Light Spirit Epic Chapter 548: Dive into the Dark Abyss (11)


Chapter 548: Sneak into the Dark Abyss (11)

At the same time, Avalon Pure Land.

After practicing for a long time, Arthur finally walked out of the backyard satisfied. King Orser waited there calmly, with seemingly endless patience.

“Are you ready?”

(Knowingly asking.)

“What else are you hiding from me about the technique of using the Holy Spirit?” Arthur asked rhetorically.

“Yes, but…you don’t need it anyway.” King Oser sneered mysteriously.

“Just say it,” Arthur said in a commanding tone.

King Oser shook his head helplessly: “There is also a technique, [Holy Spirit Possession], which can directly load the Holy Spirit’s power on the Knights of the Round Table to strengthen the knight’s body. However, that requires the knight’s own body. Holy Spirit. (His eyes fell on the Holy Spirit White Wolf)——Using other people’s Holy Spirit, there will be rejection.”

“Why don’t you use it in battle?” Arthur asked tentatively.

King Other laughed again, Arthur’s question was too stupid: “I am a Holy Spirit myself, what body do I have?”

“Very well,” thought Arthur, at least in this case their terms were equal, “you have to tell me how to use it, lest no one teach my knights after I kill you.”

“That won’t happen, don’t worry.” King Oser smiled mysteriously, as if he had a well-thought-out plan.

“Okay, if you insist—” Arthur was only halfway through his words, and the white wolf sword in his hand was already drawn at high speed.

“—Hold.” The final sound of his words overlapped with the clanging sound of the swords clashing, and King Oser had already raised his weapon to block it.

“Hey, do you start before you finish talking? That’s despicable.” King Oser still smiled, as if he wasn’t offended by this sneak attack.

“You can stop him anyway.” Arthur also sneered, this sneak attack was just a joke, he never expected this kind of attack to really hurt King Oser.

“Humph.” King Oser once again launched light magic, and a blade composed of photons slashed towards Arthur’s face.

Arthur had already stepped back to avoid the attack. King Other raised the unicorn spear and stabbed Arthur in the chest!

Touch! Arthur raised the holy king’s sword in his right hand to push away the opponent’s attack, and the white wolf sword in his left hand swept out at the same time, as if to cut King Oser in half!

That white wolf sword is not just a sharp blade, it raises a huge vacuum blade like a crescent moon, extremely thin and sharp, with an attack range of ten yards!

It seems that it can not only shoot a long-distance vacuum blade, but also a very threatening vacuum blade at close range, and a single blow is enough to smash all close enemies!

King Oser saw that the situation was not good, and hurriedly stabbed the spear in his right hand to the ground! A thick wall of ice rose up, protecting King Oser’s right side. The giant vacuum blade cut only a small amount of ice cubes on this ice wall, but there was no way to break the wall and hurt King Oser.

“Your sword’s slash is not strong enough.” King Oser sneered calmly.

Not really. Arthur was clear. He had tested and tested that the giant vacuum blade could cut through hard armor like butter.

The holy unicorn spear in King Oser’s hand probably doesn’t just make ordinary ice cubes.

It condenses water vapor, creating an ice wall with a diamond-like hardness.

That’s no ordinary ice, it’s [Ice Diamond].

King Oser was able to use ice cubes to resist Arthur’s previous [Great Magic—Fire Dragon Land].

Whoosh whoosh! King Oser stabbed three spears, and the ice arrows shot from the spear head were extremely sharp, spinning at high speed and flying towards Arthur. The extreme sharpness and rotating power make these ice drill arrows possess terrifying destructive power. Seeing that the momentum was not right, Arthur immediately turned sideways and avoided it.

The ice diamond arrow brushed past him, and the air pressure alone swept away a large piece of the armor from Arthur’s shoulders!

“Tsk!” Arthur let out a muffled groan, enduring the severe pain in his shoulder, and swept out with a backhand sword. The white wolf sword’s vacuum wave is no less deadly than the ice drill arrow. It is thin and broad, and it cuts through the air at an astonishing speed!

King Oser subconsciously opened the photon shield (composed of light magic), trying to block the vacuum wave. But he stopped immediately and hurriedly did a backflip to get out of the way. The vacuum wave swept across his back, just cutting off a piece of the king’s armor.

That’s right, the outgoing vacuum wave has become a purely physical phenomenon, just an extremely thin wind pressure. Since it’s not magic, it can’t be bounced.

Vacuum waves are perfect for dealing with light magic that can bounce magic. This ability of the White Wolf Sword seems to be born to deal with King Oser.

In the previous battle, the Holy Spirit White Wolf saw everything in his eyes. Is this the reason? King Oser thought to himself.

Just by watching a battle, you can create the ability to fight against it. How unfathomable is the potential of the Holy Spirit White Wolf? !

And the White Wolf’s deity (Bediver) is not here. This ability is completely created by the white wolf independently.

And this Holy Spirit is only a semi-finished product made by taking out a very small amount of spirituality from the werewolf boy. That’s not yet its true, full power.

Or is it all just a coincidence?

King Oser put aside his doubts and stabbed a few more shots in the air. A large number of ice diamond arrows flew out, forming arcs of ice blue light in the air. They grabbed Arthur like a huge hand, covering a huge area, so dense that it was difficult to dodge.

Arthur slashed out several swords, and the vacuum wave from the White Wolf Sword collided with the ice drill arrow, but they passed each other: the vacuum wave was not sharp enough to cut the ice drill arrow with high hardness~IndoMTL. com~ only cut out more sharp and dangerous ice chips; while the attack area of ​​the ice drill arrow is not large, it cannot completely offset the flat and thin vacuum waves, but disperses the vacuum waves more finely.

What hit Arthur head-on were thousands of ice drill arrows and ice drill cuttings as numerous as stars;

What rolled towards King Oser head-on was a turbulent wind pressure turbulent that was invisible but sharp as a knife.

King Oser just landed, raised his spear and stabbed the ground, and the huge ice wall rose again, blocking the king’s body and resisting the attack of the blade storm.

And Arthur, because he had two swords in his hands, too late to change weapons, was about to get into big trouble!

His hand holding the White Wolf Sword seemed to move by himself, and swept forward with the back of the sword!

A black air rises up. The strange jagged barbs on the back of the White Wolf Sword really have a special purpose. Those black air formed a fog-like air wall in front of Arthur, which seemed to block the attack of the ice diamond storm.

Even Arthur himself doesn’t understand what’s going on: can a wall of air alone be able to withstand the penetrating ice storm? !

However, the wall of air that seemed to be so thin that it was about to dissipate at any time devoured the ice diamond storm that broke into it. It seems to have a boundless capacity, sucking objects trying to pass into the void!

“What have you done?” King Oser saw all this from behind the ice wall, and even he was amazed.

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