Light Spirit Epic Chapter 493: Fighting at the Celestial Pole (10)


Chapter 493: The fierce battle in the sky (ten)

Al was stunned. Indeed, not [everything] was blown away. Some things remained: him, Bedivere, Merlin and Hall, and the hundred or so polar bears in the underground “captive” room.

Merlin shielded them from the explosion with powerful shield magic, and the basement was safe.

“Black, dark…” Elaine the bear shivered. “The darkness is still… I can feel it. It echoes in my head.”

“How do you feel?” Albert asked in a low voice, restraining his mood.

“Really, the experiment. It hurts. It literally poured darkness into my stomach. Everyone died, but I survived.” Elaine trembled more and more, sobbing softly as she spoke.

Seems like a bad memory.

Albert saw with his own eyes the captive white bears were naked and confined in a small single room. eat the same thing.

He has seen the white bears being treated like this, and he knows that the foxes can do any cruel thing.

What inhumane thing did they do to the white bear boy in front of Al? Only Elaine knows all this.

“That meow…” The tiger man boy swallowed, “Are all the white bears infected with [darkness]? Or is there more [darkness] hidden in the basement?”

Elaine shook her head, noncommittal.

“Damn it!” Albert almost jumped from the ground and shouted to the knight Cador: “The ship carrying the bear slaves is still on its way to Pantoracken… Maybe It’s here! You’re sending someone to quarantine!”

If there is an infected person among those polar bears, as soon as the ship reaches Pantoracken, these time bombs that will explode at any time will cause great harm!

Cadore’s face was calm, his thin face with slightly high cheekbones crossed a burst of disdain: “We have already reported the quarantine, and the ship will be quarantined as soon as it arrives at Pantoracken, don’t worry. .”

“No, you don’t understand at all!” Albert exclaimed, “The polar bears are terrifying monsters! If they go crazy together, the knights you mobilize the entire country can’t hold back!—- –Quarantine must be carried out at sea, and they must not be allowed to land!”

“Understood. I will report this matter to Grand Duke Hall immediately.” Cador said in his mouth, but he sat motionless on the bench.

“Then you should report quickly!?”

“The Captain is not in the castle now, so I can’t go to the battlefield to find him for the time being.” Cador shrugged, “And, I can’t leave you here, can I?”


“I’m going to find Grandpa,” Constantine interjected.

“Constantine, are you going to the battlefield?” Cador expressed his dissatisfaction with his son’s volunteering, “There will be a war with the Hungarians at any time, which is very dangerous.”

“Someone has to report this, right?” The boy shrugged like his adoptive father did. “I just want this matter to settle down as soon as possible. Elaine is trembling every day, even talking about eating and sleeping. This is really annoying.”

“Yes, I’m sorry…” The bear man shrank behind the boy and kept apologizing.

At the same time, Archmage Merlin set up a temporary research laboratory in Rome.

Ivan came to this weird room with research samples. There are machines and chemicals of unknown use everywhere, which is not inferior to Merlin’s research room in the Archmage’s Tower.

Slap, sizzle, sizzle, sizzle. The strange voice sounded, and Evan looked around and found that Merlin was playing with a mechanical arm. The five fingers of the arm are moving, and it looks as dexterous as a human hand, and those strange sounds are produced by the hydraulic device in the arm.

“Oh, here you are.” Merlin put down his work, “Quick, give me the research samples.”

Evan took out a small glass bottle from his pocket.

That thing was the jelly-like substance that had peeled off the black mucous membranes on the golem’s surface during their previous battle against the black killer whale golem at sea.

Merlin looked at the gray-black glue with horror in his eyes: “Sure enough, someone did it successfully.”

“Uh, what did you do?”

“See for yourself.” The Archmage carefully took out the gray-black colloid from the glass bottle, fiddled with it a few times under the microscope, and signaled the half-dragon boy to take a look.

Evan leaned over suspiciously and put his eyes in front of the microscope to observe.

In the microscope, this jelly-like mass has countless filamentous structures that are pedicled with each other to form a giant network. The network was also full of various small tumors. Although the creature was completely dead under Tristan’s attack, and those small tumors were all ruptured, it was still horrifying to watch. This creature was really disgusting under the microscope.

“What the **** is this?!” Ivan screamed in surprise, his voice changed a bit.

