Light Spirit Epic Chapter 468: Fighting in Heaven (1)


Chapter 468: Battle in Heaven (1)

At the same time, Rome.

Albert has endured in the cell for a long time, and now there is no news from Deanna, and he is a little impatient.

The Gaia knight Kador, who was guarding the side, looked at the tiger man boy who was about to move in the cell, and secretly pressed his hand on the sword around his waist, ready to attack at any time.

In fact, Al really wants to escape from here, and no one can stop him. The cell’s enchantment is specifically designed to prevent creatures from gathering photons—using magic, but the fluid energy in El’s body isn’t photons at all, and his attacks aren’t magic either.

He could simply use fluid energy to blast a large hole in his cell and escape.

But he had an appointment with Hall, and if he wanted to save Deanna, Albert would have to be obedient.

But, how long will it take? Shouldn’t it really be like this indefinitely in prison…

Just when El’s patience was about to reach its limit, the Grand Duke of Hall came.

And bring a bag of lunch.

“You go to rest first, Cador. I have something to talk to this boy.” The Duke of Hall ordered.

“But…” Cador was a little uneasy about leaving Hall alone with the dangerous Khajiit.

Hall smiled, and the middle-aged old man had only a few crow’s feet on his face: “Are you afraid that I will be attacked? Hehe, this kid won’t do this, even if he does, he can’t hurt me in the slightest. .——Relax with confidence.”

“…Yes, Lord Captain.” Knight Cador saluted and left the cell.

Hall approached the cell and shoved the bag of food through the gap between the iron bars of the cell: “Your lunch. Eat it while it’s hot.”

Al obediently walked over and sat in front of the iron fence, groping from the bag with the huge “m” printed on it, and found a piece of warm bread: “This is… Vegetables and meat…bread?”

“It’s [hamburger], a food invented recently by the Germans.” Hall also sat on the ground, “The German soldiers are very smart, in order to finish the vegetables, meat and bread with the fastest speed, Invented this food.

Pickled vegetables and preserved meat can be stored in the military for a long time, and like bread, they can be cut and eaten.

This food takes only five minutes from making to eating, making it easy for the military to fight. Meat and vegetables also ensure the nutrition of soldiers, so they are very popular.

But the taste…it’s more general. “

Al was chewing on the hamburger. The bun was a little hard, the pickled cucumber was a little too sour, the beef was smashed and then kneaded into a patty, and the fried steak tasted like cloth crumbs.

Even so, this hamburger is still hundreds of times better than what the tiger man boy had eaten in the Underdark. He devoured it, finishing the hamburger in seconds.

“Delicious. Human food is really delicious.”

“Really? Hehe. Drink that bottle of Coke, too.” Hall said with a smile.

Al picked up the plastic bottle in the bag, which contained a black liquid.

This… shouldn’t it be poisonous?

Albert opened the bottle suspiciously and drank it.

Gudu, Gudu, Gudu.

It’s a sweet, bubbly drink.

Gudu, Gudu, Gudu.

Humans seem to use ice magic to freeze this drink cold. It feels so refreshing that the drink slides into the throat with bubbles. The more you drink it, the more you want to drink it.

Gudu, Gudu, Gudu.

Albert gulps it down, it is an addictive magical drink, and the tiger man boy can’t stop until he drinks it up.

“Ah!” Al heaved a sigh of relief, “Well, this is really good.”

“As long as you like it, boy. It’s a drink made from the juice of a cola nut in Africa. It was originally used by the natives of West Africa to refresh the mind, and later added sugar and soda by the French. Made into the present drink. It is currently used by Western European armies as a stimulant and analgesic.”

“Um…” Al listened quietly, not responding much.

“So, boy, do you know what I’m trying to say?”

“Um…don’t know?”

“While you Hungarians are starving and freezing, we humans are eating exquisite food, in a warm house, leaning against the stove to keep warm. What do you think of such an unfair world?” Hall the Grand Duke asked tentatively.

