Light Spirit Epic Chapter 491: Fighting at the Celestial Pole (8)


Chapter 491: The Fierce Battle in the Celestial Pole (8)

Ten minutes later, the control room of the [Silver Shadow] spacecraft.

“Well, why is it still pitch black?” Bedivere asked as soon as he arrived.

Outside the cabin is still pitch black, a completely empty subspace.

“Oh, you know why.” Vivienne said slightly bitterly.

——Wake you up, it is precisely because there is a certain danger in leaving the warp, let you open your eyes and watch, even if you die, you will know how you died.

That’s what Vivian didn’t say. How “democratic”.

After everyone took their seats and took full precautions, Vivian said to Ryder, “It’s alright. Go, Rabbit.”

“Wait a minute!” Bedivere confirmed again: “Are you sure the calculation of the sailing distance is really okay?”

“According to the calculation, yes.” Vivian didn’t know whether to scare Brady on purpose, or to tell the truth, “but you also know that the spatial displacement of the warp and the spatial displacement of the real world are not necessarily complete. Same. It’s possible that we sailed 10,000 kilometers here and only moved a foot outside. It’s possible.”

“You’re kidding…”

“The chance of success is about fifty percent. Warp navigation is inherently dangerous and variable.” Vivian sneered, “How? Do you want to go home, little boy?”

They have already reached this point, and they still say such things.

“Hurry up and do it.” Bedivere sighed helplessly.

“Yes, like we need your permission.” Ryder replied coldly, making Brady uncomfortable: “I’m going. Open the observation deck.”

“Open the observation deck. All systems are normal, let’s start.”

Ryder’s seat rises into the observation deck on top of the ship.

Smack! A spark of electricity flashed past Ryder.


“…I’m fine, it was just a plasma discharge phenomenon* in the warp. It’s a harmless phenomenon, don’t worry.” Ryder said.

(*Note: The spaceship moves in a subspace with almost no solids and only a large amount of gas, and friction with the gas generates static electricity.)

Although Ryder was startled a bit, he quickly calmed down. Rabbit boy raised his right hand, and the jewel of [The Lord of Time and Space – Andrew Lalot] emitted a beam of light again.

The beam draws a circle directly in front of the ship, and the exit from the warp appears immediately.

“It’s time to get out of the warp, everyone, prepare to withstand the shock!——The rabbit will come back soon!”

“Huh, huh?!” Ryder’s voice began to rush a little.

“Damn, the seat lift is not working!”

“What?!” Bedivere nearly jumped out of his seat.

“Forget the rabbits. Get out of the warp!” Vivian cried.

Whoa! The spaceship slammed into the exit of the warp and returned to real space.

The ship begins to shake violently. All around is a turbulent flow of photons! Haven’t passed the great storm at all!

“Damn it!” Vivian exclaimed, looking at the dashboard hurriedly calculating, “Sure enough, there is still a deviation! It’s still a hundred feet away from the storm!”

“Uhhhhhhh!” Ryder’s screams came from the top of the spaceship!

“Ryder!” Bedivere really couldn’t hold back, and kicked the drive shaft of Ryder’s seat, thinking it would lower the malfunctioning mechanical seat.

“Don’t kick! Don’t you see what I’m doing?! The machine is down and the driveshaft is completely stuck!” Vivian yelled. The mechanical seat doesn’t seem to be able to come down anyway!

“Let me out of the plane! I’ll save him!” Brady yelled.

Palamidis yanked Brady: “Are you crazy?! It’s a photon storm outside, and you’ll tear your blanket to shreds immediately when you go out!”

“Leave me alone! — Ryder!” Bedivere wrenched away from Palamidis’s hand and ran to the security door at the end of the control room, “Open it! Now! Don’t let me smash the door!”

Vivian had no choice but to press the safety door button. The hatch opened quickly, the strong airflow almost sucked everyone out, and the cabin made a terrible scream.

Beddie didn’t hesitate, flipped over and flew out, grabbed the outer shell of the spaceship with his partially maddened claws, and climbed to the top of the spaceship!

Swoosh! The safety doors closed immediately and the cabin returned to pressure.

“Ha!” Palamedis took a deep breath, “Why did you let him go?! The rabbit has already been torn to shreds by the photon storm, do you want Bedivere to die too?”

“Don’t be noisy!” Vivian pointed to the top of the ship.

That’s right, Ryder isn’t dead. His screams continued, proving that he was seriously injured, but still alive!

In the area of ​​more than 100 feet at the top of the great storm, the photon storm is not as strong as imagined, and it is not enough to tear people to shreds immediately! Ryder is still alive!

The werewolf boy was crawling in the strong photon storm. He felt that his body was being chopped by the blade of light constantly. But this photon storm did not kill him immediately, proving that it was not as strong as imagined!

Having said that, Brady was afraid to open his eyes for fear of being blinded. He closed his eyes and quickly approached Ryder’s location by feeling.

“Ryder!” he shouted in the storm, and the Photon Storm cut holes in his tongue.

“Bei…Bei…” The bunny boy was on the verge of death, lying in the observation deck while the storm ripped through his body. Brady crawled over and hugged the rabbit, the lukewarm fluid clinging to him, and he knew that Ryder was bleeding a lot.

“Wait a minute, I’ll be — wow!” He slipped and flew back with Ryder!

“No!!!!” Bedivere knew that if he fell like this, he would definitely die. In his panic, he launched a partial madness again, making his right arm ten times larger! The giant arm just caught a protrusion at the tail of the spacecraft at the last minute, saving the lives of both!

But Brady knew it wouldn’t last long, and if he didn’t hurry up and take refuge inside the spaceship, he and Ryder would both die!

I can’t take care of that much anymore! Bedivere raised his left fist and slammed it down, making a big hole in the stern. He immediately shoved Ryder out of the big hole and jumped down himself.

Slap! At the same time as he landed, the big hole that the spaceship was smashed was quickly closed by something!

Only then did Bedivere open his eyes and see himself in the cargo hold at the stern. Some sticky cargo in the cargo hold leaked through the big hole and filled the gap, saving Brady and Ryder again.

But the werewolf boy didn’t have time to take care of this, he hurriedly checked his friend’s injury.

Ryder was seriously The whole body is covered with wounds torn by the photon storm, which is a kind of trauma from the inside out, enough to make the skin rip. But Ryder is an orc after all, and his toughness is still very good, at least he won’t die immediately.

The werewolf boy breathed a sigh of relief, lying on the ground and panting. He was also badly injured, and when he moved, he lifted the flesh that had opened, causing the whole body to hurt as if it had been slashed by a thousand knives.

“Babe…” The dying Ryder whispered, “Why…why…”

“Don’t talk, keep your strength. The others will come to rescue us soon.” Bedivere whispered, covering the laceration in his body.

Ryder then stopped talking, just lay in a pool of blood and wept in a low voice, in a half-dreaming state, constantly repenting for the various wrongs he had committed.

(People like me are not worthy of your saving.)

(Please don’t be so nice to me!)

(You will only make me more embarrassed!)

Bedivere’s eyelids gradually became heavy and he couldn’t open his eyes. He moved his body with difficulty, reaching out and groping.

He caught the Rabbit Boy’s palm in a pool of blood. The hand wasn’t quite cold yet, and there was still a faint pulse. At the same time, he also heard the sound of Vivian opening the barn door.

Bedivere was relieved. As soon as his tense nerves relaxed, he immediately lost consciousness.

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