Light Spirit Epic Chapter 521: Melee on the Frontline (5)


Chapter 521 melee on the front line (5)

Just as everyone was enjoying the barbecue, Palamidis stepped out of the spaceship and covered his head: “Ow, my head seems to have been smashed–”

“Come and have dinner, my dear.” Vivian took the Leopard Warrior to the barbecue house.

Leopard glanced at the absurd barbecue house and quickly pretended not to see it.

He looked at Arthur (who arrived after he fainted) with amazement, thinking his hallucinations had worsened: “I think it’s better for me to lie down—Mogou Where’s Si? Have you dealt with her?”

Arthur’s face darkened and he remained silent.

Seeing Arthur’s expression, even Vivian was in trouble: “Wait a minute. Did you let her escape?!”

“Sorry, someone was in the way at the time.” Arthur thought of the black panther, “What is the origin of that panther man. He seems to have a special feeling for Morgoth.”

Bedivere witnesses Chaos being toyed with by Morgoth. He thought that Kaos would hate Morgos and wished to kill the witch.

Obviously not. Chaos had too much affection for Morgos, even knowing that the other party was such a crooked demon, he still could not extricate himself from loving her.

Love has no reason and doesn’t choose a time and place to happen.

Is this [love]?

Palamedis sat down around the campfire, took a plate of roast meat that Vivian had handed him, and asked casually, “So…what about the children he left behind?”

“God knows.” Vivienne smiled at her husband, “So, Saifer and Seglade are about to have a younger brother?”

“Are you kidding me? To adopt the child of that villain of Kaos——” Palamidis munched on the barbecue in protest.

Arthur nibbled the sausage gracefully and swallowed slowly before saying, “Speaking of villains, I remember a certain big cat used to be a villain, until he got an arrow in the knee?”

Palamidis looked like a deflated balloon, and his confident expression completely subsided. He tapped his head and leaned towards Vivian: “Go back and do a thorough physical examination for me. My hallucinations are teaching me in Arthur’s tone, which is horrible.”

Vivian gave Palamidis a blank look.

Here, Bedivere is still gorging on the barbecue. The barbecued meat taken from the barbecue house can be eaten directly, but the werewolf boy deliberately used the campfire to cook the meat again. The barbecue was fragrantly burned by the heat of the flame, and the gravy kept dripping, making it even more attractive.

“Ryder, why don’t you eat? Eat more, you’re welcome.” Beddy shoved a large plate of roast meat in front of the rabbit.

“Um, I’m a vegetarian, forget?” Ryder sipped his carrot juice sullenly.

“I know. I also remember you saying that it’s fine to eat a little.” Bedivere sneered, shoving the sausage into Ryder’s mouth, “Come on, eat it!”

“Woooooo! Stop it!” The bunny boy resisted, but it was obviously to no avail. Bedivere was much stronger than Ryder.

“Gudu.” He swallowed. A full mouthful of grilled meats and sausages.

“Gulu——” Just after eating, there was a strange muffled sound from the rabbit’s stomach.

“The toilet is on the third floor of the ship,” Vivian said.

“Bedie, I hate you!” Ryder clutched his stomach and ran towards the spaceship with a strange footwork.

Seeing the rabbit’s funny movements, everyone burst into laughter.

At the same time, Rome.

The battle continues.

Neither Evan nor Tristan are used to fighting with a lightsaber.

Although they have been honed in countless battles and can dodge oncoming attacks, the lethality of a lightsaber is obviously not enough.

A maddened tiger man’s sharp claws swiped, Evan jumped to dodge, and he just landed on the tiger man’s right arm. While the tiger man wanted to grab Ivan with his left hand, the half-dragon boy had already rushed up along the opponent’s arm and stabbed the giant beast’s head with his sword.

However, the mad tiger people did not sit still and die. It turned to avoid the moment the lightsaber stabbed him in the eye, swung its right arm violently, and threw the half-dragon boy off, and at the same time kicked it out!