“I don’t have a lot of thoughts.” Albert knew that it would be very troublesome for him to answer incorrectly, so he had to answer seriously, “These foods are delicious, but it’s not a big deal. As long as there is something that can I’m satisfied when I’m full. I don’t crave human alms, I just want to survive on my own.”

Hall looked at Albert’s big, ice-blue eyes that were as clear as water, and knew that the tiger-man boy wasn’t lying.

“However, your people are attacking our city, and your army is trampling the realm of human beings. If every Hungarian in this world thought like you, it would have been much more peaceful.” Hall held his chin and said, “Son, tell me, are you our friend or our enemy?”

“I’m a friend of Bedivere.” Al said bluntly, “He really wants world peace. And I don’t care. Whether you want peace or war, I don’t care, and I don’t plan to intervene.”

“Really?” Hall’s gaze fell on the tiger boy’s back: “The pair of wings on your back is a powerful artifact. Are you going to tell me that it’s not used for war?”

“I can’t. I never thought of getting this stuff. I was forced to swallow the [Sun Egg] too. Uh——“

Realizing that he had leaked his words, El immediately fell silent.

“[Egg of the Sun]?” Hall stroked his chin and mused, “The ancients left the Huns with so much heritage. [Fenrir’s Golem], [Skidpura] Turney’s Ark], and now [Sun’s Egg]——

Strange, according to what you said, the Hungarians are obviously slaves of the ancients, genetically modified, and then relegated to the Underdark as the guardians of the World Wall, right?

It’s really strange to have left so much precious ancient civilization heritage to a group of slaves. “

Albert finally couldn’t help but speak: “What are you trying to say?”

“When I was young, I read the relevant books in the Black History Library in Pantolaken. According to the records of the books, the Huns seem not to be so-called slaves, but noble knights, in order to guard the world. He voluntarily transformed his body and migrated to the Underdark to live and thrive.”


“Hehe, it’s just a joke in the book. Maybe it’s just a fake record made up by humans to cover up their ugliness, don’t pay too much attention.

——However, [the ancients transformed slaves into orcs and sent them to the Underdark], who told you in the first place? “

Al frowned and didn’t answer.

“It’s the foxes, right?” Grand Duke Hall asked with a long face.

Albert said nothing. He suffered a lot from the Romani tribe and knew that the fox people were untrustworthy.

As a result, neither humans nor orcs can be trusted. The world is as black as a crow.

“That’s why I said, I choose not to trust anyone, only my friends — only Bedivere.” Albert sighed.

“Very good.” Hall forced a sneer, “Come on, let’s test.”

“Uh, what the hell?”

“Although you seem to be telling the truth, I still can’t fully believe you. The most direct way to truly understand who you are is to speak with your fists.”

“Are you serious meow?” Albert’s face was puzzled, “I attacked you in such a place——“

“I proposed a duel, and the entire duel process will be monitored.” Hall squinted at the tiger man boy Even if I lose, it’s because I’m not as good as others, you don’t have to worry.

Besides, it’s a gamble. If you can beat me, I grant you a wish. As long as it is within my power, I will do it for you. —— Including the release of the leopard high priest.

Sounds like a good proposition. but—?

“If I lose…?”

Hall smiled mischievously: “Then please continue to squat in the cell until the war between humans and the Huns is over, okay?”

“How can you do this, so despicable!”

“If you want to blame it, you have such a powerful power for no reason.” Hall still looked at the pair of white wings on Albert’s back, he seemed to be able to see the flow of great power in El’s body:

“If you could keep your powerless appearance, your life would have been much easier.

The more powerful people are, the more they shoulder great responsibilities. You are destined not to have an easy life again, and you will be treated like dangerous goods wherever you go. This is your destiny. “

Hall’s harsh words silenced Albert completely.

“Come with me.” Hall opened the cage, turned his back to Albert without defense, and led the tiger boy to the duel venue.

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