Light Spirit Epic Chapter 492: Fighting at the Celestial Pole (9)


Chapter 492: The fierce battle in the sky (nine)

Ten minutes later, the control room of the [Silver Shadow].

“Tong, passed.” Kaos took a breath as he watched the spacecraft’s altimeter pass 300,000 feet, and the spacecraft’s outer shell stopped shaking.

“Yes, it’s passed. The two brats are fine too – at least not dead.” Vivian returned from the infirmary.

Palamidis was silent. He saw that his wife’s words were no longer polite, and he knew that she was still angry at Bedivere’s rude behavior just now.

At this time, it’s best not to mess with her.

“Fortunately the top layer of [The Great Storm] is not that strong, and our ship is strong enough.” Vivian returned to the pilot’s seat to check the dashboard, “It will be there soon. However, two combatants were suddenly lost. What.

The wolf is still optional, but the ability of the rabbit is indispensable. Without the Rabbit, it would be difficult to defeat Morgoth’s army of Chaos. “

This sentence seems to be discussed with Palamides. Although the leopard warriors were reluctant to respond, they had to respond: “There are still two hours before reaching the destination. Let’s talk about the situation. — If we can’t cure it in time, we can only go into battle by ourselves. “

“That’s right, it seems like you can really beat a hundred with one.” Vivian dropped a cold sentence and walked away.

Palamides looked blankly at the people in the control room. The old man Yaketo was already very drunk, and he didn’t care about the Leopard Man’s spare time. Kaos looked at his child with a look of disdain: “What else are you looking at? Go after him.”


“You really don’t know women.” A contemptuous smile appeared on the corner of Kaos’ mouth.

Palamides scratched his head uneasily and hurriedly chased after him.

At the same time, Rome.

“Well, is this kind of thing again?” Albert couldn’t help but wonder when he saw that the food that Knight Cador brought was hamburgers and coke.

“Don’t eat it? Take it away if you don’t eat it.” Knight Gaia said dispassionately.

“No no no, eat it, give it to me.” Albert hurriedly grabbed the bag of food and started eating while sitting in front of the iron fence of the cell.

Hunger is not a big problem, but he hasn’t drank water since noon yesterday, and he’s very thirsty now. Coke isn’t the ideal thirst-quenching drink, and the more you drink it, the more thirsty you get, but Al has to drink it again.

“…Where’s the Duke of Hall?” The tiger man asked in a low voice, chewing on a hamburger.

“Going to the front to command, of course.” Cador responded with a sneer to the young man in front of him, “Do you think the captain will always be here with you in jail?”

“Ugh…” Al felt very uncomfortable when he heard the word [jail]. He remembered that he had lost the duel with Hall. According to the agreement, he would be imprisoned until the human and orc’s death. until the end of the war.

In order to change his mood, Albert deliberately changed the subject and said, “I want to see Deanna. Her injuries haven’t healed yet, meow?”

“That leopard girl?” Cador frowned. “She’s not very optimistic. She was bleeding profusely, and was hit during someone’s rough handling. Although she was in danger. but still in a coma.”

“It’s been a long time and I’m still in a coma?”

“How long? It’s only two days in total -” Cador cast a puzzled look at the tiger. Can emotional orcs recover within half a day even if they are seriously injured on the verge of death? ——Do not make jokes!

Albert just remembered that his own body had been modified to be different from ordinary people, and he couldn’t measure others by his own standards. The tiger-man boy quickly swallowed the food and waited boredly on the bed.

Cador saw that Albert was being honest, he didn’t say anything, and sat on the bench outside the cell and waited quietly.

Someone was in the hallway, sneaking up and looking around.

Cardall suddenly became nervous. He thought it was the assassin sent by the Roman general Celnas to kill Albert, so he didn’t dare to neglect, and immediately stretched out his sword and prepared to attack.

Green light flashes!

“Wow!” A teenager exclaimed, Constantine was already sitting on the ground, his body still leaning back: “Dad, what are you doing? You almost took my head off. Cut it off!”

The Gaia Knight Kador put away his sword: “Oh, Constantine. Sorry, I thought it was…why are you here?”

“I’m not here, it’s this guy——” Constantine pointed to the white bear boy behind him, Elaine was hiding behind Constantine and trembling, he seemed to be smaller than the man He was several times more afraid of a human teenager.

Looking at this huge contrast, Albert finds it interesting. But he was lying on the bed, pretending not to see what was happening outside the cell, and watching what happened.

“…Yi, Elaine thought, I want to have a word with the tiger.” The white bear boy flinched, even hesitating to speak.

“Elaine, when will you stop talking behind Constantine’s back?” Cador sighed helplessly, “We won’t hurt you. Relax, okay?”

“Okay, okay.” The bear man agreed, but kept shaking.

“…Come on, coward.” Constantine held the Ice Bear’s huge bear paw, enough to slap the human boy’s head off with one blow.

He led his little friend to the iron bars of the cell, “Ask any questions. He is locked in a cage and won’t jump out and bite you.”

“Um—–” The bear man was about to speak.

“You think this is a zoo, meow?” Albert couldn’t help scolding.

“Wow!” Elaine hurriedly hid behind Constantine, hiding his huge body behind the boy’s small figure.

Albert almost burst out laughing. This scene is so funny that anyone who sees it will laugh.

“Don’t be mad at Elaine, you stupid tiger! Be careful I beat you!” Constantine showed a threatening expression. This short, thin, and powerless human teenager made such a threat, which was not convincing at all.

Albert suddenly felt very tired. It’s just a waste of time to mess around with these two guys. He said straight to the point: “If you have any questions, just ask. You want to know the information about the right meow?”

A child was actually sent for cross-examination. Human thinking is very strange.

“You, you were in research, research institute, weren’t you?” Elaine asked.

Elton paused. The other party was referring to the white bear man’s research institute.

In this way, El did have a relationship with this white bear boy before. When Hall and his party broke into the fox’s research institute, this white bear was among them.

Of course, Al wouldn’t know. It was precisely because of the white bear man that Hall and his party would attack the research institute, and that Albert and Bedivere would be saved by the way. Without Elaine, the two of them would still be locked up in the research institute to undergo all kinds of inhumane experiments.

Albert took a deep breath. He didn’t want to reminisce about the research institute: “Yes, I’m here. —What’s wrong?”

“Darkness, darkness, has it been wiped out?” The shivering of the white bear boy seemed to be getting worse and worse. If he shook a little more, he would probably make a big hole in the floor.

“What do you mean? Of course [Darkness] is eliminated.” Albert didn’t know much about [Anzi], he only heard some related stories from Bedivere: “The Institute was destroyed by the Mage. The bomb was completely blown to dust, the hole was at least a hundred feet deep. Everything was blown to dust.”

“Then why are you still here?” Constantine asked sharply.

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