s Pure Land are still fighting.

The two fierce sword strikes caused an extraordinary shock of destruction in the warp, which would have been enough to destroy the Earth dozens of times.

Even if the battle is carried out in a relatively safe warp, such a powerful shock still spreads through the tiny cracks that connect the warp with the real world, causing earthquake-like earthquakes on the European continent and even the entire southern hemisphere. Shock!

In a very short moment, the phantom crimson dragon drew a sword, and the blade slashed at the opponent’s chest.

The steel giant raised the lightsaber in his left hand to lightly ward off the opponent’s attack, and then stabbed the belly of the crimson dragon with the lightsaber in his right hand!

The crimson dragon’s unleashed sword did not stop, but reversed at an astonishing angular speed, slashed back, and bounced off the opponent’s blade!

The Holy Spirit Dragon saw the unbelievable action of the opponent. While he was wondering, the sword in the crimson dragon’s hand had already turned like a whirlwind, forming a huge sword wheel and swept straight towards the steel dragon!

“So it is!” The steel dragon understood the secret of the other party’s incredible movements.

The Crimson Dragon’s wrist is not fixed at all. Its wrist has only one fulcrum connected to the arm, so the hand holding the sword can rotate 360 ​​degrees to make an all-round attack!

No. The entire body of the Crimson Dragon can be turned off three hundred and sixty degrees. Although it appears in a form close to human, its essence is a spirit body, and a spirit body will never play cards according to common sense!

Even so, it can’t explain how its slender wrist can turn the three thousand-foot star-cutting blade.

The only possibility is ——

The Crimson Dragon used the Holy Spirit’s [Seat of Courage]’s [Method], [Inertia Control].

It canceled all the inertia of the huge star-cutting sword, and swung it as if it had no mass!

If not, the huge inertia of the giant blade will definitely tear the crimson dragon’s wrist off!

Considering that the Crimson Dragon is a product synthesized by Arthur after absorbing the Holy Spirit such as [Seat of Courage] it will use the [Method] of [Seat of Courage], which is not unusual at all.

The only problem is that doing so angers King Other.


The steel dragon’s two swords crossed, “clamping” the huge blade wheel that was slashing at him.

“How dare you use the [Fa] of my former subordinates against me. Never forgive me!” The steel dragon roared.

The Crimson Dragon intends to withdraw the blade, but the opponent’s sword firmly clamps its star-cutting blade, and it can’t be pulled out!

“Just let you see, the wrath of the gods!” The Holy Spirit Steel Dragon sneered.

Two other pairs of arms extend from the back of the steel dragon, each holding a lightsaber!

The Crimson Dragon faces an ever-strengthening monster, a six-armed steel celestial dragon!

Like the majesty of God. The four spare arms stabbed out with swords and swept out the vital points on the head, chest and abdomen of the crimson dragon!

The only thing the Crimson Dragon can do is to let go of the star-cutting blade and dodge it with all his might. But doing so also means losing the only weapon in hand, the only trump card against the opponent!

Abandoning the sword means defeat, not abandoning means death! How to be good?

In the face of the approaching four light blades, the crimson dragon instead stepped forward to meet it, grabbed the hilt of the star-slicing giant blade with both hands, and then slammed it back!

Star-Cuttering Blade, Separation!

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