Light Spirit Epic Chapter 474: Fighting in Heaven (6)


Chapter 474: Battle in Heaven (6)

At the same time, Avalon Pure Land.

Hundreds of swordfish golems chased Arthur, who swept away with the sword of the holy king while evading, knocking down the golems one by one. The swordfish golem that was hit kept exploding, blasting shock waves one by one in the water, and due to the water pressure, the shocks contracted after a few seconds, just like this, expanding and contracting, expanding and contracting, appearing in the water. Wonderful sight.

Arthur watched the marvelous underwater explosion, but had no time for surprise: the water flow caused by the explosion was very unstable, and the knight was involved. Although his wings can make him swim fast, they can’t resist such a powerful impact, and can only be dragged away by the current.

Arthur’s mind-eye technique sensed hostility behind him, and he hurriedly turned around to deploy the Griffon Shield! The time was just right, and the Griffon Shield blocked the incoming Holy Spirit White Shark, allowing the White Shark to slide past Arthur’s left side!

Blocked? Not also. Arthur only felt a pain in his arm, and the white shark of the Holy Spirit with the blade of the whole body, even the rolling water was as sharp as a blade, just rubbing it from the side could cut Arthur!

The Griffon Shield can only be summoned for an instant, and will disappear in an instant after use. Such a short block is not enough to completely block the attack of the Holy Spirit White Shark! Even if it blocks its body, the water it rolls up can still hurt people!

More swordfish golems circled around Arthur, streaking cold streaks in the gloomy waters. Arthur was afraid of being implicated by the turbulence stirred up by the explosion of the golem, so he had to dodge carefully.

A swordfish slid across Arthur’s right shoulder, leaving only a small flower mark on the knight’s armor. Arthur grabbed the swordfish golem with one hand. Before the golem struggled too much, Arthur broke off the swordfish’s spikes with his hand.

The thing ran away without a weapon. Seeing that this method was feasible, Arthur quickly turned sideways to dodge another swordfish. While the golem slipped under his stomach, Arthur had already grabbed the fish’s tail and broke off the golem’s sword stab with the other hand.

The Holy White Shark attacked again, and Arthur threw the weaponized swordfish golem at the White Shark. The sharp spikes of the white shark hit the golem, instantly destroying the golem and creating an explosion!

Boom! Affected by the explosion, the attack trajectory of the Holy Spirit was deviated, and it swam past Arthur! Arthur saw a flaw in his opponent, and hurriedly threw the spikes of the swordfish he caught at the white shark!

The thorns are so sharp that they are almost unaffected by the current, and pierce one of the white shark’s eyes directly, making it half-blind!

When Arthur saw that the plan had succeeded, he was about to be complacent——the other six eyes were opened on the head of the Holy White Shark.

This guy is not a creature at all, and there is no way to explain the Holy Spirit with the common sense of biology. It is extremely easy to conjure as many eyes as possible. It is a waste of time to try to steal its vision by attacking the eyes!

(Damn!) As Arthur cursed inwardly, the Holy White Shark attacked again. Arthur had no choice but to swim forward, and at the same time saw the opportunity to raise his shield to block.

Touch! successfully blocked. But Arthur felt a pain in his left leg, and his calf was cut several times by high-pressure water. The knight slashed with his sword angrily, and the golden light blade, which stretched more than ten feet, was cut in the air, allowing the shark to escape!

The White Shark swam a few dozen yards and turned to grin at Arthur. Its mouth seems to have regenerated – after all, Arthur just let it out of the socket, after all, did not cause a lot of damage.

(Damn bastard, laughing at you!) Arthur held up the King’s Sword, the golden blade of which was twenty feet long. This time he will definitely not miss again, just wait for the shark to attack the moment to counterattack!

Ow! The Holy White Shark summoned hundreds of swordfish, and the swordfish lined up in a row and flew toward Arthur in a spiral shape, in order to induce Arthur’s direction of movement.

Knowing that the opponent had this attempt, Arthur certainly wouldn’t fall for it. He dodged with the slightest movement, and the swordfish golems brushed past his shoulders, belly, thighs, ears, but couldn’t hit Arthur.

The shark saw the opportunity and rushed over from the end of the swordfish’s attack, as fast as lightning! Just after dodging the swordfish’s attack, Arthur, who turned to the right, immediately raised his sword and swept towards the Holy Spirit Shark!

Whoosh! The huge light blade of the Sword of the Holy King rubbed against the water, making a low sound! Due to the resistance of the water, the speed of the sword is slower than expected. But with such a huge blade, there is no reason to miss it!

Plan! A golden arc flashed.

Missed a hit? ! The Holy Spirit Shark was still outside the attack range of the light blade, and swam towards Arthur at a very high speed. Arthur did not expect this sword to fail, and at the same time he was a little surprised, the shark had already rushed towards Arthur, in front of the knight’s face!

Touch! Arthur raised his shield just in time to block it before he was about to be smashed into meat sauce. The Griffon Shield was not fully unfolded, and he only felt that his whole body was cut and scarred by the current rolled up by the shark!

The Holy White Shark roared away, dozens of yards away from Arthur!

What happened just now? ! Does that guy know how to teleport? ! Why is the distance getting farther for a while, and suddenly getting closer again? !

No, it’s definitely not a complicated technique like teleportation. The white shark also uses teleport while moving at high speed, and it is still teleporting in the water, what is the risk!

Arthur understood immediately as he looked at the dark waters.

The [method] of the Holy Spirit White Shark is to expand the space.

This body of water is indeed a waist-deep small pool. But the [Dharma] of the Holy White Shark, with it as the center point, unfolds a subspace that can interfere with reality.

The extra space emanating from the Holy Spirit expands the waist-deep pool into a vast, far-reaching body of water, trapping Arthur in it!

The strike just now was able to hit the Holy Spirit White Shark, but it created more warp space before being hit, and the expanded space instantly widened the distance between Arthur and the opponent!

One shot down White Shark immediately retracted the expanded space, so the distance between the two narrowed again, this is the secret of White Shark’s sudden approach to Arthur!

As a result, that guy’s ability is indeed similar to teleportation.

It uses the expansion of space to jump from one space to another in an instant. No matter how powerful the opponent’s attack is, it can dodge; no matter how fast the opponent’s reaction is, it can make a surprise attack!

All Arthur’s attacks will be in vain without first cracking this ability! No matter how stretched his golden blade was, it couldn’t be as fast as the rapid expansion of space. His attacks will never reach the Holy White Shark!

Dozens of swordfish attack again, trying to disrupt Arthur in this way. And Arthur knows that at the end of this wave of attacks, the white shark will strike again!

Whoosh! has come! The shark opened the mouth of the blood plate, stirred the eddy current, and was wrapped in a waterspout with a sharp blade, rushing towards Arthur! This blow can be said to be unavoidable, even if you use the Griffon Shield to block, it is estimated that you will be seriously injured by the waterspout that follows! ?

Arthur did not dodge or dodge, and received the attack of several swordfish ahead. But there are a lot of swordfish, and the attacks that cannot follow are firmly stabbed on the knight’s body, and several big holes are pierced in Arthur’s thighs, calves and arms!

The shark sneered and dashed towards Arthur as Arthur was hit by the swordfish’s attack!

Arthur also sneered and dashed towards the Holy Spirit White Shark!

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