Light Spirit Epic Chapter 510: Battle of Chaos (6)


Chapter 510 Decisive Battle Against Chaos (6)

Chaos knew that the second brother couldn’t be frozen. If he didn’t remove the magic knife from Bagus’ hands as soon as possible, the blood-red knight would be thawed again!

Ignoring the burns and frostbite on his body, Kaos hurriedly slashed out, intending to cut off Bergs’ right hand first!

Keng! But Baggs thawed faster than expected, much faster! His hand had already broken out of the ice, raising his knife and slashing against Kaos!

Bagus, who became a blood-red knight, is very powerful, far beyond Kaos’ expectations!

Chaos’s sword was heavily pressed down by the opponent’s magic blade, and the blade was sunk deep into his left chest! He resisted with both hands, so as not to be cut in half by the second brother!

With the huge impact, Kaos flew out, he didn’t have time to manage the blood-spitting chest, and drew a few swords! Ice arcs slashed towards Bagus, but they were all melted by Baggus with the heat of the flame.

Chaos is at the disadvantage of the disadvantage. His ice sword can neither freeze the second brother nor remove Bagus’ weapon. The chest is still bleeding, and the black panther’s physical strength has bottomed out. If it continues like this——

In a desperate attempt, he raised the magic sword in his hand and cast a huge icy fog!

The surrounding area was immediately shrouded in icy fog, and the visibility was quickly reduced to two yards!

Chaos’ physical strength is completely bottomed out. He has been unable to gather photons to activate the ice magic of the magic sword. This ice fog technique is his last magic attack!

Baggs stood silently on the spot, carefully guarding the opponent’s sneak attack.

A sound of wind came from the back of his head. He turned to dodge, slashed with a backhand, and the flames raised were more than ten yards away, enough to set everyone in that position on fire!

But there was no one there at all. The attack just now was just a boot that Kaos threw over, and the black panther had already avoided far away and went around to Bagus! He slashed out with one sword and knocked away the flame sword in Bagus’ hands!

Disarming is half the battle. But Kaos has no physical strength to activate the Frost Demon Sword, what should I do? !

He recklessly stabbed Baggs in the stomach with his sword. Without a weapon, he wanted to stop the opponent’s attack like a conditioned reflex with both hands, and Bagus grabbed the blade of Chaos.

It was useless, the Frost Demon Sword had already pierced into Bagus’ belly. Kaos expected the blade to be caught, he grabbed the second brother’s hand, “borrow your photon to use it!”

The Frost Demon Sword is activated! It tried to capture photons from Kaos, but failed. But it did not stop trying, but followed the contact of the body, starting from the palm of Kaos’ left hand, and extracting photons from Bagus’ body!

The photon was quickly sucked away, and Baggs’ body lost strength. At the same time, the Frost Magic Sword launched a powerful freezing magic and began to freeze all objects within the range!

Chaos shoved the blood-red knight away, and he kept retreating backwards! The Frost Demon Sword exploded a strong wave of freezing air, completely freezing Bagus in it!

A giant icicle is fully formed, with the Crimson Knight Bagus sealed within it. His time seemed to stand still, and he couldn’t even move his eyes!

“Okay, is it successful?” Chaos rubbed his frozen hands and ran over to pick up Bagus’ flame sword.

Baggs didn’t move and should be frozen.

“Sorry, second brother. Come back to rescue you.” Chaos clutched his injured chest and used the remaining high heat on the flame magic knife to scald the wound to stop the bleeding.

After he stopped the bleeding, he dragged his bruised body forward and rushed to support Vivian and Palamidis.

At the same time, Arthur, who rushed to the power room, saw Rabbit Ryder tying Bedivere’s hands with cloth strips.

He rushed over and kicked the Flying Rabbit boy with his feet involuntarily: “Bastard, what are you doing to Brady?!”

“Ow!” Rabbit grabbed his swollen face and got up, “Are you crazy?! I just want to ask what you are doing!”

“Ah, Arthur?” Bedivere looked at the knight in surprise, his sky blue eyes wide and round: “Why are you here?!”

“I just wanted to ask you, why did you appear in Avalon!” Arthur looked at Bedivere, who was covered in injuries. “What’s the matter with this injury? What did that rabbit do to you?” ?!”

“Uh, no, it wasn’t Ryder!” Bedivere quickly denied, “Ryder was just dressing me up.”

The werewolf boy turned his attention to the world snake golem: “We finally trapped that thing in the warp.”

“If you call this [trapped]…” Arthur looked at the giant serpent golem, whose head was caught in some kind of portal, and only half of its body was bobbing. Yeah, it looks kind of funny.

“Rabbit, what did you do?!” Arthur leaned in front of Ryder and stared at Ryder with murderous eyes: “Didn’t I tell you not to appear in front of Brady again? ? You really want me to kill you?!”

Ryder’s face was pale, and he seemed to have nowhere to vent his grievances all over the world: “It’s not that I want to meet him…”

“By chance? Who are you lying to?!”

“It’s not a coincidence.” Ryder frowned. The seam of his left ear, which had been cut off by Arthur, was hurting again. The wound seemed to remember Arthur. You want me to tell you the truth.”

“Grandpa? Who?”

“Bring up your alcoholic old man.” Ryder whispered, “Grandpa saved me when I was about to drown in the river… He hooked me up… ..”

“You must be joking with me. Uncle Arctor?” Arthur’s face sank.

The old man can predict the future, and he may have already met the development of this matter.

For the old man, a certain [ability] of Ryder must be used. Rabbits are brought here precisely because of necessity.

“Okay, I believe you for the time being.” The knight still kept his face straight, but the murderous intent in his eyes subsided a bit, “but you keep me away from Bedi. If I get closer to him, I will have no problem with it. Hesitantly cut off your other ear.”

“I know, I see.” Ryder subconsciously covered his left ear, and the pain of the wound became clearer. He was afraid and hated Arthur, and really wanted to get away from the knight quickly; but he had an unfinished mission and had to move on.

“Now—” Arthur turned to look at the world snake golem standing in the way, “what to do with this guy?”

“ Bedivere slowly stood up,” it is an indestructible ancient artifact, we can’t get past it, we can only entrust everything to Vivian. “

“Although there are a lot of questions I want to ask, I’ll leave it to you later.” Arthur raised his sword of the Holy King, “Whether it can be destroyed, I don’t know if I don’t try it.”

His holy sword burst out with a huge 30-foot-long blade of light, slashing down the body of the serpent golem!


Light blade bounces. This **** golem is really solid! The giant snake’s tail swept towards the knight, forcing the knight to take a few steps back.

“Can’t you just lock it in completely?” Arthur complained to Ryder, “What’s the point of closing it halfway and blocking the road?!”

Rabbit shrugged. This is not his plan, and he never thought that things would turn out like this!

Arthur cursed in a low voice and retracted the Sword of the Holy King into its sheath.

“All stand back for me. I’ll try a new move.” He put his right hand on the hilt of the sword on his left waist in a stance ready to sprint.

Ryder sneered disdainfully: “What the **** do you want to do? It’s all said, it’s indestructible——“

“What?” Before Ryder could finish speaking, Arthur had already rushed out.

The knight avoided the crazily twisting body of the world snake, and at the moment of closest approach to the opponent, he unsheathed and slashed!

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