Light Spirit Epic Chapter 550: Dive into the Dark Abyss (13)


Chapter 550: Infiltrating the Dark Abyss (thirteen)

An Elephant Man who controls the ship begins fiddling with the intricate buttons on the dashboard.

[Skidplatney’s Ark] sends a beam of light toward the ground not far away.

The blue-and-white beams landed on the muddy ground, and it didn’t take long for three beams to respond from the ground.

The beams emitted from the ground and the spaceship echoed each other, entwined, and gradually converged into a thick beam.

A metal pillar also emerged from the black mud of the Swamp. Palamedis visually estimated that the pillar was three hundred feet thick, about the size of the giant trees in the Everglades.

“Let’s go.” Tut poised onto the deck of the ship and jumped out from the edge of the deck.

“What? Is he crazy?!” Palamidis exclaimed. As soon as the big cat finished speaking, Tut had already fallen into the huge beam below the spaceship, grabbed by the beam in an instant, and flew towards the giant metal pillar in the distance.

It was some kind of teleportation beam, probably a “conveyor belt” controlled by momentum magic. Objects that fall into the beam will be led away by kinetic magic and sent to the other end of the beam.

“Let’s go too.” Vivian followed out of the deck and jumped out without hesitation.

“It’s crazy.” Seeing his wife jumping off like this, Palamidis was still a little nervous.

What should I do if I accidentally fall into the magic swamp instead of falling into the teleportation beam?

“This is very difficult…” Palamy was still hesitating.

“Are you afraid of heights?” Argus smirked.

“No, not really. I’m just——


——Wow ah ah ah ah! “

Argus kicked Palamidis down before he could finish speaking. He himself then jumped off the deck.

Whoosh! The huge wind pressure grabbed the fallen cat. Paramy tried to balance his body, and he found that he was already flying fast in the teleportation beam.

Like being in a huge ocean current, apart from the urge to vomit, this teleportation beam is quite comfortable to use——Palami was so comfortable that he planted his head on the ground and instantly reached his goal land.

“Why so slow?” Vivienne was waiting in the room early, complaining as soon as she saw the black panther fall in.

Inside the huge metal pillar is a very large space, and there is nothing on the flat metal ground.

“This is? Ow!” Palamides hadn’t finished watching the surrounding scenery, and Argus, who was following him, had already landed from the teleportation beam and stepped on the black panther’s head.

“What are you doing?!”

“Sorry,” Argus had already jumped away and landed smoothly on the metal floor. “Suddenly there was a black furry thing on the silver floor. I thought it was a carpet.”

“Ow——!” The **** cat gritted his teeth and let out a low growl in protest. Paramy quickly got up and looked around.

This room appears to be some kind of elevator, leading all the way to the very, very deep underground below the Marsh. Is the underground here the so-called [unnamed ruins]?

“Are you all here? Let’s go.” Tut stepped on a mechanism on the floor, and the elevator began to move.

Rumble rumble…

It made a low noise, all the way down.

Palamidis knew from the severe weightlessness that the elevator was fast.

And it’s still falling, it’s been more than ten minutes, and it’s not over yet.

The big cat asked worriedly: “Is there really no problem? Will the elevator fail, and it just keeps falling to the end——“

“If that’s the case, we won’t be able to take it, so we’ll just have to resign.” Tut said ambiguously.


“If you are a man, don’t be so timid and calm down for me.” Vivian cursed.

Her husband immediately quieted down and sat on the floor sulking.

Whoosh! The elevator made an abnormal noise, and the feeling of weightlessness eased, as if it was the end.

Ka, Long! The elevator was caught by some kind of base, sank down, and then was buffered by the elasticity of the base, and finally stopped.

The wall around the column begins to move, opening a huge exit.

[Unnamed Ruins] immediately appeared in front of everyone: a dilapidated ancient city located in a huge underground plain.

Although dilapidated, the buildings in this ancient city are all made of silver-white metal. Its walls and tiles are covered with metallic luster, and even after years of baptism, there is still no sign of rust.

Palamides follows the crowd out of the elevator. His feet were on the plain, and the ground was clean, without the expected slippery and disgusting feeling.

The plains are almost devoid of weeds, with only a thin layer of lichen and the occasional small amount of fungus growing.

The group walked through the dilapidated buildings, so dilapidated that Palamidis could hardly make out their architectural style. The only certainty is that the buildings were not damaged by weathering.

At some point in the past, there must be some kind of huge destructive force that destroyed these buildings made of extremely strong materials into what they are now.

A sturdy material that cannot be destroyed by the power of weathering for thousands of years is simply destroyed by a certain force to the present state. How terrible is the power of disaster?

“So,” Palamy narrowed his eyes and looked around curiously, while thinking about what this strange underground world is the source of light, “is this the birthplace of the succubus? When I saw the magic swamp, I I believed it, but when I saw this underground, I started to disbelieve it again.”

“What do you mean?” Vivian felt that her race was offended, and her tone was reproachful.

“That magic swamp is deadly and dangerous, and it has [succubus characteristics]. Well here—” Palamidis raised his head high, and finally figured out where the light source came from.

That’s a big ball of light floating on the huge hollow structure in the ground—the artificial sun!

“A little ordinary…”

——Ingenious workmanship, the artificial sun and holographic image sky are almost real!

——What an “ordinary” natural landscape!

If you stray into this underground world without knowing it, you will definitely think that you are in a plain on the ground.

The sky, the sun, the plains, everything looks so natural, it is natural, no one can guess that there are tens of thousands of feet underground.

Vivian said something that seemed esoteric: “Our family is not allowed to exist in the world. We are the legacy of the old universe and should not continue to interfere in this new universe.”

“Uh, what?” Her husband was startled.

“Come on,” the woman walked to a relatively intact hut in the building complex. She fiddled with the metal plate in front of the door and opened the door to the hut.

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