Light Spirit Epic Chapter 523: Melee on the Frontline (7)


Chapter 523 The melee on the front line (seven)

At the same time, Avalon Pure Land.

“Very interesting story.” Arthur smiled after listening to Bedivere finish his adventures in the Underdark: “So, you managed to neutralize the elephants and destroy the foxes. Research Institute, rescued the remaining polar bears, and made a mess of Athens, the capital of the leopard people——“

“I didn’t mess up Athens! Morgos did it!” Bedivere was furious at Arthur’s misinterpretation.

“Humph.” Arthur took a sip of black tea and cleared his throat, “at least to a large extent, weakening the fighting power of the leopard people. The leopard people without a patriarch will not act rashly for the time being. The foxmen’s coalition. This is a good thing for the human faction.”

“Correct.” Palamidis, who was on the side, had just finished eating his steak and wiped his mouth with a handkerchief. “Not only are tigers and foxmen left. There are also cats and canines. These two clans Although it is only a branch of the tiger and werewolf, they are still very large in number. There are about 200,000 troops.”

“You didn’t count the rabbit people?” Ryder walked over clutching his stomach, as if he was still suffering from abdominal pain, “Most of the rabbit caravans were killed by the fox people, but there were still people who didn’t know it. Rabbit people wandering business group, and black rabbit people can be used. They are all money-minded guys, and they can fight for the reward.”

“How many?” Arthur asked nonchalantly, not seeming to see the rabbits as a threat.

“About 5,000 people.”

“Huhu.” Arthur heard that it was only such a small number, and he was even less worried about it.

“But five thousand rabbitmen can control tens of thousands of monsters.” The rabbit added.

“Okay.” Arthur still looked disapproving: “You know what, Rabbit? Let’s talk about this later, there are some things I need to talk to you alone.”

Ryder had a bad premonition and chose not to speak.

“Beddie,” Arthur turned to Bedivere again: “Will you stay in Athens after you go back?”

“Albert should be imprisoned in Rome. I have to go to Rome first.” Bedivere said bluntly.

“Don’t you think… want to save the tiger man?” Arthur’s face was gloomy, “don’t even think about it. That guy’s strength is so amazing, if I were the commander. , and will try to imprison him. Trying to rescue him from the prison of Rome is tantamount to going against the human camp. Think about it.”

Bediver knew what Arthur was going to say. Caught between friendship and justice, he can’t decide. If he wants to save his friend, he will inevitably sacrifice the interests of the friendly army; if he doesn’t save Albert, the tiger boy will fall into more and more danger.

For several days, this incident had been haunting Bedivere and left him at a loss.

“Think about it for yourself.” That was the answer given by Arthur. …. is also equivalent to having no answer. Bedivere, who wanted to rely on Arthur for guidance, was a little disappointed.

“Don’t push him too hard.” Palamedis interrupted Bedivere’s thoughts, “There will always be a way. [The boat will naturally go straight to the bridge] Well.”

Arthur ignored the big cat and turned to look at the [Silver Shadow] spacecraft. In the distance, there are countless small golems clinking around the spaceship, repairing the shell of the spaceship with special alloys.

“It’s almost ready. Don’t worry, I’ll be able to send your girlfriend to the archmage for treatment right away.” Vivian guessed Arthur’s thoughts and snickered.

“It’s not [girlfriend].” Arthur turned his face away, “Anyway, take her to treatment quickly.”

“Arthur, won’t you come with us?” Bedivere thought Arthur would come with him, but he was stunned.

Arthur peeked at King Other who was still sipping barbecue in the distance: “I still have unfinished business in Avalon.”

(I haven’t beaten King Other yet.)

“Okay.” Bedivere was even more disappointed, “Good luck, Arthur.”

“Come on.” Vivian stood up from the campfire, “The spaceship is almost ready to be repaired. Let’s all get on board and prepare for the return journey.”

“Rabbit, come with me.” Arthur called Ryder to talk to him alone.

Ryder silently followed. Bedivere refused to get on the boat and waited in place.

“Then——” As soon as Arthur pulled away, he immediately put a hand on Ryder’s shoulder, showing a threatening expression, “I can ignore you for the time being and meet Brady again. This matter, but there is one thing I can’t ignore: What are you going to do with such powerful two artifacts in your hands?”

“What?…I didn’t plan to do anything, these [The Lord of Time and Space] and the [Magic Flute] were both from my grandfather, and they were prepared to deal with Morgos—— “

“However,” Arthur interrupted Rabbit, “these two are still powerful artifacts in your hands, which, if used badly, can cause enormous damage to the entire world.

——[The Magic Flute of Resonance—Hamelon], right? That thing can allow you to control thousands of monsters at the same time. If you join the Hungarian camp and control a group of monsters to attack the human world (Glorious Region), it is no joke. “

Rabbit understands Arthur’s intention, and immediately frowns and asks: “What do you want?”

“I want to seal those two Arthur said sharply,” Those two artifacts are not safe for anyone to hold, the best way is to have Vivian seal them. “

“How can you—” Ryder couldn’t hold back, “They are the treasures of our gypsies!”

“They’re not. They belonged to Vivian’s great-great-great-grandfather, and they’re actually a treasure of the Conwell family.”

“I don’t know how you orcs stole, or deceived, the treasure. I don’t think Convair’s house would agree to give the treasure to you beasts anyway. With such a powerful tool in your hands, I’m not sure you won’t hurt Bedivere any more.”

“It’s Bedivere again——“

“Yes, it’s Bedivere again.” Arthur said, “If you really want to be friends with him again, you will give up these two treasures; disappear. If I see you again, no matter what excuse you have, I will cut you in half with one sword and never break my promise.”

He is serious. In fact, Arthur had already secretly put his left hand on the handle of the weapon, intending to cut off the rabbit’s head when the rabbit said [no].

Ryder looked at the black-haired boy in front of him and felt a strong killing intent from Arthur.

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