Light Spirit Epic Chapter 549: Dive into the Dark Abyss (12)


Chapter 549: Sneak into the Dark Abyss (12)

“I…I don’t know?” Arthur himself was confused. He tried to kick out a kick, and the dust raised on the ground flew into the black fog, which was also swallowed up by the black fog in an instant.

A second later, the black mist dissipated. La la la la—— The ice diamonds that were swallowed fell to the ground like raindrops, making a crisp sound. The dust that Arthur kicked in just continued to move forward and slowly flew a short distance before landing.

Only then did Arthur understand that the black fog was a subspace, capable of engulfing everything around him in a short period of time. The time limit passed, the warp disintegrated, and everything that was [swallowed] in was [spit] out again.

The black mist raised by the back of the White Wolf Sword is a [Space Shield] that can devour everything. Those “black fogs” are not fog, they are actually countless microscopic subspace entrances.

When Arthur draws a sword with his backhand, the raised black mist will gather in front of him, forming a discrete state of the subspace entrance group.

Each of them is a tiny portal, unable to swallow large objects.

However, once the oncoming light object touches this black fog, these micro-subspace portals will quickly surround it, and the micro-entrances are connected to each other to form an entrance large enough to swallow foreign objects.

It can perfectly swallow small projectiles such as bullets without hindering the user’s movements (even if an individual as large as a human breaks into the black fog, it will not be immediately swallowed by the black fog).

In a sense, this can be said to be the strongest [shield] capable of defending against all long-range attacks.

“Hmph, it’s just a little trick.” King Oser seemed to want to understand the principle of the space shield, but scoffed.

Bedivere’s White Wolf Sword is a weapon capable of both offense and defense, both near and far.

But in fact, [Vacuum Blade] and [Space Shield] are not original things of Holy Spirit White Wolf.

[Vacuum Blade] comes from Ivan’s Infinite Vacuum Blade, while [Space Shield] is similar to the Warp Bunker that Rabbit Ryder once used.

Bedivere has seen these moves with his own eyes and understands how they work.

The Holy Spirit White Wolf just reorganizes the moves in Bedivere’s memory into usable weapon abilities, which are reflected in the Holy Spirit Armament.

This is exactly the [method]——[reappearance] of the Holy Spirit White Wolf (Re:VIV). Reproduce all the tactics, abilities, magic, and swordsmanship that Bedivere has seen and understood.

[Reappearance] has nothing to do with the power of the white wolf itself. Even if the current Holy Spirit White Wolf is not complete, it does not affect the ability to [reappear] at all.

Depending on Bedivere’s own knowledge, the number of abilities that the Holy White Wolf can [reproduce] is close to infinite.

But, it’s limited to what Bedivere can understand. There are all kinds of complicated great magic in the world, powerful combat attacks, if they are so complicated that Bedivere can’t understand it, it cannot be reproduced.

On the contrary, according to Bedivere’s own knowledge, it is possible for a magic to be reproduced in a more advanced and complex form than the original. The White Wolf Sword’s [Space Shield] is an advanced reproduction of Ryder’s [Space Bunker].

King Other was right about one thing. The Holy Spirit White Wolf really took everything into account in the previous battle, and reproduced the most suitable weapon for defeating King Oser according to King Oser’s ability.

This white wolf sword is a weapon specially designed by the Holy Spirit White Wolf for Arthur to defeat King Oser.

It originally appeared in the form of a bow, which was the best setting; Arthur was not satisfied, and insisted that the white wolf turned the bow into a sword, so it became what it is now—– -It’s a little awkward to use, but its ability to reproduce is not at all compromised.

With this ability, we will definitely be able to defeat the current King Oser with the unicorn spear. The key is only how to use it properly.

“Go back and thank Bedi.” Arthur raised his swords, posing for a charge.

“You want to beat me just with that third-rate ability? Humph!” King Oser sneered, and he also set up his spear in a charge posture.


The two shouted and rushed towards each other, the blades slashed out at the same time, collided, and made a fierce symphony. With one after another, constantly flashing fire, the world is dyed with dazzling brightness.

The earth-shattering battle continued in the pure land of Avalon.

At the same time, the Turkic Everglades.

[Skidplatney’s Ark] flew over the swamp, all the way to the middle of a huge dark and dark swamp. There are no giant trees growing here, not even the various small shrubs commonly found in swamps. It is completely a barren land composed of black mud.

This is the most evil and desolate cursed place in the Everglades, [Magic Swamp].

There is no land on the surface, this vicious swamp that stretches for five hundred acres is entirely composed of poisonous black mud. There is radiation and a lot of toxic heavy metals in the swamp. No plants can grow in this swamp, and living things are no exception. Even bacteria are afraid of these toxic heavy metal muds, so the mud here is at least sterile – however, no one wants to touch this sterile poisonous mud. It can instantly corrode the skin of the creature, quickly poison the creature, paralyze it, and finally dissolve it, becoming a part of this poisonous slime.

However, the terrifying swamp is far more than that.

It devours everything that enters here. The fluidity of the poisonous mud is very large, showing the true nature of the swamp. Those who run into the magic swamp will be completely annihilated in the poisonous mud in less than ten seconds. In a minute, it will be melted to the point where there are no bones left.

The miasma that pervades the magic swamp has a more ecstatic effect, which can attract creatures that move around the swamp into the death trap of the swamp—once they step into the poisonous mud of the magic swamp, it is almost impossible for any creature to enter. live away.

Palamedis had heard of such a swamp in the world. But when he saw this magical realm like a sea of ​​dead silence, his whole body and mind were still shaken violently.

“This…is the birthplace of the succubus?” Black Panther asked in a low voice. There was vague horror in his tone.

“It’s distorted.” Vivian also looked through the glass window of the spacecraft at the large black swamp below, “It is said to have been a city with a high degree of ancient civilization. However, for some reason, Who has activated one of the three taboo magics, [mass collapse]…the whole city collapsed into what it is now.”

“This was originally a city?!”

“Forbidden spells are like this. Destroy everything with a chain reaction that lasts almost indefinitely, leaving only destruction to the world.”

Vivian remembered the once glorious first imperial capital of Pantoracken, the white king city Camilo—it was also banned by another technique—nuclear fusion— —Destroyed Even now, the influence of that forbidden technique on the world continues. “The Elephant Patriarch Tut interjected in a low voice,” The area of ​​the Great Swamp is still expanding. It is estimated that in a few hundred years the entire Underdark Region will be engulfed, and the territory of the Turks will be completely turned into a Demon Swamp. livable. “

“Is this the real reason you want to fight against humans?” Palamides snorted, his voice full of malicious temptation.

Tut took a puff of cigarette and replied ambiguously: “That will be hundreds of years later. Let’s talk about it then.”

The leopard warriors don’t know yet that the Elephant Patriarch has been persuaded by Bedivere and is already in a neutral state. In any case, Tutan holds a powerful artifact such as [Skidplatney’s Ark], which is undoubtedly a huge threat to mankind.

Maybe it’s just unfounded worries. But Palamy had already begun to contemplate how to **** or destroy the ark. Although he has no plans at all.

“It’s here,” Tut said suddenly.

Argus on the side couldn’t help but look puzzled: “Arrived? But——“

In front of them there is still an endless sea of ​​muddy water, nothing.

[Arrived]? What is this [arrived]?

“Start the docking procedure.” Tut ordered.

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