Light Spirit Epic Chapter 556: Dive into the Dark Abyss (19)


Chapter 556: Sneak into the dark abyss (nineteen)

“Hmph, if you were an ordinary person, you would be dead long ago.” Arthur sneered at the wound on King Oser’s neck.

The wound was very deep, and it injured the aorta of the neck. Ordinary people have long been spurting blood, and the outcome has already been decided.

But this King Oser is the Holy Spirit. To put it bluntly, it is just a group of photons, without the concept of blood and death.

The photons ejected from the wound also stopped quickly within a few seconds, and the wound healed quickly.

Such a cheating body. Such a cheating Holy Spirit. Such a cheating duel.

But Arthur didn’t protest. Nothing to protest.

If you can’t even win against such undead monsters, how can you turn the tide and save the whole world when [darkness] comes?

Compared to the upcoming war, this difficulty is not difficult, and this cheating is not cheating.

“Good boy, his eyes have gradually become sharper.” King Oser praised, “Don’t call me hungry? Don’t you plan to complain about unfairness?”

“Stop talking nonsense. Die!” Arthur charged up again and slashed at King Oser!

Klang, Klang, Klang! He instantly swung out five swords with both hands, but King Oser blocked them all. The sword blade and the spear collided with the light blade, and neither of them had a special advantage.

Arthur’s sword and King Oser’s sword collided and stuck.

Arthur put all his strength on the Sword of the Holy King to overwhelm King Oser!

When King Arthur saw this, he also used all his strength, intending to block Arthur’s sword back!

King Orser, as the Holy Spirit, of course has his inexhaustible powers.

Arthur also has the King’s Sheath. The photons of the other world that overflowed from the sheath flowed into the boy’s body, bringing infinite power to Arthur!

The two collided with amazing force, the blades of the two swords entangled with each other and hissed, and electric sparks shot out from the junction of the blades!

Overwhelming! Back pressure! Overwhelm again! The two used unprecedented brute force and did not give in. Once you are defeated in the opposing sword, you will reveal a huge flaw and be pursued by your opponent! This kind of confrontation, even if you bet on your spirits, you can’t lose!

“You will regret it.” King Oser sneered at Arthur. The sword in his hand suddenly became heavier, and it was growing at an alarming rate!

Of course. The lightsaber in King Oser’s hand is nothing but a blade made of light-based magic that collects photons. There are infinitely many photons in the environment, and theoretically it can become infinite.

Ten feet, thirty feet, one hundred feet. The huge light blade is still expanding frantically, and it seems that it can crush the boy in an instant!

Facing the ever-increasing blade of light, Arthur showed a sly sneer: “You are the one who regrets it!”

He had already pulled out the White Wolf Sword in the other hand, and swept it with his backhand!

Not to be outdone, King Oser raised his spear to block.

The block is blocked, but a black fog spreads around!

[Space Shield] begins to devour photons frantically! King Oser used the lightsaber to make the valley extremely huge, but was quickly [eaten] most of it by the space shield! Moreover, this black fog is still spreading, and it seems to have the meaning of swallowing up the blade of light!

Seeing that the lightsaber in his hand would soon become unsustainable, King Oser made a quick decision and shoved it hard. His blade was still at a stalemate with Arthur’s Sword of the Holy King, but it disintegrated with the push of the sword. The sudden burst of shock caused Wang to lean back and lose his center of gravity!

Plan! Arthur seized the opportunity and sent King Oser a sword. The sword light pierced through the intestines and belly, although it was not as deep as slashing the opponent in half, it also caused a lot of damage to King Oser!

“Hmm.” King Oser hurriedly took a few steps back and covered his abdomen.

If it were an ordinary person, he would have died once again. But King Orser is the Holy Spirit, a cloud of photons. The belly was cut off as if nothing had happened, only a small amount of photons were ejected from the lower abdomen, and the wound immediately healed again.

It’s almost endless. Arthur was worried. Unless he kills with one blow and chops off King Oser’s head, the old guy probably won’t admit defeat easily!

Thinking of this, Arthur suddenly took out the King’s Sheath from his waist.

Instead of putting the Sword of the Holy King in it, it put the White Wolf Sword in it.

“What do you want to do?” King Oser couldn’t understand Arthur’s intention.

“Interesting thing.” Arthur smiled mysteriously.

Touch. A muffled sound. A golden light flashed.

The King’s Sheath can overload the King’s Sword, charging more photons into the latter, making it burst into even greater power.

Arthur’s nirvana [Double King Blade] created by this method is actually the result of the superposition of the power of [King’s Sheath (sword)] and [Holy King’s Sword], a kind of “sword drawing technique” .

So, since the sword drawing technique can be used on the Sword of the Holy King, can it also be used on other weapons?

The answer is yes.

Arthur dashed towards King Oser, drawing his sword quickly and slashing back before he understood all of this.

King Oser just wanted to block with his sword, but a black mist filled his face!

The thick, dark, black mist that could not be seen from the five fingers quickly engulfed the entire space.

In the state of charging, I got more photons, and the overtaking White Wolf Sword instantly burst out an unprecedented powerful [Space Shield]. The created warp swallowed everything around it, leaving the world in total darkness.

“Naive.” King Other smiled disdainfully. It’s just a cover-up. How about being able to grab people’s attention? With his superhuman reflexes, King Oser can easily block a sneak attack from any direction even if he doesn’t know how to use the mind-eye technique. If he can dodge the attack with his eyes closed, then there is no point in covering his eyes.

But Arthur had other plans. The real usage of this black fog will be revealed in the next second!

Whoosh! The black fog dissipated, and the effect of overriding could not last.

Or, Arthur did it on purpose.

As the darkness dissipated, King Oser saw three sharp blades swept toward him.

The vacuum blade hidden in the black mist!

“Is this your plan?” King Oser immediately erected an ice wall to defend him. There is plenty of time to expand the ice wall from this distance.

The vacuum blade hit the ice wall in three bursts, and the ice wall shattered. After accumulating power, the destructive power of the vacuum blade has increased a lot, and the destructive power of the three shots can actually cut the ice with the hardness of diamonds!

King Arthur was just a little but he recovered in no time and looked around for Arthur!

The kid is gone!

Where is it? !

A vacuum wave swept from behind, and King Oser dodged subconsciously. He turned his head at the same time and saw Arthur attacking from behind!

Too tender, do you think this will deceive me? King Oser turned to meet him, and fired a shot first, intending to drive Arthur back.

The spear went through Arthur’s body. That’s an illusion!

Arthur also activates Mirage Mirage when he activates the Charge Sword. Under the cover of the black fog, King Oser lost his ability to judge phantoms.

The real Arthur came from the other direction and stabbed King Other with his sword!

The White Wolf Sword perfectly pierced King Oser’s heart.

Clap! King Oser is completely shattered!

That’s not King Oser’s real body, just a double made of ice!

King Oser had long seen through Arthur’s attempt. In order not to be deceived by this two-stage sneak attack, he had long created a substitute, and when the black fog enveloped everything, he came to steal the dragon and turn the phoenix.

The real body of King Oser hides under the ice wall just created, controls the action of the substitute, and waits for it to change.

He broke through the ice at this time, saw the flaw in Arthur’s chest, and stabbed it with a gun!

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