Light Spirit Epic Chapter 494: Fighting at the Celestial Pole (11)


Chapter 494: The fierce battle in the sky (11)

When Bedivere awoke, he found himself immersed in a fluorescent green gelatinous liquid. An oxygen mask was placed in his mouth, so that the werewolf boy would not suffocate, but his body could not move freely in a small cabin, and his whole body was soaked in this slightly viscous liquid, which made him a little uncomfortable.

This is the medical room of the [Silver Shadow] spacecraft. These coffin-like survival capsules are filled with organic gels that can accelerate wound healing, and are stimulated by photon-generating devices. As long as you lie here for a while, your body’s injuries will recover quickly, and it is the most advanced medical system in the world today.

Bedevier has only seen the introduction to this thing in magazines. The cost of this kind of equipment is very expensive, and it costs tens of thousands of Pantoracken gold coins alone. Even the public-salaried Pantoracken Knights can’t equip such a thing, and Greenville will drool with envy when she sees this kind of survival pod.

——How rich is Vivian? !

The werewolf boy opened his eyes slightly, endured the irritation brought by the organic gel to his eyes, and looked out through the glass of the survival capsule. He dimly saw the figure of a woman outside.

Vivien seems to be monitoring his and Ryder’s health, and hasn’t noticed that Bedivere is awake.

The werewolf boy wanted to do something to get her attention, but his body was numb, it seemed that he had been lying down for too long, and the blood did not circulate well.

“Vivian.” Palamidis also hurried in at this time, “I’m sorry. Are you still angry?”

“I’m not angry.” The woman turned her head and said indifferently, “Why am I angry with you? It’s inexplicable.”

It’s inexplicable when a woman loses her temper.

Leopard Man scratched his head, put down his man’s dignity temporarily, and said to his wife in a low voice: “It’s my fault, I said too much to you before. You are indeed not the mother of those two children— —But I know that you care about them. It’s for their sake that Syfer and Seglade are kept in Athens, and I finally understand what you’re thinking.

——There are too many uncertainties just to travel through the [Great Storm]. If we had been unlucky just now, we would have died in the storm. I was too naive to think of this battle too simply. sorry. “

Vivienne didn’t speak, but her anger subsided a little.

(Palamy’s mouth isn’t sweet enough. He has too little to do with women and doesn’t know how to please them.)

(Clumsy uncle. It’s a mystery why Vivian fell in love with such a guy.)

Seeing that his wife hadn’t completely calmed down, Palamides cleared his throat and persuaded, “Vivian, after this battle is over, let’s find a place to relax and enjoy yourself for a while. Humans and orcs have a lot of fun. I don’t want to worry about the war at all. With Arthur around, it is impossible for human beings to defeat the war.

We’re going to a quiet place… me and you… um… a lot of baby leopards. The family is going to have fun. “

Vivian’s face suddenly changed from sullen to melancholy.

“Uh, Vivian?”

(He definitely stepped on a mine.)

“Palamy, it’s time to tell you the truth.” The woman sighed.

“There can be no children between us,” she said in a cold tone.

“What, what?!” Palamidis was stunned by these words, he couldn’t help but take a step back, his leopard fur stood up: “No children? Is it because of different races?”

“No, it’s not.” Vivienne showed a rare melancholy look, “Succubus can combine with almost any race. But…”

“But what?” Seeing his wife faltering, Palamidis was a little anxious.

“But, you’re different. You’re already a [Emerald Knight]. You’re not actually a [creature].” Vivien seemed to have made up her mind and mustered the courage to say this. Words:

“You are already dead. The dead cannot create new life.”

The leopard warrior was stunned for a very long time.

After that, he reluctantly spit out a sentence: “I was actually dead at [at that time], right?”

The woman nodded. It was an understatement, but he was acknowledging a horrific fact.

“You’re just continuing my life with your intrinsic photons…like manipulating a corpse.”

“You’re still yourself. I don’t control your soul,” the woman said. “You’re still fundamentally different from the Necromancer.”

“Is that so?” Palamie said, “No wonder I’ve been feeling a little weird about my body lately.

——It’s as if his soul has long since disappeared, watching his every move from afar. “

When he said this, Leopard couldn’t help shaking a little.

“Vivian, what exactly is a soul? Do I have a soul? Maybe my soul has long since left this world, and only this body is left that thinks it’s still alive, living like a corpse… ..”

The woman puts her finger on the Leopard Man’s lips, preventing him from going any further.

“I can’t answer you whether people have souls or not. But there is one thing I can tell you.” The woman leaned in front of the leopard warrior, leaned against her husband, and pressed her head against Palamidis’s. chest.

“Even though this heart has stopped beating, I know you still have [heart].”


“This [heart] is the proof of your existence. You still know to care about your sons, you haven’t become indifferent, you still know love.——That’s enough.

Instead of struggling with what it means to be alive, try to find the real sense of existence from what does not exist——

——It might be better to ask his own heart Palamidis was deeply touched by his wife’s words. He hugged Vivienne tightly and chuckled: “You’re right. I don’t need to be so arrogant. I know I’m still who I am—just like I was— I like you.”

“Just [like] it?”

“No…” The clumsy Leopard Man quickly corrected his words: “I love you.”

The two looked at each other for a moment, sparks flashing between their eyes. Immediately they began to kiss fiercely.

Immediately fell to the ground, kissing wildly, caressing each other.

It seems that they are so sincere in their final moments because of their great awareness. There is no separation between husband and wife, they meet each other sincerely, convey their feelings to each other through their lips, and linger in this small medical room.

Bedivere couldn’t watch anymore. He hurriedly closed his eyes and pretended that he couldn’t see or hear, and lay quietly in the survival capsule, waiting for the matter to pass. Even so, the shaking of the medical room still upset him.

The werewolf boy took a peek at the other survival capsule on the left. Rabbit Ryder was still dormant in the organic gel.

Maybe it’s a good thing Ryder didn’t see this scene?

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