Light Spirit Epic Chapter 473: Fighting in Heaven (5)


Chapter 473: Battle in Heaven (V)

After the bombing, the earth wall was shattered, and a lot of smoke was raised.

Hall uses the simplest of momentum magic, using the shock to turn the dirt under the ground into a wall.

However, even the simplest magic, when under control, can have extraordinary effects.

Hall did not just lift up a piece of concrete. He used the excess kinetic energy to shatter the internal structure of the concrete, and deliberately adjusted the density of the earth wall to just enough not to be completely blown up, but also to raise smoke.

As a result, a puff of smoke rolled towards Albert again. Al was about to be on guard, but he felt that there was wind behind his head! Hall has sneaked into Al’s back and attacked? ! How did he do that?

When Al was shocked, he had no choice but to draw a sword backwards, trying to force his opponent away and stop Hall’s attack.

But he slashed his sword and smashed the stone in his cat’s face. At the same time he felt bad, Hall had already passed through the dirt wall, attacked from behind Albert who had turned around, and punched El in the abdomen! !

“Pfft!!——-” At the same time as the tiger-man boy exhaled, he was smashed by the force of the heavy punch and flew out more than 20 yards!

What a heavy fist. When Hall hit Albert with his fist, the pressure of his fist increased suddenly, and it seemed that casting magic on his fist increased the kinetic energy. El received not only a punch, but also a powerful impact from a magic blast!

“Uuuuu…” Al twisted his body on the ground, trying to stand up but couldn’t gather his strength. He broke at least two ribs, and his internal organs were turned upside down by this heavy punch, and they all started to riot!

“[Orbital Acceleration]——This is also the simplest magic. It can increase kinetic energy at any time on objects that the body touches, and of course it can also increase kinetic energy on one’s own body.” Hall He moved his left wrist for a while, and explained disapprovingly, “Of course, if I can’t control the punch and hit the air, my own wrist is in danger of breaking.

Among the knights I teach, those who can perfectly control the timing of this move, and who can still use it in actual combat, can count on ten fingers. “

A stone flew to Hall from a few yards away, and the Celestial Knight reached out and caught it. And this is exactly the stone that hit Al in the face just now.

“And, didn’t I warn you, I’m going to use the [kinetic rope] to hit the east and west? Forget it right away?”

Al was speechless. He was indeed perfectly deceived by this little trick of the stone.

He should have trusted his own judgment more, Hall couldn’t have teleported from behind that dirt wall to somewhere else! Why take your eyes away from the direction of that dirt wall? !

Albert got up while enduring the severe pain in his abdomen: “Continue, continue.”

“Child, the lessons are not enough?” Hall sneered, with a few faint crow’s feet on his middle-aged face.

“You’re not going to kill me, are you?” Albert wiped the blood from his mouth, “Why are you showing mercy to me? If you’re so afraid of my power, why don’t you just kill me, meow. ?”

“This is what we use to distinguish [people] from [beasts]. [Beasts] are driven by instinct, and can do even cruel things; [people] are different, [people] know that some things can be Yes, some can’t.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Albert raised his hands, gathered his strength, and released a huge ball of fluid energy: “In short, it’s good to win you!”

He’s desperate. When he was going to throw this huge energy ball with all his strength and blast it towards Hall——

Hall has already flashed behind the tiger man boy: “You don’t have any big moves, isn’t this full of flaws?!”

The Celestial Knight tapped his palm lightly and sent a hand knife to the back of El’s head.

Albert just felt the world spinning. His brain stem was hit, and the concussion left him numb, unable to even control his movements. The huge energy ball instantly lost control, turning into a vapor-like white light and dissipating in the air. Al also fell forward and knelt on the ground.

“Ugh!” He only felt a wave of nausea hit his heart, and he vomited blood.

“It’s over,” Hall whispered.

“Not yet… can’t… end! I still… can continue… ugh!” The result of Al’s reluctance to speak was to spit out more blood.

He reaches out to gather energy. But the energy ball in his palm only flashed for a moment, and immediately dissipated without a trace.

“You really need to get your power from the sun.” Hall muttered to himself, “Isn’t there a sun or moon for two days, child?”

That’s right, even if El wanted to keep fighting, his energy was exhausted.

“Of course, we’ll lock you in a room that doesn’t see the light of day, and never let you get a chance to shine in the sun again.” Hall sneered, “In this way, your danger is eliminated. “

Hall claimed it was a gamble and brought Albert out to a duel in order to drain El’s powers. Unless this strange power is exhausted, even if Albert is locked in a cell, it will not be considered a peace of mind.

Al knew he had lost, lost He had no choice but to run away. What awaits him will be forever behind bars.

“But… evil!” He used the last of his strength to curse the human being, and fell to the ground.

Hall takes the opportunity to put a collar on Albert. The collars contain remote-controlled bombs and are designed to restrain dangerous prisoners.

After it was done, the Celestial Knight picked up the seriously injured tiger man boy: “Don’t blame me, now the soldiers are fierce and dangerous, even if you are a child, we can’t take this risk. You should take a good rest.”

The Roman general Cernas, who was watching everything from the training room, watched the entire process of Albert’s battle on CCTV.

What a jerky move, what a poor move. What a stupid on-the-spot reaction.

Cernas understood that the tiger man boy was just a novice. The boy had no combat experience at all, and was played around by Hall. There is a powerful artifact on his body, but he cannot effectively use this power.

Cernas was relieved.

This stinky little devil, even if left alone, can’t cause much harm. To clean up this little devil, you can do it anytime!

Now it’s better to sell a favor to Hall first. Rome and Pantoracken are still allies, so there’s no need to fight over an orc kid.

General Cernas whispered to his opponents, ending the plan to assassinate Albert tonight.

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