Light Spirit Epic Chapter 522: Melee on the Frontline (6)


Chapter 522 The melee on the front line (six)

[Enchantment], [Magic] these special spells are actually [sub-magic].

Unlike real magic, they consume no photons, or very few photons, during their use.

Whether sub-magic belongs to the category of orthodox magic has been a topic of debate for thousands of years. Even the authority on magic research, the Society of Magicians, often debates this ambiguous issue.

Seeing that the quarrel continued, it was just a waste of time. Evan didn’t argue with Tristan. He concentrated on creating an enchantment on the lightsaber.

Ivan has long been proficient in the [Holy] enchantment—it is considered the most difficult kind of enchantment in magic—other enchantments should be similar.

Coupled with the fact that Ivan himself has half dragon blood, he must have a power similar to Javier, the green wind dragon, or Spark, the purple electric dragon. Either the wind type or the electricity type, there is always a dragon power suitable for Ivan to use.

He only needs to stimulate this physique in his body to the extreme, and coupled with his own experience in using magic, he will definitely be able to induce new abilities.

Seeing that Evan was still in a daze, Tristan didn’t notice a mad tiger man rushing towards the half-dragon boy from behind, and couldn’t help shouting: “Hey, behind you!”

Evan ignored Tristan. He knew that someone was attacking from behind, but at this moment he needed to concentrate and not be disturbed.

Smack! An electric spark burst out.

Yes, that’s what it feels like!

Ivan, who caught the feeling, instantly completed his enchantment. The green lightsaber in his hand transformed into a golden-yellow blade, and there was a constant snapping of electric arcs on the blade.

——[Lighting Enchantment]. Relying on the dragon blood in his body, Ivan miraculously created this original enchantment.

The enemy had already rushed to three yards behind Iwen, and it slapped the head of the half-dragon boy.

Evan raised his lightsaber to block, and a miracle happened:

The orc was continuously twitched by the powerful electric current. His palm could have smashed Evan, but the electric shock resisted most of the impact in the middle. The tiger man was also completely paralyzed by the electricity, unable to use his strength, and could only be paralyzed in place.

Ivan took the opportunity to stab out with a sword, and the lightsaber pierced the opponent’s throat, resulting in the death of this beast!

“Three.” Evan sneered. This can be said to be his own way and his own body.

“Four!” Tristan had already plunged his sword into the cockpit of the other Warg Golem. The combat-improved sealed cockpit is small enough for diminutive orcs like the foxmen to enter. Tristan’s sword could not pierce the glass of the cockpit, but the cold air still ran in through the reinforced bulletproof glass, freezing the driver inside. Without a driver, the golem naturally stopped all actions.

Evan sees that the speed of his opponent’s killing is getting faster and faster, and he will lose in the competition if this continues. The half-dragon boy hurriedly rushed into the dense battle formation of the enemy.

The three mad tigers spotted Evan and immediately launched a fierce attack! Ivan dodged the tiger man’s fist with a left dodge, and stunned the tiger man with a sword! He crouched on the ground at the same time, and swept out a sword before the second tiger man slammed into it. The sword swept out an extremely short arc, electrifying the opponent’s foot. As a result, the second tiger man, who lost his balance, fell to the ground in an embarrassment, just tripping over the sprint of the third tiger man! The third tiger man clumsily dashed over, and the three tiger men collided!

Seeing that the time has come, Evan stabs out a sword! Electricity scurried around the three mad tiger men, they twitched non-stop, and blue smoke came out of their bodies!

Evan also knew that this power was not enough to take out the three tiger men. He concentrated on trying to create a higher voltage enchantment. The original golden swordman instantly turned purple, and powerful high-voltage electricity burst out on the blade!

Touch! ! ! The three tiger men were hit by tens of thousands of volts of high-voltage electricity and exploded like a bomb! The charred corpses flew everywhere, and Ivan was also shocked by the shock wave of the explosion!

“Wow!” Tristan made a protective gesture to block the oncoming shock wave. He looked at Evan, who flew several yards before landing, and exclaimed: “You’re a lunatic!”

“Six!” Evan got up and said, still smoking.

Tristan dodges the sneak attack from behind with a backflip, while throwing his sword into the cockpit of the attacking Warg golem. The lightsaber still maintains the effect of the ice enchantment for a few seconds from the hand, it pierces the cockpit and freezes the driver inside.

Tristan landed on the back of the unmanned Warg Golem, quickly retrieved his weapon, and at the same time threw it out, hitting the head of another mad Kaggar! The head was rapidly frozen, the brain function stopped, and the tiger man “fall asleep” immediately, and his head was stuck on the granite ground.

“Six here too.” Tristan picked up his lightsaber.

“Oh, **** it!” Evan cursed.

“What?! Any dissatisfaction?!” Tristan replied. Is throwing a sword out a foul?

“No, look!” Evan pointed to the distance and shouted. The elite army of orcs has broken through the defenses of the coastline and rushed towards the outer walls of Brindisi. They seem to be planning to smash the walls and attack the castle!

“While we are fighting here, they have captured the entire coastline. Look what good things you have done!” Evan scolded, “Hurry up, it’s time to fight back!”

“You don’t need to issue orders!” Tristan had already stepped on the ice skateboard and sped out, grabbed Evan with one hand, and led the half-dragon boy on the road.

“Go to the East Wing! Quick!” Evan cried. Hundreds of tiger men were destroying the city wall on the east wing, and the artillery fire on the wall was helpless to them. In the face of such a ferocious attack, the loss of the East Wing is only a matter of minutes!

“Haven’t the reinforcements arrived yet? What the **** are they doing, Duke Hall?!” Tristan shouted At the same time, south of Brindisi, in the city of Catanzaro.

“Oh, it’s really spectacular.” Celestial Knight Hall showed a helpless wry smile in the face of 10,000 elite orc soldiers.

“The Hungarians seem to be really moving.” Lancelot drew his swords and brought a small team of elite soldiers ready to fight: “I’m afraid it will take a long time to kill all these guys. I hope Brindisi can hold out a little longer.”

The elite orcs are composed of mad tiger people, cat people, wolf golems and war dog golems driven by foxmen, and also mixed with the army of rabbit people riding monsters.

On the other hand, Archduke Hall had a mixed team of 3,000 Pantoracken knights and Roman soldiers. Not all of them were well-trained fighters, some were just wielding weapons. degree only. These soldiers will definitely suffer heavy losses in the face of the enemy’s elite team.

And General Lancelot next to Hall only brought two hundred Roman soldiers. Although they were all brave and good at fighting, the number was too small.

The two commanders, using their talent for manoeuvring, should be able to barely win.

…just take the time.

The reinforcements Tristan had been waiting for were unlikely to arrive for a long time.

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