Light Spirit Epic Chapter 547: Dive into the Dark Abyss (10)


Chapter 547: Sneak into the dark abyss (ten)

“Ugh…” After about a minute, the shaking of the boat gradually became less violent, and Evan took a breath.

It’s great that the boat is a submarine and won’t just be submerged in water.

It’s great that the hull is constructed so hard that the shields can withstand rock strikes.

It’s been a bit of a **** luck, and I can’t die in the face of such strong winds and waves. It’s so **** good!

The people in the control room looked at each other, still terrified, but they all agreed that they were lucky to survive this time.

“[Oblivion Magic] (Oblivion Magic)?” Archmage Merlin asked suddenly, as if trying to distract everyone’s attention to suppress shock.

Tristan took out a handkerchief and wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth. He reluctantly responded, “Your mages call that [annihilation magic]? I just call it [Break].”

Just like the [Creation Magic] and [Void Magic] that can freely increase or decrease the quality, since there is a [Space Magic] that can create a subspace (extra time and space), there must be the opposite, “Elimination” The magic of space”——annihilation.

The inherent space in nature is a stable state that can hardly be erased using [annihilation], just as you can’t hollow out part of the seawater in the ocean, and the rest of the seawater will immediately fill its vacancy.

Only the “unnatural existence” that partially overlaps the real space, such as [warp space], can be erased by the annihilation magic, because it is itself an “extra space”.

The giant whale golem created a warp in its mouth and swallowed tens of thousands of tons of seawater. Once its warp was hit by a [collapse bomb], the seawater stored in it would be released in an instant. The result was of course devastating: tens of thousands of tons of seawater emerged from the collapsed warp, bursting the giant whale golem from the inside, what a simple and crude method of destruction.

Ineffective bombs are indeed extremely effective for warps full of “cargo”.

——It has great limitations. If the enemy does not use warp magic, [Bangdan] is useless.

In fact, [annihilation] is generally regarded by mages as a “chicken rib” magic that has no practical significance. Generally, no one learns it, and even fewer people use it in magic battles.

Only a strange (exotic) like Tristan would happily dig out this useless magic from the Pantoracken Royal Library and learn it “by the way”.

Only the aliens of the aliens like Tristan (the strange flowers of the strange flowers) will load this strange magic on the ship’s shells and launch them in the form of incantations, specially created to neutralize the enemy. subspace.

The hoarfrost dragon Xianvia is right at all, Tristan is too smart. The murloc boy is really the wicked way of the wicked way, constantly wasting his amazing magic talent to prove how amazing he is.

However, he drilled the tip of the bull’s horn to the end, but he found his own way and developed his own magic.

From the previous [Snow Butterfly], to the recently developed [Dark Blue Ball], and even the current [Crash Bullet], all of them are powerful magics developed from extreme evil ways.

Tristan has long been a powerful heretic mage. If his strength can bear fruit, he will sooner or later be recorded in the annals of history and become a shining star in the history of magic.

What a pity. Merlin looked at the murloc boy with pity.

These heretical spells, no matter how powerful, will not be admitted by the orthodox magician’s association: it is difficult to learn these extreme magics, and it is even more difficult to use them.

This determines that the spells created by Tristan can only become a [legend] that no one has ever seen before and no one will come after — because future generations can’t learn it or use it.

“But, how did you—” Evan asked curiously. This [Bomb] prepared by Tristan seems to be specially designed to deal with the giant whale golem.

“That thing, last night,” Tristan’s tongue was still sore and seemed to be swollen. He can only keep things simple: “It’s the whale **** who came to transport troops. I knew it was using warp magic. I was specially prepared to crash and console it.”

That was the giant whale golem that suddenly emerged from the water in the battlefield of Brindisi last night. The golem acted as a troop carrier, sending tens of thousands of elite orc soldiers to the coast, turning the tide of the battle in an instant.

Evan recalled the scene and broke into a cold sweat. Now think rationally, the size of the giant whale golem can’t carry tens of thousands of troops, and it does use the warp space.

But what if Tristan guesses wrong? ! Did the whole ship die together? Tristan was so confident that he was arrogant, which made Evan hate this “comrade-in-arms” even more.

In short, Tristan’s “feud” was completely cleared up by this crash. Mermaids are really vengeful creatures.

“Stop talking nonsense and continue to be on guard.” Tristan ordered when he saw that everyone seemed to be recovering. “Dive 100 feet, sail at moderate speed.”

He glanced at the Rabbit Ryder, who had already fainted on the seat and vomited, and then glanced at the white bear Elaine, who was trembling and his pants were already soaked.

“It’s dirty. Take him for a wash, and wipe this one.” Tristan frowned and hurried Elaine away, but the key order didn’t come down.

“Come on.” Constantine and Boles took the Ice Bear. Elaine left with shame on her face.

“And you——” Tristan picked up the rabbit with an evil smile on his face: “Brother will take good care of you——“

“ Where are you going?!” Ivan was shocked, the captain of this ship left his post without permission!

“There will be no enemies for now.” Tristan smiled dismissively and took Ryder away.

The [Ice Crystal] broke through the first line of defense in the Turkic Strait. The arrogant enemy would never have dreamed that such a strong line of defense would be broken by a mere submarine, let alone that this small ship could explode in such an earth-shattering explosion. survived.

The [Ice Crystal] is lurking in the dark seabed like this, sneaking quietly and silently.

Bediveville (Albert) sees all this, and is full of surprise and anxiety.

This group of people…that’s the strength of Bedivere’s comrades.

Human strength.

The Hungarians have powerful ancient artifacts they have unearthed, and they also rely on their extraordinary physical abilities.

And human beings have this group of wise and brave warriors, they can use their wisdom to instantly reverse the battle situation and defeat opponents dozens of times stronger than themselves.

Just like the Grand Duke Hall, Albert played around with a small rock.

It’s hard to say who will die in the war between the human allies and the Hungarians.

Only one thing can be concluded: the longer the war goes on, the more people die.

——Albert’s situation is getting more and more embarrassing.

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