Light Spirit Epic Chapter 476: Fighting in Heaven (8)


Chapter 476: Battle in Heaven (8)

Bediver had just walked out of the control room when he heard Vivian and Palamidis arguing.

“Why don’t you stop them, but add fuel to the fire? Hackett’s people can’t be trusted! Put Zephyr and Seglad as hostages to Argus Hackett, and he will definitely do it again. hurt them!”

“You’re too sensitive about your sons,” Vivian retorted. “It’s best for them to stay here. At least they’re safe.”

Palamedis still doesn’t believe it: ‘Is there? I don’t think Argus won’t do anything to the kids. The guy’s got some tricks up his sleeve, maybe as soon as we’re gone, he’ll send those two boys to The foxes have gone to the research institute.”

“…You are suspicious.” Vivian said helplessly.

“Maybe. But that’s my sons, not yours, of course you’d say it so lightly.”

Those words hurt Vivian deeply. The woman responded with a moment of silence.

“…Forget it, I don’t care! Anyway, I’m a useless father, I can’t even protect my own children.” Palamidis was also full of complaints, leaving Vivi behind Ann, come out of the control room.

He saw Bedivere in a daze outside the door, with an embarrassed look on his face: “What are you eavesdropping on?”

“You really think too much. Apologize to Vivian.” Bedivere replied.

“Don’t worry about what’s between us.” Palamidis shook his head, pushed Bedivere away, and walked away.

This made Bedivere hold back his anger.

When the werewolf boy came to the door of the lounge, he found that Ryder was talking to a certain voice.

“Is it really okay to keep them?” Ryder’s voice was hesitant.

“This is their own choice and their own destiny.” Another slightly older voice replied. Where have you heard this voice?

Beddie knew that once he walked in, their conversation would definitely stop there. The werewolf boy didn’t like to eavesdrop, but he cared very much about the content of the conversation between Ryder and this stranger-they seemed to be talking about the two brothers Zephyr and Seglade.

“[Fate]? Grandpa, when you said that last time, let me let the elephant die…”

“He didn’t die. He just changed his form and continued to live.” The old man’s voice replied.

“Um…Is reincarnation reborn? I don’t really believe in this kind of thing.” Ryder was still puzzled, “When a person dies, he dies, and it can be reincarnated or something, really—– -“

(Could they be talking about Papho?! How did they know Papho?)

“Most life will indeed dissipate after death and will not continue to exist,” the old man’s voice replied, “but a small number of people who reach the Seat of Karma will get a second chance. The Elephant Man must have arrived, and I saw that his light pulse had transformed into a new life and came to Athens.”

(Papho is reborn? Is this really possible?!)

“…I don’t know. After all, such [rebirth] is not much different from death. The memory of the past is gone, and starting a new life, then all the efforts of the previous life will be in vain. ?”

“Well, good or bad, only God knows. This is his own choice, his destiny, as long as he has no complaints and no regrets.” The old man’s words gradually became esoteric and difficult to understand.

(Pavu seems to have walked peacefully, with a smile on his face… is this also considered no regrets?)

“Is there anyone who would choose to die? I can’t understand that. But forget it, that’s his choice, and it really has nothing to do with me.” Ryder sighed, “—— I don’t even have the freedom to choose my own destiny.”

(Please don’t say that. It’s so… lonely.)

“You will have the freedom to choose. There will always be.” The old man’s voice replied, “Why didn’t the little wolf who eavesdropped outside the door come in? Isn’t it tiring to stand all the time?”

Bediver’s hair stood on end in fright. He hurriedly pushed the door and went in: “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to eavesdrop——“

When Ryder saw Bedivere coming in, he put on his hat and shrank into a corner of the lounge, sipping his carrot juice with his head down.

(Oops. The relationship with Ryder seems more rigid!)

(In order not to be so embarrassed, let’s ignore Ryder at this time.)

The werewolf boy ignored the rabbit for the time being, and instead looked at the old man at the bar on the east side of the room. That man was Ser Arctor, Kay’s father, and Arthur’s adoptive father.

Bediver should have been surprised to meet Ser Arctor here. But his astonishment was exhausted when he met Palamides and others, and he couldn’t react more exaggeratedly when he saw Sir Arctor, so he forced himself to say calmly:

“Isn’t this Sir Arctor? To meet you here——“

“That woman in Morgoth has what I want in her hands, and I’m just walking with you while chasing her.” The old man sipped a glass of whiskey and replied slowly, “By the way, little Brady , would you like to drink with me?

I don’t have anyone in this spaceship to drink with me. It’s really boring. Even such a good whiskey tastes greatly reduced. “

“I’m still underage,” Bedivere said helplessly.

The smell of alcohol irritates Bedivere’s puppy’s nose, making him disgusted. This old man even wanted to bring the child over to drink with him, so he was really confused.

Did those deep and inexplicable words just come from the mouth of this drunken old man? !

Beddyville had a lot of questions he wanted to ask Ser Arctor, but Ryder listened, and it was not convenient for Brady to ask more, so he had to find another opportunity.

At the same time, in the lounge of [Battleship of Twilight – Nagirfa].

“Wow, it’s so unpalatable meow.” Saifer complained, pushing away the bowl of wild vegetable porridge in front of him.

“It’s worse than the food Dad made me. It’s terrible meow.” Seglade also coaxed. He threw the wooden spoon into the bowl of porridge and resolutely stopped eating.

Argus suppressed his anger: “You guys are really spoiled. You should be thankful that you can still have food in these difficult years. You are just hostages, and you still want to eat and drink spicy food?”

He put the bowl of wild vegetable porridge into his mouth as if nothing had happened, and chewed the coarse, tasteless, cloth-like food a few times before swallowing it.

The two leopard teenagers were stunned: being able to make food so unpalatable and swallow it as if nothing had happened is a talent.

Kaos happened to pass by the corridor outside and seemed to be coming back to get some supplies for the baby. Argus hurriedly called out, “Are you really going to take that kid?”

“Yes, what’s wrong?” Kaos asked. He held the black panther baby in one hand, which was not a very comfortable hold, but the baby unexpectedly didn’t cry.

“You are here to Do you know?” Argus said, “That witch can not only control living things, but also control corpses. How are you going to fight against this large army of undead monsters? At least keep the kids——“

“What’s wrong with staying? Big brother, will you take care of him? This boy was born prematurely and is born with disabilities, and he may not get better in the future. —— Useless waste can’t be left in the village, even the rite of passage. I can’t make it through. Do you want to feed him to Warcraft after raising him?”


“I have my plan, big brother, leave it alone.” Kaos replied back.

Argus frowned and emptied the bowl of food a few times: “Okay, you have to take the child to death, do as you like.”

The two leopard teenagers didn’t speak, and they didn’t want to worry about the adults.

“You too, don’t you stop watching your parents go to their deaths?” Argus turned to Zephyr and Seglade.

The two kittens looked at each other, then shook their heads together: “If they fail, the world will be destroyed, and so will we. It’s just a matter of precedence.”

Argus was speechless.

Kaos sneered: “Look, children are more sensible than you. — Then, goodbye, big brother. Wish us good luck.”

Chaos left the lounge and went to Vivian’s spaceship.

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