Light Spirit Epic Chapter 512: Battle of Chaos (8)


Chapter 512 Decisive Battle Against Chaos (8)

However, the two did not move!

Vivian digs hundreds of locks of hair deep into the ground, and they provide a powerful hold that keeps Vivian standing still under the shock!

Palamidis turned a lot of barbs on the soles of his feet, hooking his legs firmly to the ground, even a storm could not blow him off the ground!

The two were only shocked by this wolf howl for a moment, and in the next second, they continued to attack! Mordred couldn’t stand this kind of attack any longer. Palamidis grabbed a large piece of meat from his back, and fell forward along this powerful attack!

Vivian had already stepped back a few steps and placed all her lightsabers on the ground, forming a spiky trap, just waiting for Mordred to slam into it!

Mordred had already used madness to transform into his current form of the blood-red wolf. But he knew that he would be seriously injured if he hit the lightsaber array like this, so he launched a more powerful giant transformation technique, turning himself into a 30-foot blood-red giant wolf!

He supported the ground with both hands, took a push-up position, and stabilized himself just before he was about to hit the lightsaber formation!

“It’s useless! Die!” Palamidis would not let Mordred go. He was in a hurry to deal with this enemy, and he was destroying the shield with Vivian – there was no time!

He also used the maddening technique, and the huge black panther raised his fists and slammed down, hitting Mordred on the back!

Touch! The blood-red giant sank a few inches, and the tip of the lightsaber was ten inches from his chest!

Bump bump! Vivian also joined the fight, she combined a lot of hair into a huge hammer shape and slammed into the blood-red giant wolf! The blood-red giant continued to sink a few inches, and the tip of the lightsaber was five inches away from his chest!

Bump bump bump bump bump! ! ! The husband and wife smashed their heads apart, and the countless blows fell like a storm, so that the blood-red giant wolf could no longer hold on!

Smack! The huge blade formed by the combination of nine lightsabers pierced through the giant wolf’s chest and pierced through his back! Demon blood spurted out, and the giant wolf howled miserably!

“Final blow, kill him!” Vivian yelled.

The two punched at the same time and smashed into the blood-red giant wolf’s head together. The giant’s head was completely deformed, and he died just like that.

“Ow!” Palamidis withdrew his hand, and his hand fell first, only to be hit by Vivien, who was half a second late, and his palm immediately became red and swollen, and even if it returned to its original shape, the swelling did not subside. .

“Sorry.” Vivian turned her face away to cover her mouth and snicker.

“You definitely did it on purpose…” Palamidis said helplessly, he regarded this as his wife’s revenge.

“Stop talking, break the shield!” Vivian retracted her weapon, rushed over and slashed at the shield!

“Hehehe, it’s too late.” Mogosi sneered and tapped the control panel with her jade hand.

“What?! With such a complex system, how could you——“

“It takes a lot of time to completely crack the whole system. But there’s no need for the slaves to do that.” Morgoth sneered coquettishly, the tips of her lips raised upward like the horns of the devil: “– —-The slave family only needs to crack the [mental erosion generator].”

Buzz hum hum hum hum hum.

A continuous low-pitched chirp begins to spread across the world.

“Wow!” Vivian and Palamidis only felt a splitting headache, covered their heads involuntarily, and fell to their knees!

“Hahahaha! Kneel! Kneel! Kneel down in front of the slave family!” Morgos laughed wildly, “From today, the slave family is the goddess of the new world!”

“Damn… evil!” Vivien resisted her headache and looked up at Morgos. But her vision began to blur, and all hope was almost over!

“Morgos…” At this time, only Kaos walked into the control room as if nothing had happened.

“You, what’s the matter with you?!” Morgos was shocked when she saw that Kaos was standing with her face unchanged: “Why doesn’t [Nidhogu]’s mind control work on you?!”

“…Mind control?” Kaos looked blank. The whole world was turned upside down by some kind of low vibrato, but this leopard man was not affected in any way.

“Come on, stop, stop her!” Palamidis shouted, with a nosebleed as he shouted, “Break that shield! Kill her, destroy the system!”

“You’re arguing again!” Mogos pointed at Palamidis, and the huge mind control energy was concentrated on the Leopard Man. When Palamidiston felt turned upside down, he vomited a few mouthfuls of blood and twisted on the ground. Fainted with body.

When Kaos saw this, he immediately rushed over and swung the flame magic knife for a fierce attack! His weapon needs to absorb photons to transform into magic, and Kaos, who is now at the bottom of his physical strength, obviously can’t use its power, and only relies on the sharpness of the weapon itself to attack.

Bump bump bump! The protective cover is very strong and cannot be damaged no matter how you look at it. With the insignificant power of Kaos, it is absolutely impossible to destroy.

All hope is lost, and even if there is one person in the world who is not controlled by Morgos, this one person alone cannot turn the situation around!

All hope is lost! Wei Weixin couldn’t help sighing inwardly, her eyes became more and more hazy, and she could no longer maintain her consciousness——


hum — a crisp sound of a flute rang out.

Rabbit Ryder kept playing his flute, led Arthur and Bedivere forward, and slowly entered the control room hall.

Just now, Ryder, who was attacked by the mind control wave and had a splitting headache, played the [Magic Flute of Resonance—Hamelon] with the mentality of trying it out.

Creatures within the flute’s sphere of influence are able to create a sort of psychic resonance that aligns each other’s brainwave frequencies. This was originally an item used to expand the spiritual communication ability of rabbits and monsters.

However, it can also be used on After the spiritual integration of people, as long as they keep a proper distance, they can let the radio waves of the mind control disperse among each other, and rely on resonance to disperse the mind control. burden on each individual.

Simply put, it is [more wins over less]: if everyone’s [a certain idea] is consistent, they can resist the hypnosis of mind control waves.

As a result, the spiritual resonance of Arthur, Bedivere and Ryder resisted the influence of the mind control wave, allowing them to walk into the control room hall without fear.

“Morgos, long time no see.” Arthur looked at the demon girl with a fierce look, “I remember we still have an unresolved account?”

“Arthur! How could you—” Morgoth’s face changed greatly.

“Our accounts also need to be settled.” Vivienne helped her unconscious husband and looked at her sister with more ferocity than Asher.

While Ryder entered the room playing the flute, Vivien was free from the mind-controlling waves. She is full of anger now, waiting to find someone to vent!

“Oh, damn…” Before Morgoth could finish speaking, Vivienne had already released a dark curtain magic that completely enveloped the space of the control room.

“Aren’t you very good at using teleportation to escape? Try escaping!?” Vivian roared through gritted teeth, “You dare to hurt my man, you don’t want to live!”

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