Light Spirit Epic Chapter 557: Dive into the Dark Abyss (20)


Chapter 557: Infiltrating the Dark Abyss (20)

The spear pierced a large hole in the boy’s right chest. All Arthur can do is to move slightly while being stabbed, so that his heart will not be pierced!

Despite this, the aorta of his heart was perfectly pierced, and the blood flowed continuously, which was fatal.

“It’s over,” King Orser whispered. His tone was low, with a hint of loneliness and disappointment.

(You’ve done a great job, boy.)

(However, I can’t put the world in your hands. You’re not strong enough.)

(You are not yet destined.)

“Hum hum hum hum.” Arthur sneered proudly, with a sinister and proud look on his pale face: “Yes, it’s over. You are the loser.”

“W–” A sharp blade cut off King Oser’s head.

The head of the Holy Spirit rolled in mid-air, looking at the vacuum blade that cut off his own head.

Where did it come from? !

“Wow, cough!” Arthur pulled the spear out of his chest with all his strength, and spat out a mouthful of blood. He endured the pain that almost made him faint, and turned his eyes to the back of King Oser.

King Other’s head hasn’t quite hit the ground. While his head was flying in the air, he followed Arthur’s gaze.

It was a black fog that was almost dissipating. That’s where the vacuum blade came from.

The Tao is one foot high, and the devil is one foot high.

King Oser thought he saw through Arthur’s little trick, but he didn’t expect Arthur’s attack to be a three-stage continuous attack.

First, use the overriding black mist to cover everything and send three vacuum blades into the warp. These three shots are the original three, to distract King Oser.

After using the three vacuum blades, Arthur drew a sword slightly away from the large black fog, creating another small black fog. This is the second subspace entrance, in preparation for the third stage sneak attack.

The **** fog dissipated, and three vacuum blades were shot across the warp. This was the first sneak attack.

Of course, it was easily blocked by the wall of ice released by King Other.

But it accomplished its mission very well, diverting the king’s attention, allowing King Oser to keep his eyes beside him, not finding the little black fog in the distance.

Next is the second sneak attack: Arthur’s Phantom.

Arthur’s real body attacked from the front of King Oser, firing a vacuum blade. But the phantom did the exact opposite. Like a mirror, it turned into an attack from the back of the king, and the vacuum blade also shot from behind.

King Oser saw through all this, and used an ice stand-in to lure Arthur’s real body into appearance, while piercing Arthur’s chest with a shot.

But King Other completely ignored the blast of the vacuum blade—he thought he had dodged.

The key to the sneak attack in the third paragraph is this vacuum blade. It only flew halfway, and ran into the little black fog.

That was a shock wave. In other words, it is the vibration of the air. Its kinetic energy is extremely large, the attenuation of kinetic energy is extremely small, and it can continue to propagate for a very long time in the warp.

The distance traveled in the warp has no effect on reality. Even if the object flew ten feet in it, it would still appear in its original position when it returned to reality.

King Oser thought he had defeated Arthur, and the moment he relaxed his guard, the little black mist dissipated;

The warp disintegrated immediately, and “spit” out the vacuum blade that it devoured.

The Vacuum Blade continued its journey in the same direction, slicing off King Other’s head with precision.

It wasn’t until his head was completely down that King Oser understood the principle.

This ingenious three-stage combo, this incomparably precise calculation of time and space, was completed by a teenage boy in a moment of life and death! What an amazing concentration, what a genius fighting instinct!

“How can you calculate so accurately? Aren’t you afraid of me avoiding?” King Oser asked inexplicably.

“Cough, what nonsense?” Arthur wiped the blood that was pouring out of the corner of his mouth and said bravely, “Didn’t I keep you from moving away from the spot?”

Exactly. The three-shot vacuum blade is the bait;

The phantom, and subsequent attacks, are also decoys;

Even Arthur himself was impaled with a gunshot, pretending to be defeated, part of the bait.

——All of this is a play performed to let King Oser stay where he is and die.

How heavy and levelheaded, how unwavering will it take to do this? !

“Bitter meat? Well done.” King Oser sighed.

The young man in front of him can do whatever he can to achieve victory. That kind of concentration, that kind of frenzy, has reached the point of This teenager, as a [person], has long been abnormal to the extreme. What a terrifying wicked way of a demon!

But this young man exists as a [King], maybe he can really create miracles?

——Is there really no problem in entrusting the world to such a guy?

——Is it the right choice to not entrust the world to such a guy?

Arthur silently picked up King Oser’s head and put it back on King Oser’s neck.

The head and neck of the Holy Spirit were quickly joined together, and the incision on the neck healed quickly, and within a few seconds the marks were no longer visible.

“I don’t think this is all your power, right?” Arthur asked in a low voice, “I won’t show mercy to you in the next stage of the duel.”

“I’ll return this to you as it is.” King Oser sneered, but in his sneer there was more appreciation.

Arthur did not answer. Excessive blood loss made the boy’s eyes dark, and he fell to the ground with a clatter.

King Orser looked at Arthur, who was dying. The young man who was incomparably brave just now seems to be so weak now that he seems to disappear at any time.

Is there really no problem in entrusting the world to such a kid? !

“Anyway, let’s observe for a while.” King Oser muttered, casting a healing spell on the boy.

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