“Well, cough…sorry.” Evan’s face flushed red. The young man was in the period of voice change, and occasionally he would make such strange noises as killing chickens, and even he himself felt shy.

“This is [Slime Mold], a special species between protozoa and fungi.” Merlin replied with a smile, “I have a sample here.”

The Archmage took out a glass bottle from the many containers in the research room. There was a yellow-brown thing in the bottle. It looked like a piece of rotten meat, and it looked extremely disgusting. on.

“It, it’s moving…” Evan looked at the thing and couldn’t help but shudder.

Merlin smiled: “It’s a protozoa, and of course animals move.”

“However, a moving fungus…”

“Isn’t there a slime-like monster like [Slime] in many ancient myths and epics? The slime mold is probably their prototype. It is not ruled out that there are slime molds that are mutated by the influence of abnormal photons, but- —–“

Merlin poured the slime mold out of the glass bottle and played with it as if he were playing with a pet. “They’re mostly honest and peaceful little guys — and they’re very rare. Endangered.”

The rotten flesh-like substance moved slowly in the hands of the archmage, making Evan almost vomit. The half-dragon boy turned his face away and asked in a low voice, “So, what we were fighting against was an improved form of this slime mold?”

“The slime mold that was infected by the dark son and turned violent, that’s right.” Merlin returned the slime mold on his hand to the bottle and sealed it.

“It’s amazing. I didn’t expect the fox people to have this technology.

[Anko] Usually only infects animals, plants and fungi. Because they don’t have much thinking ability and eat very slowly, Anko will ignore them naturally. “

Ivan suddenly remembered the pure land of Elison, which was ravaged by Anzi, and the vegetation there had never been infected.

“However, the foxes seem to have modified the genes of the slime mold, and transplanted more animal characteristics into the slime mold, so that the dark child thought it was an animal, and infected the modified slime mold as an animal. They really made a terrible monster.”

“Yes, is it so scary?” From Evan’s point of view, this slime mold is just a mass of slow-moving carrion, and it shouldn’t be a big threat even in a face-to-face fight.

“The scary thing about the slime mold is not its aggressiveness…but its terrifying ability to reproduce (split).”

Merlin opened the slime mold bottle again, “Give it something to eat——“

The Archmage picks up a bag on the table at random. It seemed to be a pocket connected to the warp, and the mage took out an apple from the pocket.

Throw it in a glass bottle.

The slime mold quickly enveloped the apple completely and began to “eat” the apple.

In less than a quarter of an hour, the slime mold ate up the apple, or in other words, [assimilated] it with the apple. It doubled in size in a little boy, and the nauseating squirm became more intense.

“It’s hard, unbelievable!”

“This guy can only eat rotten objects and plants at the moment. If it was a slime mold infected by Anko, it would be more ferocious, right?” Merlin’s face showed unconcealed anxiety, “If you guys When you encounter a dark slime mold as big as a mountain on the battlefield, don’t fight it, remember to run away. It can swallow an entire army in an instant and become as large as the army it swallows.

——The foxes seem to have made a dark child creature that simply [eats] to multiply rapidly. The rate at which it proliferates is terrifying and without a higher consciousness, there will be no [Shadow Burst*]. It is used as a biological and chemical weapon, with powerful and controllable power. It is indeed a very successful example ——-

(*Note: The eruption of negative emotions of intelligent creatures will make the dark sons multiply in an instant.)

Ignoring Merlin’s nagging, Evan’s face changed greatly, and he walked back with a frown, “…I have to go. I have to report this matter to the army. Once this thing appears on the battlefield The casualties will be very heavy.”

“Well, good luck.” Merlin replied coldly, waving his hand casually as a farewell.

After Ivan left, the dragon man golem Bols walked in through the back door of the research room.

“That’s a bit of an exaggeration, Master Mage.”

“Just frighten them. That way they know how to be vigilant.” Merlin sneered, taking out the slime mold from the bottle.

That thing was just an illusion created by Merlin’s magic. After the magic was lifted, the “slime mold” disappeared without a trace.

“How was [that] prepared?” Merlin asked.

“So far it’s going well. It should be able to launch in time for the planned date.” Boles replied.

“Very good. In this way, we can buy more time for us.” Merlin smiled lightly, picked up the repair tool in his hand, and continued his work.

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