Light Spirit Epic Chapter 475: Fighting in Heaven (7)


Chapter 475: Battle in Heaven (7)

That’s right, Arthur shielded himself with his wings and rammed straight into the Holy Shark. This is his “scheme”!

Although the waterspout has a powerful cutting ability, like all tornadoes, its center is the seat belt, which allows the rider to pass through almost without damage!

Touch! ——–The knight slammed into the shark’s mouth and used the remaining wings to open the fish’s mouth. Before the shark could bite, Arthur used his legs to expand the shark’s mouth, slashed with his sword, and flattened the two rows of sharp teeth of the shark!

(You are biting me with your proud teeth!?)

Arthur pulled the swordfish out of his body one by one, and before the shark could react, stabbed these swordfish golems in the mouth of the white shark!

While the Holy Spirit Shark felt the pain and struggled, Arthur slipped out of the shark’s mouth, took the last swordfish golem with its tail and spikes out of his hand, and threw it into the Holy White Shark’s mouth ! The golem flew out half a yard, and Arthur drew a sword at the same time, destroying the golem!

The broken swordfish golem fell into the mouth of the Holy White Shark, and there are dozens of swordfish golems in its mouth!

The Holy White Shark’s eyes widened, it knew what Arthur wanted to do, and immediately stopped laughing.


Touch, touch, touch touch — bang! ! ! ! ! !

A swordfish golem explodes, causing dozens of other golems to explode. The explosions of these golems did not have much power, but the explosions continue to superimpose in the small space in the shark’s mouth, and the destructive power generated will be terrifying!

(Even if you expand the space to avoid external attacks, the explosion in your body, see how much you can dodge?!)

It was blown up and swollen more than three times, and the body of the Holy Spirit White Shark began to collapse! Arthur didn’t know whether his opponent could survive this series of explosions. He never took risks, he rushed forward and slashed with his sword!

One sword, two swords, ten swords, a hundred swords! The Holy Spirit White Shark had no way to dodge, so he had to be stabbed honestly! Although the scales on its body are thick, it cannot withstand the repeated attacks of the sword of the holy king, and they are scattered and flying!

Pop sand! ——-After removing the fish scales, the incomparably sharp sword of the holy king directly cut open the belly of the white shark, breaking the shark’s intestines! !

Boom! ! ! The explosion inside the shark also blew the shark into mashed meat. A few seconds after the explosion, the water pressure pressed the mashed meat back, causing the shark to compress into a ball from the inside out!

The only way to deal with a ruthless guy is—more ruthless than it is!

The Holy Spirit White Shark was completely defeated, and immediately turned into a ball of white light, ran towards Arthur, and was completely absorbed by Arthur’s body in an instant.

Pop sand! A burst of water splashed.

Arthur got up from the water, which was indeed waist-deep water.

Greenville called from the shore: “Arthur?! Are you okay?! You’ve been in the water for almost two hours, haven’t you drowned?”

The knight had already put away his fins and gills for swimming, and turned his head nonchalantly: “What are you talking about, Greenville? How could someone drown in such shallow water! Come here too!”

Greenville did not speak, but remained motionless on the shore.

“Are you…” The knight asked the girl tentatively, “Is it a landlubber?”

“Noisy, so noisy!” Greenville blushed and walked into the water, which was indeed only waist-deep.

“Come on, we still have to hurry.” Arthur turned to look at the huge ancient city in the lake.

At the same time, Athens.

“Okay, the navigator has indeed been received.” Vivian held a palm-sized sphere in both hands.

This small silver metal ball was taken by her from a dark cell on the ceiling of the [Twilight Battleship – Nagirfa] bridge. If she was not very familiar with the structure of this battleship, she would never have known that there was such a dark place. grid.

At least, the leopard people don’t know it at all. They also claim that the battleship belongs to them.

——However, with only one navigator, can you reach the place where the [Destroyer Demon Dragon – Nidhogu Golem] is sealed?

Shouldn’t it be… go away?

Bediver was wondering, Vivian smiled at the werewolf boy: “Let’s go. It will take a lot of time to assemble this part.”

Assembly? Where to put it?

Bedivere was even more puzzled, and had to follow Vivian all the time. Palamidis, who was beside the woman, had a gloomy face and followed silently.

The group disembarked from the Twilight Battleship and walked about a hundred yards.

“Rabbit, open it up,” Vivian cried.

A strange large black hole begins to expand from the ground.

That’s right, there’s something hidden here. Rather than hiding underground, it is better to hide in the warp.

Vivian and Palamidis jumped into the black hole without hesitation, and Bedivere had to follow.

Chaos Hackett, who was beside him, was a little hesitant, but he couldn’t see [Nagyrfa]’s navigator being snatched away, so he jumped in bravely.

After he jumped into the **** hole, he realized that there was something else in the hole.

Hid in this warp is a medium-sized ship about fifty feet long, its silver hull has a wonderful pale blue metallic sheen that stretches across the deck.

In the cabin of the spaceship, Vivian was busy assembling the navigator.

“Wow, when did you build such a great spaceship?” Bedivere watched the ship, his tail wagging involuntarily.

“My research institute was discovered, and I wanted to move it. But I thought that no matter how I moved it, it would always be discovered one day, so I directly created the shape of a spaceship and made it a [mobile research institute].” Vivian was busy in her hands, connecting various lines to the navigator.

“But, how did you hide such a large spaceship underground?” Bedi asked curiously. He has a feeling that this subspace seems to have nothing to do with the performance of the spacecraft, but is the product of some external force.

“Cough cough.” Someone coughed dryly and walked into the cabin.

Bediver looked at the small man, dressed as a traveling merchant, with a slightly worn dark gray robe and a ridiculously large black top hat. Stretching out from the holes reserved on both sides of the top hat, there are long rabbit ears and a scar on the left ear.

He instantly recognized the rabbit man: “Ryder?!”

Ryder suddenly appeared and used some strange magic flute to lure away the hypnotized monster army. It was only the day before yesterday. But there are so many things that have happened in the past few days. It seems that a century has passed, which has also increased the degree of surprise at the place where Brady sees Ryder again.

“Who is Ryder? I don’t know.” Rabbit pulled his black top hat lower, covering most of his face, “I’m just a wandering businessman.”

This kid is still making a fuss…

“Hiding the spaceship in the warp is the ability of the artifact in the hands of this rabbit—[The Lord of Time and Space-Anderhua Lalot]——.” See Lai De was in a daze, and Vivian explained, “The ring can create a warp of unlimited size on a fixed anchor point.”

Of course, this ring is also one of the artifacts her great-great-great-grandfather made.

Bedivere takes a peek at Ryder’s ring. The golden ring is full of strange patterns, and the inlaid dark blue gemstone protrudes upward like a pointer. The polished gemstone is not very sharp, but it seems to be able to scratch things.

Seeing Bedivere watching, Ryder withdrew his hand and hid the ring in the cuff of his robe.

“Okay, the assembly will take a while, you all go to the lounge. Don’t get in the way of my work.” Vivian chased everyone out of the control room.

Palamides seems to be deliberately walking last.

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