Light Spirit Epic Chapter 490: Fighting at the Celestial Pole (7)


Chapter 490: Fierce Battle in the Celestial Pole (VII)

In the midst of this close call, Tristan calmly opened his mouth and exhaled!


The pure white frost breath blew from the mouth of the murloc boy, hitting the oncoming golem.

That is the breath of the frost dragon Xianvia. Inherited Xianvia’s soul spar from Shaxing, allowing Tristan to use the dragon’s breath as well. The white dragon’s breath, known as “stopping time,” has been perfectly reproduced by the murloc prince!

Frost breath envelops the golem in an instant. Although it can’t freeze opponents as fast as [Dark Blue Ball], it can still freeze golems very fast. It only took a second for the black mucous membrane on the surface of the black killer whale golem to be frozen to a crisp.

“Get out of the way!” Tristan pushed Evan away. This time he couldn’t smash the whole golem into powder, because the golem only freezes the outer layer. After the two got out of the way, the golem smashed heavily on the deck, and Tristan stabbed it with a single shot, shattering the frozen outer layer of the golem!

After removing the disgusting black mucous membrane, Evan discovered that the golem was just an ordinary killer whale golem and had no pilot.

No driver? !

That thing is moving on its own! The secret is probably hidden in that layer of black mucous membrane.

Boom! The submarine swayed. There seems to be a black killer whale golem attacking the submarine underwater!

“Hey, what should I do!?” Ivan shouted. If the golems don’t jump into the water and attack, they can’t do anything about these guys. If this continues, even the extremely strong [Ice Crystal] will be scuttled by the remaining three golems!

“Don’t worry, I’ve already made a plan.” Tristan said calmly, “Stop sailing! Speed ​​zero knots!”

“What?! You’re crazy——” Before Ivan finished speaking, the [Ice Crystal] had stopped sharply. Inertia made the two fly out in the direction of the bow, and Evan grabbed the cover on the deck to barely avoid being thrown out of the boat!

But Tristan did nothing and let his inertia throw him off the deck!

The submarine only slid forward for two seconds and then stopped completely, but the murloc boy flew dozens of yards and fell into the sea!

“Tristan!” Evan exclaimed.

You will be seriously injured if you fall into the sea like this! Hitting the water at high speed is as painful as hitting a cement block, and it may even shatter your bones!

Even if you escape this disaster, there are still three terrifying black killer whale golems in the water, and being besieged by them is a near-death experience!

But Tristan had a plan. He lowered his body and gathered photons before falling into the sea, creating an ice skateboard.

Swoosh! ——The murloc boy stepped on the ice skateboard and glided on the water at high speed! The friction between the ice skateboard and the water surface is almost zero, and his speed is as fast as lightning, and he slides out dozens of yards in an instant!

The three black killer whale golems also set their sights on the lonely Tristan. They quickly surrounded him and gradually approached the murloc prince!

“Ocean is my home ground, what are you arrogant about?” Tristan sneered disdainfully.

The [Great Magic—Dark Blue Ball] in his hand had already taken shape, and this was the magic that was being cast when he flew out of the deck.

Seeing the three golems chasing after him, this was exactly what he wanted. The murloc prince saw the distance and threw the [dark blue ball] in his hand into the water!

Slap! The moment it touches the water, the powerful negative entropy of [Dark Blue Ball] is released in the water! The sea water was instantly frozen, forming a huge iceberg with a radius of 60 feet, freezing the three golems in it at the same time!

The volume of ice is larger than that of water, and the instantly formed iceberg immediately floated to the surface, lifting Tristan’s as well. He slid out a few feet on the skateboard and immediately stomped on the ice for an emergency stop. The long spear in his hand has been stabbed out of the way.

“Wait a minute! Stay—” Before Ivan could finish speaking, Tristan’s silver spear shattered the entire iceberg, completely destroying the golem trapped in the iceberg. The iceberg disintegrated and the ice debris splashed around. The scene was spectacular!

“Leave a living mouth to study…” Ivan finished his words helplessly, and glanced at the killer whale golem on the deck at the same time.

There was a lot of sludge-like gray glue around the thing. It seemed to be some kind of creature that fell off the black mucous membrane. Now it is completely dead, and there is no movement.

Tristan swam back to the deck from the sea, “Sorry, I was going to stay alive, but you see——“

There is a shadow of a ship not far away. Their battle alarmed the Leopards, and the Griks sent warships to expel the invaders.

“Going to escape, get into the cabin!” Tristan shouted.

In desperation, Evan took off his shirt, grabbed a handful of those gray sludge, wrapped it in clothes for future research, and quickly got back into the cabin.

The [Ice Crystal] dropped the golem on the deck, quickly closed the deck while diving, and disappeared silently into the morning twilight.

Eight o’clock in the morning. Bedivere was still in a sweet sleep when he was suddenly awakened by an alarm bell.

“Ummmmmm…” The werewolf boy still wanted to sleep, so the solution he thought of was… Cover his wolf ears tightly with a pillow.

“Get up, you slacker!” Rabbit Ryder, who came to urge, kept pulling on the corner of Brady’s shirt.

“Five minutes, five more…”


Clap! Bedivere felt something hit the ground hard.

He opened his eyes. It turned out that he himself fell heavily on the ground, from the bed.

“Woo, woo, it’s so heavy! Stinky babe, get out of the way!” Ryder was slammed on the floor by Bedi and was slamming the floor in Hehe, sorry. “Beddie moved away so that Ryder wouldn’t be crushed,” hehe—–“

“What’s up with that disgusting smile of yours?” Ryder got up from the ground and patted the dust on his body. He also just woke up not long ago, wearing only a thin underwear and a pair of shorts, similar to what Brady wore.

“You finally agreed to call me Beibei.” Beidi said with a smile, “what’s the matter, don’t you hide under your big hat?”

Ryder pursed his lips and ignored Bedivere, and quickly put on his equipment: “Come on. The battle is about to begin.”

“Ryder…” Brady quickly put on his trousers and shirt, then put the black dragon armor on his body, and the whole process was completed within a minute, “We’ve had any festivals in the past, don’t care anymore. I I’ve forgiven you, you’ve done me a lot of trouble, shouldn’t you be relieved?——Let’s meet again?”

“Who’s Ryder?” Rabbit put on his black top hat and began to lower it again, covering half of his face: “I don’t know. I’m just a passing traveling businessman.”

“Tsk…” Brady was speechless. Ryder is a dead end.

But Bedivere could feel that the rabbit no longer had the grudge against him. Give Ryder a little more time and maybe they can get back together…

Even if we can’t be friends, we won’t hate each other, right?

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