Light Spirit Epic Chapter 511: The final battle against Chaos (7)


Chapter 511 Decisive Battle Against Chaos (VII)

The golden light of the King’s Sheath explodes! A large number of photons from other worlds flowed into the sheath of the king in an instant!

More golden light exploded, and the moment the Sword of the Holy King was unsheathed, its ability also attracted photons from other worlds!

The photon flowed from the King’s Sheath into the Holy King’s Sword, and the two forces superimposed to an astonishing level in an instant, condensing on the three-foot-long blade of the Holy King’s Sword!

There are so many photons condensed in an instant, making the swordman’s light so bright and dazzling! Arthur swung the condensed blade of enormous power and slashed at the chain joint of the World Serpent Golem!

He slashed his opponent’s weakest part with his strongest blow, severing the part below the head of the World Serpent Golem in one fell swoop! !

“Wow.” Ryder sighed in a low voice.

Bediver watched quietly, thinking that Arthur had become so strong for a while.

Of course, Arthur’s blow just now was actually the superposition of the power of the King’s Sword (sheath) and the Holy King’s Sword. Force is of course terrifying.

Arthur’s Sword of the Holy King is actually a blade formed by confining a large number of photons guided from another world into a photon vacuum.

The greater the strength, the greater the number and density of photons, the harder it is to maintain the blade, and the greater the burden on the equipment. Therefore, Arthur can only use this powerful attack in the moment when he is unsheathed, and after the blade is unsheathed, the power will decrease rapidly.

[Iaido Ken] (Iaido Ken)——A powerful swordsmanship circulated in an island country in the Dark Continent of the East. Legend has it that it uses the friction at the moment when the sword is unsheathed to explode its powerful lethality.

Arthur’s [Caliburn Edges] are very similar to this type of swordsmanship, and are also a special case of the sudden burst of power when unsheathed.

If the dark continent in the east is not blocked by the wall of the world, the warriors of the island country will be exclaimed when they see Arthur’s sword skills when they travel to Pantoracken. —— But that’s off topic.

The World Serpent Golem, whose lower body was cut off, struggled a few times. Without the connection of the lower body, its head quickly slid into the entrance of the Warp and disappeared together with the entrance of the Warp.

“Can you guys still go forward?” Arthur kicked the lower body of the World Snake with one foot, put away his sword and turned his head to ask, “Do you want to keep up, or go back? Bedi, you are dragging this wound. , shouldn’t we be able to fight again?”

“Yes, keep up.” Bedivere said stubbornly, “Even if I look like this, I’m sure there’s something I can do to help.”

“Whatever you want,” Arthur ordered. “The rabbit goes first. I don’t want to be attacked from behind.”

“Humph!” Ryder was full of complaints, but he was too lazy to argue with Arthur and walked ahead.

“Don’t do this to Ryder, he has already changed.” When Arthur came to help Bedivere, the werewolf boy whispered.

“I’ll check with my own eyes.” Arthur carried Bedivere forward, watching Ryder intently.

At the same time, in the central control room.

The shield regenerates very quickly, and it appears to be powered by [Nidhogu]’s power.

Vivien attacked the shield almost non-stop, and the nine lightsabers fluttered wildly, still unable to break the thick shield, at most it just continued to reduce the energy of the shield.

“Palamy, are you all right?” Vivian realized that she couldn’t penetrate the shield on her own, and she needed more help.

“It’s still a little bit, it’s still worse——” The leopard warriors are in the death battle with the blood-red werewolves. .

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! The blood-red werewolf roared wildly, and the vibrations caused Paramy to bounce off!

“Oops!” When Palamedis was bounced off, he saw the blood-red werewolf running to attack Vivian, and rushed over to guard him!

As Mordred’s claws slammed down, Palamidis arrived. He raised the photon claw high to block!

Keng! A clear and harsh voice sounded, and Vivian stabbed Mordred with a lightsaber at the same time!

The blood-red werewolf jumped back, and Palamides drew out his claws at the same time, cutting a few shallow cuts in the belly of the blood-red werewolf.

“Aren’t you busy breaking the shield?” Palamedis asked without turning his head.

Vivian had already deployed seven lightsabers behind Palamy’s back for cover: “No, I can’t break it with my power alone. We’re going to win this kid, let’s break the shield later.”

“You said earlier, I wouldn’t have to fight so hard.” Palamidis grumbled.

“Understood, I’ll make up for you tonight.” Vivian said angrily. She knew what her coquettish husband wanted.

“Go!” Leopard Man dashed out, slamming into Mordred’s legs.

Not to be outdone, the blood-red werewolf swung his claws with his monstrous power and slashed towards Palamides.

At the same time, Vivian’s hair curled up with seven lightsabers, swiping at the blood-red werewolf from all directions.

This tight up and down attack has almost no dead ends. No matter how fast Mordred reacts, it is impossible to avoid the attack from eight directions at the same time!

Bump bump bump bump! A slam hit Mordred!

Palamidis and Vivien thought they had succeeded and were planning to end their opponents, but the blood-red werewolf stood still, unscathed!

Mordred’s whole body hair emits a strange bright red light, which seems to strengthen his fur, making the red wolf hair as hard as steel. Vivian and Palamidis’ attacks were completely deflected!

“Pour [Blood of Chaos] into the fur to strengthen the defense?” Vivian rushed up and stood side by side with Palamides, “You know what I’m thinking?”

“Oh, of course I do,” Palamidis replied. During the battle, he could very clearly sense his wife’s thoughts. Their spiritual connection is at its best in this tense fighting Then go for it! “Vivian rushed up first, and the nine lightsabers came out!

The blood-red werewolf is still concentrated on defense. The number of photons condensed on him is so huge that he is “heavy” and can hardly move.

Vivian’s sword focused on the werewolf’s belly, and the nine lightsabers stabbed non-stop in turn, causing huge penetrating power!

In order to resist the onslaught of the woman, the werewolf moved all the strength to the lower abdomen, making the fur on the abdomen harder, and successfully resisted the opponent’s attack.

However, the leopard warrior had already rushed over the werewolf’s crotch and came behind Mordred!

He waved his photon claws and slashed towards the werewolf’s back. His speed and ferocity were no less than his wife’s.

Bump bump bump bump bump! ! ! !

Dang dang dang dang dang dang dang! ! ! !

Tempest-like front and rear pincer attack, poisonous bee-like dense stabs, the two attacked from the front and back at the same time, all the attacks fell on the lower abdomen and the vest respectively, and all the attacks were extremely deadly!

Mordred, who has a strong defense, can’t resist it. Seeing that a hole is about to be opened from his back or abdomen by this pair of men and women, in order to save himself, he hastened to gather strength——

“Hoo ah ah ah ah ah!” A loud roar, trying to shake the two away!

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