Light Spirit Epic Chapter 483: Awakening to Phantoms (3)


Chapter 483 Awakening to Illusory Spirits (3)


A large number of blood-red curse lines appeared on his body. These curse lines expanded from thin lines to the thickness of fingers, emitting a fierce red brilliance and spewing red smoke!

In this light and smoke, a huge monster gradually took shape. It is the incarnation of Chaos, the fusion of a large number of Holy Spirits and evil spirits.

——[Infinity Phantanima].

If the [Immortal Evil Spirit] is the thought body composed of human [desire], the [Eternal Holy Spirit] is the thought body composed of the noble desire of human beings.

[Desire] is never-ending and uncontrollable, the thoughts are too scattered and the explosive force is insufficient;

[Wish] is controllable and orderly, but it adheres to the rules, and the power is limited by the [rules].

Contrary to [Order], complete [Chaos] is the essence of Phantom.

The phantom is only formed by the accumulation of a certain emotion, and each photon that constitutes it is full of this emotion, becoming the aggregate of the [group unconscious].

Arthur’s phantom is made of [anger] – it is furious and ruthless, it only appears to destroy, has no thought, and has no mercy.

This God of Destruction, named [Chaos], has been sleeping in Arthur’s body and is suppressed by the rationality of the knight. At this moment, under the rage and frenzy of the young man, it is finally about to awaken!

Five hundred feet tall, the blood-red dragon is fully formed.

Its glass-like scales exude a splendid phantom color, with a deep red as the keynote, constantly reflecting the rainbow-colored chaotic light. Its eyes glowed red. These two rays of light, like flames and light smoke, have been floating upwards, extending to the deepest part of the sky.

The phantom dragon spreads its wings, and the six sword-like wings point straight to the sky, and the gap between the blades shoots out blood-red giant light!

“Horrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr[Phantom Crimson Dragon—Angnu. Moore] Roaring.

Its voice resounded through the sky, tearing apart the sky, shaking the earth, and terrifying the stars.

As soon as he appeared, the dragon was busy destroying. Its head kept swaying, and the huge crimson beam spit out from its mouth slashed everywhere in the entire Holy Spirit White City, destroying everything indiscriminately.

Wherever the beam went, explosions were heard one after another. There are deep pits caused by explosions everywhere, and there are grooves more than ten feet wide and thirty feet deep that have been dissolved by high heat everywhere!

Holy Spirit Baicheng was seriously injured and hurriedly took countermeasures. Tens of thousands of golems descended from the city, and these white golems were ten feet tall, armed with huge blades, and attacked the crimson dragon.

The crimson dragon remained unmoved and poised.

Its six sword feathers spew out of its own body and dance around it. These 100-foot-long sword feathers are extremely sharp, with an ominous dark red light on them.

It wields six arms, and the claws on the arms are blazing with deadly fire, drawing arc after arc of fire in the air!

Wherever the crimson sword light went, the golems were shredded like pudding. Before this extreme sharpness, all hardness can be ignored!

Wherever the crimson claw light goes, the city burns like firewood. Before this extreme heat, all protections are useless!

The white golems rushed towards the crimson dragon, shattering continuously in the rain of swords like a meat slicer, smashed by sharp swords, and burned to death by flames.

The crimson dragon grabbed a golem in one hand, threw it out like a toy, and smashed it at the other golem.

Another golem threw the sharp blade in his hand, but it had no effect, and only scratched a shallow wound on the dragon’s chest. The crimson dragon was furious, spewing out crimson beams, and instantly crossed the track of the golem’s running, and the high heat instantly vaporized it.

Six giant swords were inserted into the ground at the same time, and then drawn out together. Six arcs of light fanned in mid-air, raising countless smoke and dust, and a huge shock wave, sending hundreds of golems flying!

Immediately afterwards, the six claws of the giant dragon came out, raising six fiery fireworks, burning the floating golems to ashes at the same time!

Wave after wave of sword light and fire, the dragon gradually mastered his own power and began to use rhythmic attacks to kill the enemy on a large scale! The golem army was not an opponent at all, and the offensive was quickly disintegrated.

Under a round of fierce offensive and defensive battles, the Holy Spirit White City was surrounded by a sea of ​​fire. Most of the golems it conjured were burned, and most of them were chopped up, making it powerless to fight.

Looking at the city engulfed by flames, the crimson dragon still thinks the destruction is not gorgeous enough. The white tower in the distance is protected by a barrier, and now it is still unscathed, and it has become the thorn in the eyes of the phantom crimson dragon!

“Uh ah ah ah ah ah!” The furious crimson dragon opened his **** mouth. Its mouth is covered with dozens of rows of sharp ruby ​​saber teeth, and it emits a strong light like the sun! The blood-red flame ejected from its throat was surrounded by an enchantment, and it kept accumulating, forming a huge blood-red light sphere three hundred feet in diameter!

The light ball contains extremely dangerous high-purity energy. If it is hit by this light ball, let alone the Holy Spirit White City, even this floating island will be destroyed together!

Seeing that the momentum of the Holy Spirit White City was not good, it immediately gathered the “body” of the entire city and assembled itself into a white giant thousands of feet high. It raised the giant shield in its hand, ready to defend!

The crimson dragon swung its head down, and the huge ball of light fell! The blood-red light ball rubbed the air, making a whistling sound like doomsday.

The White City Giant raised a shield to block. It combined the hardest parts of the entire city to form a shield, hoping that the shield could block the light ball of the phantom dragon.

Touch! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

The red ball of light collided with the white city wall!

Chaos and order, destruction and protection, the fierce conflict between the ghost and the Holy Spirit, exploded above the altitude of 300,000 feet!

And the Giants of White City can’t stop it at all! The Crimson Dragon is a combination of dozens of holy spirits and evil spirits, and it has an absolute advantage in power!

The light ball is as heavy as a thousand tons. The moment it is pressed against the giant shield, it blasts the giant shield into a pit that is hundreds of feet deep! Even if it was blocked by the shield the castration of the light ball did not weaken at all. It continued to press down and exploded on the body of the Holy Spirit White City giant, blowing the Holy Spirit’s body to pieces!

The giant of the White City continued to reassemble the shattered body, moved to the back of the shield, and continued to block the powerful blow! Its body is constantly being destroyed, reorganized, destroyed, and reorganized, constantly turning into fly ash while resisting the blood-red light ball! If it goes on like this, it will become a piece of rubble!

But that’s what the White City giant of the Holy Spirit wishes. Even if it sacrifices itself, it must keep the tower behind it intact! It weakens the power of the crimson light ball by exhausting its own flesh, hoping to block the light ball before it is completely exhausted!

One thousand yards, five hundred yards, three hundred yards. The light ball is getting closer and closer to the tower.

One hundred yards, fifty yards, thirty yards. The sphere of light is also getting smaller and smaller under the obstruction of the Holy Spirit.

Ten yards. Five yards. Three yards.

Pfft. The crimson ball of light disappeared completely, and the Holy Spirit White City giant was also completely destroyed, turning into not a single ash! It turned into countless rays of light and was completely absorbed by the crimson dragon. [Phantom-Crimson Dragon] also ate and drank, disappeared with satisfaction, turned into red light again, and penetrated into Arthur’s body.

The swirling spell pattern on the knight’s body gradually faded to red light, and the spell pattern also shrunk into very thin threads, as if the eyes had been opened for too long, and now they had to close their eyes tiredly.

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