Light Spirit Epic Chapter 558: Darkness is coming


Chapter 558: The Chapter of Darkness (Beginning) The Fierce Fight in the Dark Abyss (1)

At the same time, in the Romani territory, in the great wilderness of the Underdark.

“Well, I’ve been able to walk by myself—-” Rabbit Ryder, who had healed his leg injury, was still sitting on the sled. Seeing other people hurrying hard, while sitting there enjoying themselves, the rabbit couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed.

“Don’t come down. If you walk too far, the wound will open again.” Tristan said.

Boles, the dragon man golem pulling the sled, also echoed: “Correct answer. The energy consumption is within the allowable range. I am a golem and will not feel tired.”

The rabbit was silent for a while. He looked at the team walking ahead, and Tristan and the others, who were about ten yards behind, paving the road and dragging the sled.

It’s okay for them to walk slowly, and the team in front deliberately slowed down to wait, which made Ryder very uncomfortable.

(Just a nuisance. If I knew this was going to happen, I shouldn’t have followed in the first place.)

(What the **** am I doing?)

“Why?” Ryder finally couldn’t help asking Tristan, his rabbit’s tail bobbing uncomfortably, “Why do you always accommodate me. What the **** am I good for.”

“Huh?” The murloc prince was stunned for a while, and finally understood the meaning of the rabbit-man’s words.

Then he smiled: “Is there any need to ask? Because you are very cute.”

“Yes, cute?”

“It’s very cute, bunny.” Tristan chuckled, “Cute is everything, and cute is the truth. Because of being cute, no matter what you do, you will be forgiven, no matter how hateful you have been, you will eventually be forgiven. Forgive. Don’t you see Brady forgiving you too?”

“No…is there such a thing?” Bedivere (Albert), who was listening in the distance, interjected gloomily.

“Shut up!” Tristan yelled angrily, “—— anyway, don’t worry about this all day. We’ll take care of everything, just sit there and watch the show. .”

“What the **** am I here for——” Ryder couldn’t help muttering.

“Well, to be a mascot?” Tristan blurted out.

“Ugh…” Rabbit flushed with anger, lying on his back on the sleigh, ignoring Tristan again.

“Pfft…” Evan snickered. The conversation between the rabbit and the fish makes me laugh. But in the next second, he put away his smile: “Something is approaching, everyone is on guard!”

“Moore, dig a hole up!” Tristan ordered immediately.

It’s too late.

The Ice Mole dug up less than a yard, when a huge black shadow suddenly rushed from the right and swallowed the poor little mole alive.

When everyone was shocked, Merlin had already released a vacuum wave, blasting the soil above his head: “Go to the ground! Quick!”

No need for Merlin’s reminder at all. Everyone who was ambushed in the tunnel and was in a passive position could not wait to flee to the ground immediately.

“Ugh, let me go, what are you doing——” Before Ryder finished protesting, Tristan had already picked up the rabbit and jumped out of the hole.

Touch! A huge cylindrical black shadow burst out from the ground. Everyone fled in a hurry, and ran lifelessly, rolling and crawling away from the hole!

The thing chased the crowd, scurrying across the ground. It stood thirty feet tall, writhing in mid-air. Through the moonlight, you can see its knobby body like an earthworm, and there are tens of thousands of tiny feet that wriggle in disgust.

The black mucus wraps its entire body, and with its slender feet, it is simply disgusting to the extreme!

“What the **** is that?!” The murloc prince exclaimed.

“That’s an [Earth walker], a type of beast,” Ryder whispered. “It’s common in the Underdark. But I’ve never seen an earth walker this big.”

“It was infected by Anko and became huge.” Merlin shouted while erecting a magic shield, “Be careful of its bodily fluids!”

Evan and Tristan have fought similar foes before and know the horrors of these monsters. These monsters covered in black mucus are not just infected with Anko and become violent.

Sure enough, seeing that the first sneak attack failed, the thing immediately went back to the ground. It drilled back and forth at an incredible speed in the ground, and Evan, who was watching all this with his eagle eye technique, couldn’t help but be amazed.

Slap. The sled in the burrow left the caster’s (Tristan’s) range and began to disintegrate with the sound of ice cracking.

The worm rushed over and devoured the sled!

“Everyone stay where you are and don’t make a sound!” Evan immediately gestured.

The thing has no eyes, and it senses its prey by the vibration of the ground. Although its hearing is good, it is not good enough to sense the faint sounds such as the heartbeat and breathing of the people present. It only knows that there are multiple prey nearby, so it wanders here.

Everyone stood still, watching the huge disgusting bug scurrying between the surface and the ground.

Ivan gently took out the weapon, thinking about how to deal with this big bug.

But Tristan took the first step, and began to use magic to freeze the surrounding!

“What are you doing?!” Evan gestured.

“I have a solution, leave it to me.” Tristan responded with a gesture, and drew his silver spear.

The ice fog began to spread on the ground. The cold air was heavy and humid. The more it spread, the more it drilled into the underground holes.

Merlin and Lian Yin, who are also magicians, also began to help cast the ice fog. They were about ten yards away from each other. The triple ice fog was cast separately, covering a very large area.

