Light Spirit Epic Chapter 485: Fighting at the Celestial Pole (2)


Chapter 485: The Fierce Battle in the Celestial Pole (2)

Four in the morning, Avalon Pure Land.

Before Arthur came to the white tower, he looked up at this strange tower with square edges, no reliefs and no pillars, made of white squares.

Its design is extremely clean, with a sense of simplicity and ancient solemnity. This is probably one of the ancient buildings left over from the age of mythology, and it is somewhat similar (but more concise in design) to those towers under Camelot in London.

A milky white light flashed up and down between the squares, which seemed to be some kind of magic spell pattern. This sturdy tower was unscathed in the fierce battle just now, and it was also unscathed in the baptism of thunder and lightning storms for thousands of years. It can be seen that the magic that protects it is powerful.

Arthur stretched out his hand and pushed it, and the dozens of square bricks on the white gate of the tower were turned over immediately, forming a special groove.

More square bricks moved from the edge of the door into the groove, perfectly embedded in the groove, filling the groove and allowing the door frame to move.

The door finally opens, as if welcoming Arthur into the trap. Arthur took a deep breath, strengthened his courage, and walked into this white holy tower.

The interior of the holy tower is also all white walls, white columns and white ladders. The huge pillar in the middle is square and square, and it is also made of countless white bricks. The milky white light that flashes in the gaps between the white bricks is brighter than the outer wall of the holy tower, and it is the light source of this holy tower.

The columns appear to serve as both lighting and foundations, reaching the sky with a uniform and constant size, with four beams extending every hundred feet to connect with the outer walls of the sanctuary. There are ten sets of such beams in all, and the tower is at least a thousand feet long.

Arthur turns to look at the stairs again. Countless rectangular white bricks stretched out from the walls of the tower, hanging like this, and also in a spiral arrangement, reaching the sky.

Arthur grows impatient. How long does it take to climb such a tower? He didn’t think too much, and quickly stepped on the stone ladder and ran up. As soon as he ran, he fell with his back to the sky, and the stone ladder under his feet was moving, making him unable to stand still.

This ladder is automatic. It spun up with Arthur, sending the knight up dozens of feet in seconds.

It turned out to be an escalator. Dangerous escalator with no handrails.

Arthur sat on the ladder and let the ladder take him up. The ladder moved so fast that if he ran in a hurry, one wrong step could send Arthur down and seriously injure him. He had actually hit his nose and was bleeding.

Following this trend, the top of the tower can be reached within half an hour. The spirituality of King Other must be there waiting for Arthur.

But…will it go so well?

Pop! A bullet hit Arthur’s shoulder, fast and ruthless, directly piercing Arthur’s shoulder!

Arthur is already wearing the black dragon armor, which logically is not so easy to be hit. But the opponent is really a veteran of sniping, and he actually shot a bullet at the seam of the armor of the black dragon armor, causing damage to Arthur!

That’s still a solid bullet, a bullet made of metal. The bullet, carrying enormous momentum, slammed into Arthur, causing Arthur to slump backwards, nearly falling down a few hundred feet of stairs. Arthur hurriedly raised his sword and stabbed up the stairs, and the sword of the holy king plunged into a stair brick, so that Arthur would not fall.

In the hundreds of years since the invention of the light gun, the physical ammunition has gradually declined due to various shortcomings, and almost no gunman will use it again*.

(*Note: The weight of the physical bullet alone is a headache. And the light gun does have countless benefits.)

The one who would use this kind of physical bullet to snipe Arthur is the Holy Spirit.

That guy, hiding somewhere in this white holy tower, secretly sniping at Arthur. Arthur can only wait on this escalator, and the situation is very passive.

Arthur quickly took out the helmet from the back of the black dragon armor and put it on himself. The helmet can normally be folded into a deck and stowed above the back of the armor. In such an emergency, Arthur unfolded his helmet into a spherical shape and put it tightly around his head. This at least avoids getting headshots by snipers.

But he’s not completely safe. The armor has countless gaps at the joints of the eyes, neck, and hands and feet, each of which can be shot through by snipers.

The knights who are proficient in the arts of mind and eye may not regard gunmen as one thing, and there are very few knights who actually use guns and weapons. This is not only because the lethality of firearms is not enough to penetrate modern photonic armor, but also because, before a gunman shoots, the attack intention in his heart will generate a fixed ballistic (trajectory) in the world, the knights Able to detect early and dodge. As a result, the gunner’s attack was easier to dodge than the swordsman’s attack.

However, a gunslinger who can use the [Unintentional] combat technique is another matter.

He concealed his hostility, and the trajectory of the attack was impossible to detect with the mind-eye technique. His bullets can come from anywhere, and that’s what scares Arthur the most.

Arthur is even more unobstructed on the escalator, completely becoming a living target. The situation is unfavorable to the extreme. Arthur can only respond to the opponent’s shooting with his rapid reaction ability, hoping to dodge or block the bullet before it hits him!

It is about half an hour before reaching the top of the tower, but this half hour will not be easy to get through. Any small mistake can decide life and death, and any momentary distraction will seriously injure Arthur, or even die from a headshot!

The stairway battle between him and the Holy Spirit Sniper has already started.

Whoosh! Another bullet came. Arthur ducked sideways. He observed the spark from the muzzle at the moment the opponent opened fire, thus judging the attack and trajectory.

Even so, the bullet went through the gap in the armor of his knee, sticking tightly into his knee!

It hurts! Arthur, who was shot in the knee, was furious. The second and third bullets have already hit There is no time to dodge, Arthur instantly pulled out the scabbard of the king and activated the gryphon shield to block!

Clap. The two bullets hit the shield almost simultaneously. Due to the inertia of the physical warhead, the Griffon Shield cannot completely deflect its trajectory, but draws an arc on the shield and then slides away from the edge of the shield.

Fortunately, the griffon shield itself is very hard, and it is impossible for ordinary bullets to penetrate it.

It seems that the performance of the Griffin Shield has been known for a long time. After the Griffin Shield was activated and disappeared, two more bullets were fired.

The two bullets hit the shield just now, causing Arthur to suffer a certain degree of impact. He was a little unsteady and almost fell down the stairs. Coupled with these two subsequent bullets, the consequences were even more unimaginable!

Clap! The two bullets did not hit Arthur through the gap in the armor, but hit the knight’s shoulder armor and breastplate. Although they couldn’t shoot through the powerful black dragon armor, they caused two powerful blows.

Arthur, who was shot in the knee and was hit by the first two bullets, could not stand still. After taking these two shots, his body began to lean back involuntarily and fell down the stairs!

“Humph!” He quickly spread his wings and slapped hard, and the strong wind pressure pushed himself up the stairs, thus preventing himself from falling down the stairs.

Arthur couldn’t stand beating either. As soon as he stood firm, he immediately raised his sword and stabbed! The sword of the Holy King stretched out a hundred feet, and the light blade was harvested in a bundle, and shot out with Arthur’s sword, pointing directly at the gunner’s location.

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