Light Spirit Epic Chapter 520: Melee on the Frontline (4)


Chapter 520 The melee on the front line (four)

At the same time, Avalon Pure Land.

“It’s the floating island in front.” Arthur pointed to the island three hundred yards away surrounded by thunder and lightning storms, and his face was also worried: “Can you get close? Can the shield of the spacecraft resist lightning and lightning? ?”

“It looks like there should be no problem.” Vivian drove the spaceship to the floating island, “I didn’t expect the Avalon Pure Land to be in such a place. It seems that your pilgrimage is very [advanced].”

“Uh… pilgrimage?”

“The final test of becoming king of Pantoracken. There are plenty of records in ancient documents.” Vivian shrugged, unhappy that her identity as an archaeologist had been forgotten. “What’s the matter, you don’t even know this? No one told you before you came here?”

Arthur shook his head violently, his face very ugly. Blame it all on that **** Leon Dickens. If Arthur had known from the beginning what [pilgrimage] was all about, he would never have set foot in this dangerous land of Avalon.

But this way, he also won’t encounter the spirits of Uther and Ygglyn – the greatest benefit of his journey, the precious treasure from Arthur’s parents.

If there is a loss, there is a gain. It is sweeter to taste the fruit of success after you have eaten through the bitterness.

While Arthur was in a daze, the [Silver Shadow] spaceship had already rushed into the floating island. The mad thunder slammed down from the sky, but the shield of the spaceship was very strong, easily isolating the thunder and lightning, and only brought a slight shake to the spaceship.

“It’s there, hurry up.” Arthur pointed to a figure by the lake in the distance.

When the spaceship landed, Arthur rushed out to check, only to find that the stone statue of Greenville, which had been placed in place, was being guarded by the Holy Phoenix.

“Wow.” Bedivere looked at the white phoenix from a distance and exclaimed. The Holy Spirit Phoenix is ​​a little different from the Phoenix that Bedi has seen before. It has no white flames entangled in it, but its body is white and shimmering, giving people a very holy feeling.

“So, that’s the Holy Spirit?” Vivian also looked at the Holy Spirit Phoenix with curiosity.

“Are you here for sightseeing or to help?” Arthur approached the Holy Spirit Phoenix and instructed: “Thank you, you don’t have to guard her, go back first.”

After understanding Arthur’s words, the holy white phoenix turned into a ball of light and got into the diamond pendant on Greenville’s chest, and the transparent diamond immediately turned milky white.

“Is it completely petrified? It’s still alive like this.” Vivian came over to check on Greenville’s condition. Her hair touched the stone statue, and she could vaguely feel the girl’s heartbeat.

“The Leon Dickens family has the blood of dark elves.” Arthur said, “Greenville’s physique is an anti-ancestral phenomenon, and her hearing is as good as the dark elves.”

“But she’s still just a human being.” Vivian shook her head. “Human life is short and fragile. It’s a sad creature.”

When she said this to Arthur, the pity in her tone did not include Arthur, as if saying “Arthur is not human”.

“Humph.” The knight snorted, “I want you to take her with you, hurry up and find Mage Merlin. Merlin must have a way to dispel her petrification, it’s up to you.”

“Of course. To cross the great storm, the outer shell of the ship needs to be repaired.” Vivian estimated the time, “We will leave before sunrise tomorrow morning at the latest.”

“Very well, that’s it——“

“Hey, Arthur!” Bedivere yelled from a distance, interrupting Arthur, “Come and see! There’s something very weird in here!”

“What’s the matter?” Arthur followed the werewolf boy’s voice.

I smelled the aroma of barbecue just now. Arthur also had hallucinations thinking he was hungry. But he was totally wrong.

This is something crazier than hallucinations. In the distance by the woods, there is a house made of various meat products.

Like the candy house I encountered before, this barbecue house is also made of food. Its walls are massive, of neatly sliced ​​bacon, and its pillars are giant sausages. All kinds of grilled steaks are laid out on the floor, and the kebabs are connected side by side to form the roof of the house.

“Beddie, stay away from that thing!” Arthur exclaimed. He had been deceived by the Holy Spirit Baicheng before, thinking that this kind of house that appeared in the wilderness for no reason was probably a trap!

“Well, what did you say?” Bedivere pretended not to hear, cut a piece of barbecue from the wall of the barbecue house with a dagger, and ate, “Well, it’s rich and delicious!”

Again. Just like when Greenville met the candy store, they could always let go of their guard and eat. There’s definitely something wrong with this house.

Arthur walked over worriedly, trying to pull Bedivere away. At this moment, someone pushed open the door of the barbecue house and walked out: “It’s a good idea. Do you like barbecue so much, child?”

King Other is eating with a large plate of roasted meat.

“What?! Why are you here——“

“Who is this uncle?”

“Not [Uncle].” Arthur punched Bedivere, “You are talking to the greatest King Other in the history of Pantoracken. Show me some respect.”

“It turned out to be Uncle——(Arthur punched Bedivere again) Ow!”

“Hehehe.” King Oser laughed Spirit [The Cabin in the Woods]. It is the Holy Spirit who is designed to provide shelter to people and at the same time to reflect the desires of people’s hearts. “

King Oser ate another sausage, “Well, delicious. Have modern people made such delicious food?”

These sausages and roasts seem to have originated in Bedivere’s memory and imagination. Their taste, even King Other had never tasted.

Arthur looked at King Other, then at the strange house in front of him, which had been transformed by the Holy Spirit.

“Eat it, and replenish your strength. This thing has no poison and no traps. What you eat is actually pure photons mixed with taste memories, which will be converted into energy in your body.” King Oser urged, “Hurry up, our duel isn’t over yet.”

Bedivere looked at Arthur suspiciously, but his tail was wagging wildly. Arthur had long known the thoughts of the werewolf boy: this kid had been crying out to have a barbecue dinner a long time ago, but Arthur always refused to let him go, the barbecue dinner was too extravagant.

Did Brady’s craving for barbecue make [The Cabin in the Woods] look like this?

No. How could this guy know the taste if he didn’t eat it first——

“You asked Kay to sneak you out to a barbecue, didn’t you?” Arthur asked sullenly.

“What did you say?” Bedivere put on a poker face: “Ahahahaha, I don’t understand what you’re saying at all, Arthur.”

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