Affected by the cold, the worms began to slow down their movement speed. Evan on the ground already felt that he was about to freeze to death, and the ground that had penetrated a lot of ice mist must be colder.

Evan winked at Tristan: “Okay, you gave him a cold. Then what?”

The murloc prince sneered, rubbing his hands constantly, gathering the powerful negative entropy into a small sphere in his palms, and wrapping it in the enchantment.

That is Tristan’s great magic, [Dark Blue Ball]. With an ultra-low temperature close to absolute zero, a sphere composed entirely of negative entropy.

At this time, a large amount of ice fog had already filled the cracks in the ground. They were cold and humid, mainly composed of water vapor near the freezing. If the temperature continues to drop, they will explode in a chain reaction, and they will all freeze into ice cubes.

Tristan winked at Merlin and the others, and threw the [Dark Blue Ball].

The ultra-low temperature negative entropy sphere fell into the hole and exploded on the ground!

Clap la la la la la! There was a piercing tearing sound, and the ice mist that filled the ground all froze!

Of course the big bug was frozen to pieces by the ice cube, although only temporarily.

“Where is it?” Tristan asked Evan hurriedly, raising his gun at the same time.

“At three o’clock, the elevation angle is minus twenty degrees.” Evan replied mechanically, accurately and quickly.

Whoosh! The silver spear stabbed out.

Before this moment, Evan was still doubting whether the spear could penetrate such a thick ground. His worries were superfluous.

The head of the spear, like a tuning fork, touched the ground, and instantly burst into high-frequency vibrations. It shatters the already brittle ground soil into slush-like things, which are driven by high-frequency vibrations and splash around like spouting water.

The spear blasted a huge hole in the ground in an instant, and continued to penetrate deep into the ground at high speed!

It only took a second to fall thirty feet deep, stabbing the groundworm. The super vibration instantly shakes the frozen monster away!

Boom! The ground sank into a huge hole, twenty feet wide and forty feet deep. Ivan only saw the broken flesh and blood of the monster at the bottom of the hole, as well as the countless ice slag.

“Uh, oops, how do I recycle this spear?” Tristan looked perplexed. Do you want to jump into such a dark hole and look for a long spear in a pool of rotting flesh?

“You know it will turn out like this, so don’t do it too much!” Evan scolded.

The murloc prince shrugs: It’s out of his control. The damage caused by the spear piercing the ground is related to the soil quality of the ground, the freezing time, and the temperature and humidity at that time. The conditions are so complicated and changeable that the results are of course unpredictable.

All Tristan can do is to throw the spear as hard as he can, and use its maximum destructive power, hoping to destroy the enemy in the soil with one blow.

So, it’s inevitable to overdo it.

“You know, you can use a rope to tie the long gun to your arm, so that it can be easily recovered afterwards——” Rabbit Ryder reminded.

“Oh, that’s a good idea, why didn’t I think of it.” Tristan made an ice sculpture and let the big eagle fly into the hole to pick up the gun.

“Say—let me down quickly!” Ryder struggled, but he couldn’t break free of the ice cage that trapped him.

The cage is supported by an icicle that reaches a full six feet in mid-air, making Ryder look like a canary trapped in a cage.

…or the golden rabbit.

“It’ll be all right now, it’s for your safety.” Tristan sneered slyly, “The bunny in the cage is cute too!”

“You definitely did it on purpose!” Ryder was furious.

“Stop making a fuss, we have made such a big commotion, we must leave here immediately.” Evan urged. Although he could not see anything unusual around him, he was still very worried.

The Eagle Eye is ideal for guarding against open spaces. However, it is not very easy to use in a complex and changeable environment with a large number of obstacles.

If there are monsters attacking from the ground again, Eagle Eye may not be able to prevent it. What’s more, the moving speed of those big bugs is terrifyingly fast!

“But my ice mole has already been eaten.” Tristan said regretfully, “That poor little guy is a rare animal, and it will be difficult to find another one—— “

“Never mind Let me go——” Ryder was still protesting. Under the violent shaking, he finally loosened the pillars of the cage. The entire ice cell fell on its side and shattered to the ground.

“It hurts…” Ryder got up from the ground, mud and ice all over his body.

“It’s cuter when it’s dirty.” Tristan laughed even more sinisterly.

Ryder was too lazy to pay attention to the murloc prince and stood there sulking.

The ground began to shake violently.

“Oh, **** it!” Evan exclaimed, “Everyone spread out! More worms are coming!——Tristan, the worms are going to you!”

“What?! This—” Tristan subconsciously grabbed Ryder with one hand. He kicked the ice **** on the ground and remembered the loud noise the rabbit made when he smashed the cage.

This is the heartland of the worms hunting, if they don’t run away—–

It’s too late.

Huge worms emerge from the ground and surround Tristan and Ryder. They wriggled a few times, biting at the two poor prey together.

Ryder hastily raised his finger and drew a circle in front of him.

Touch! ! The worms collided, engulfing the two teenagers, and at the same time they quickly drilled into the ground.

“No!!!!!” Evan exclaimed.

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