Light Spirit Epic Chapter 484: Fighting at the Celestial Pole (1)


Chapter 484: The Fierce Battle in the Celestial Pole (1)

“This is… I did?!”

Arthur came back to his senses and looked at the destroyed city.

Then there were no cities. The entire city is part of the White City of the Holy Spirit. Today, the White City of the Holy Spirit has been completely absorbed by Arthur, leaving only a tower in the center of the city. The spirituality of King Other must be in it.

All roads are opened, but the price is painful. Arthur looked at Greenville turned into a stone statue and wanted to cry without tears.

—– plop, plop, plop.

That’s… a heartbeat?

But, how is this possible! ?

The knight put his ear to the statue’s chest and listened. Yes, although very weak, Greenville still has a heartbeat!

She’s still alive! There is a small amount of dark elf blood in the Leon Dickens family. She barely saved her life in the process of being completely petrified!

…… Greenville might be able to save her life!

Arthur remembered for a moment that he had also been turned into a stone statue. Who rescued him at that time?

“…Wait for me, Greenville.” Arthur placed the girl’s stone statue and fixed it with a small amount of soil to prevent it from falling and being damaged in the storm.

“I’ll take you to Merlin as soon as I kill King Oser.” He whispered, “I’ll definitely save you.”

(It has already been said that when you are in danger, you will protect you with your life!)

The knight retrieved his black dragon armor from the rubble and put it on quickly. He ignored the damage to his body and ran towards the white tower.

At one o’clock in the morning, on the spacecraft [Silver Shadow].

The alarm bell rings, and Bedivere wakes up from the bed.

“What? What happened?!”

“Get ready to break into the [Great Storm]!” Palamedis pulled the werewolf boy out of bed.

Everyone hurried to the spacecraft control room, where Vivian was already waiting.

“One hundred feet to the bottom of the great storm. Rabbit, get ready at the lookout, see you.” She glanced at Ryder.

“Yes, ma’am.” The bunny boy put on a special rubber cloak, seemingly to protect himself from the thunder and lightning storm.

He sat calmly on a special seat in the control room. Once seated, the seat immediately rose and led Ryder to the observation deck at the top of the spacecraft.

“Wait, what? What do you want Ryder to do?!”

“Just sit down and wait quietly.” Vivienne rolled her eyes at Bedivere.

Bediver sat down helplessly. He watched everything outside from the huge glass façade of the control room.

Not far away is the [Great Storm]. The spacecraft is heading up to the storm at a thirty-degree angle. It is estimated that it will crash into the storm head-on within a few minutes.

Photons are invisible particles, and great storms are supposed to be colorless and transparent death zones. But the turbulent flow stirred up by the photons causes the photons in it to collide and rub against each other, producing a faint excess of light.

As a result, this dead zone, which should have been colorless and transparent, was filled with seven-color light bands, very similar to the aurora, but it was finer, more colorful, and more transparent.

By the way, instead of using the aurora to describe it, it is more appropriate to describe it with the ripples on the water surface.

This photon ripple would never be seen unless it was very close to the Great Storm, as it was absorbed by the large atmosphere before diffracting to the ground. Only by looking up at such a close distance can we see this splendid splendor from the world of death.

As the ship continued to approach, the hull of the ship began to shake, slightly and terrifyingly, like the low roar of a monster.

Is Ryder still out there? ! Is he okay with that? ! Once entering the storm, a solid structure like the spaceship may not be able to withstand it, let alone Ryder’s flesh and blood? !

“Ryder, come back! What are you doing?!” Bedivere yelled anxiously.

“Don’t be noisy!” Vivian scolded Brady again, “Rabbit, let’s do it!”

Rabbit Ryder raised his arm in the observation deck at the top of the ship. A blue light radiated from his ring, converged into a line, and shot forward.

Ryder quickly swiped his arm, manipulating the light to move, and quickly drew a huge circle.

“Okay. Come back!”

Ryder slapped the button on the seat hard, and the seat instantly descended with the rabbit back into the control room.

The spaceship slammed into the great storm, and the aperture on the bow acted at the same time, opening the entrance to the warp.

The ship entered the warp before entering the great storm.

“Uh, what?!” Bedivere looked at the darkness outside the ship, still bewildered.

“The ship has entered the warp created by My Lord of the Space Ring – Andrew Lalot.” Ryder leaned back on the seat and lay down like an uncle, “Relax, this subspace. Space seems to be the size of the entire universe—at least the size of Earth, where it is untouched by [the great storm] and ships can sail safely.”

“Well, that’s right, the only problem is that we don’t know when to get out of here.” Vivienne poured cold water on the rabbit.

“Don’t know?” Bedi frowned. He thought their plan would be a little more detailed.

“Anyway, even if the probe is released, in the dead space of the Great Storm, everything will be torn to shreds. I can only use calculations to measure the thickness of the Great Storm, and predict us according to the sailing angle and time of the ship. Through the storm.”

Forecast? Really disturbing. If the prediction is wrong, the ship will plunge into the great storm and be torn to shreds.

Bedivere looks at Ryder. The rabbit was very calm, not afraid at all.

“Don’t worry, if I fail, I’ll be the first to die.” Ryder lowered his hat to cover most of his face, “I have to go to the observation deck once to open the exit of the warp.”

If it fails, Ryder, who is in the observation deck, will be the first to be chopped to pieces by the photon storm at the exit of the warp.

“My measurements are very accurate, don’t worry,” Vivian said. “I’ve gotten as close to [The Great Storm] as possible to reduce measurement errors.”

They opened the warp entrance just before the storm, and that’s why.

“Then, then try to leave the warp as late as possible.” Brady couldn’t help asking.

“This spacecraft can’t operate in a vacuum environment yet. Accidentally out of the atmosphere, we are also dead.” Palamidis sneered.

The journey of mankind to the universe is still very long and full of obstacles.

“Anyway, I’ve successfully passed the first level.” Vivian said, “Everyone, go back to sleep and build up some energy before the battle.”

The werewolf boy asked helplessly: “Why did you wake us…”

“To let you watch all this, of course.” The lady sneered grimly, “If we just failed to break in, at least you wouldn’t have died in vain.”

After listening to Vivian’s explanation, Bedivere was immediately confused.

He got up from his seat angrily and planned to go back to the lounge to continue sleeping, but he saw Kaos behind him……

“Uh… your pants are all wet——“

“Don’t mind your own business, kid!” Kaos’ face was ashen, and there was a dark stain on his trousers.

His lower body is still aching—somewhere a little out of control due to the electric shock treatment, plus the shock of crashing into the great storm just now makes it unnatural.

“Are you going to put on a diaper?” Palamidis quipped.

“Humph!!” Kaos slammed the seat, dragged his still numb lower body, clenched his legs tightly, and used a very strange footwork to escape into the cabin… …seems to be looking for a bathroom.

“Is there any sequelae of the operation?” Vivian sneered casually, “I hope he gets better before the battle.”

“If he doesn’t recover in time, just leave him,” Palamedis said ruthlessly.

Bediver let out a sigh as he looked at the couple who were still arguing.

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