Being kicked by this giant beast, even Evan in black dragon armor will break several ribs! The half-dragon boy rolled in the air, his feet hadn’t landed yet, his lightsaber had already stabbed to the ground first, and he used this impact to bounce back a few feet diagonally, just to avoid the opponent’s kick!

However, Evan’s mind-eye technique had already sensed that something was attacking from behind. When he landed, he suddenly fell down, and the behemoth behind him flew past the half-dragon boy. It was a warg golem piloted by a fox man!

The wolf golem didn’t expect Ivan to be able to escape this sneak attack from behind. It rushed too hard, it didn’t have time to stop, and slammed into the crazy tiger man in front of Ivan, and the two fell awkwardly. together!

Seeing the opportunity, Ivan immediately rushed over and pierced the belly of the Warg Golem with a sword—that was where the Golem stored fuel.

Impaled by a sword, the Warg Golem burst into sparks and burst into flames! Ivan used this to annihilate two enemies in one fell swoop!

“Two.” Evan reported proudly.

“Hey, did you use your mind and eye skills just now!?” Tristan cursed from a distance, as he was entangled with the other mad tiger man. But he looked at all this and knew that it was absolutely impossible for Evan to detect the attack from the back without the help of the mind-eye technique!

“Didn’t you say you can’t use the mind-eye technique?” Evan was busy fighting another golem.

He thought that the [Mind and Eye Technique] he had learned so hard was not considered a kind of talent (which Tristan could learn even if he had to learn by heart), and it was not cheating at all.

“Okay, that’s what you said!” Tristan got angry, and he began to move his hands and feet on his lightsaber. He used magic to entropy the lightsaber with negative entropy, and the green light of the lightsaber immediately turned into a cold icy blue.

Much like the [Holy Enchantment] used to deal with succubus, Tristan created a new set of enchantments, [Freeze Enchantment].

He added the magic order to create negative entropy to the enchantment of the lightsaber, so that the blade, which originally only had photons, produced a low temperature effect!

A maddened tiger man attacked, Tristan dodged to the left, avoiding the attack of the tiger man slamming the ground, and immediately drew a sword towards the opponent’s chest!

The tiger man didn’t know the pain after drinking the anesthetic, and didn’t bother to avoid the attack of Tristan’s lightsaber. He didn’t know the scary thing about the enchantment on lightsabers — by the time he noticed it, it was too late — Tristan’s lightsaber had an extremely low temperature ~ One sword can coagulate the opponent’s blood.

Tristan hit the tiger man’s left chest, and a large piece of flesh on the left chest instantly condensed into ice! The tiger man also raised his right arm to attack the opponent, and his right arm movement immediately caused the left chest to split open!

The heart was exposed under the cracked flesh. Tristan saw the key point and stabbed it with a sword before being attacked by the opponent, freezing the tiger man’s heart!

The cold air follows the blood and spreads rapidly in the body of the mad tiger man, freezing the tiger man into a popsicle!

A Warg Golem is attacking! Tristan has mastered the knack of using [Ice Enchantment], and he hides under the crotch of the tiger man frozen into a popsicle, waiting for the moment to shoot.

The golem smashed the tiger man into a large number of ice chips with a pounce, and Tristan took the opportunity to rush out. The lightsaber swept across the golem’s four legs quickly, and the golem’s joints were immediately frozen, unable to move any longer!

Tristan remembers Evan attacking the golem’s belly – which is the fuel tank of the warg golem – and he also learned to stab the golem’s belly with a sword. The low temperature immediately freezes the entire golem into a popsicle, and it can never be used again!

“Two.” Tristan also counted proudly.

“You used magic!” Ivan rolled to avoid the enemy’s attack, and his mouth did not forget to protest loudly.

“It’s not magic, it’s just [enchanting]!” Tristan quibble.

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