Light Spirit Epic Chapter 467: Attack on Tiantu (8)


Chapter 467: Attack on Heaven (8)

Two spirits approached Arthur, and the family of three hugged each other for the last [reunion].

“Dad…Mom…” Feeling the warmth from the two spirits, the boy gradually woke up.

“What’s the matter?” Seeing the darkness around him, he thought he was still having a nightmare.

“Arthur—” Iglin whispered in her son’s ear, “Mom and dad are going to a very far away place now, and I’m afraid they’ll never come back. You have to be strong alone, okay? ?”

“What?—No! No! I don’t want you to leave me!” The boy’s meaning was still very hazy. He thought he was still the six-year-old boy in his dream, so he cried out loudly: “

—— Mingming, finally, we are together again!

—— Mingming, finally got happiness!

Why are you leaving me again? Why are you abandoning me again? !

“Arthur, you know we have to go.” Uther also stroked his son’s head and comforted in a low voice, “You have to live your life, and your parents can’t hinder you any longer.”

“Be strong, son.”

“Let us be proud of you.”

“Even if we never see each other again, our souls are still connected.”

“No matter how high you climb, we are watching over you.”

“No matter how far you go, we are with you.”

“You’re not alone.”

The spirits turned into two light spheres, one white and one black, revolving around the boy like satellites. The rays of light drawn by the two light **** in a rotating manner were continuously intertwined and merged, and finally turned into chaos and dissipated beside Arthur.

The two spirit bodies have disappeared, but their voices echo in the air, spreading to every corner of this dark world:

“Even if we are gone, please remember. Mom and Dad will always love you—love you—love you—you—“

The memory of the Holy Spirit flows into Arthur’s mind.

Knight Uther took one of Iglin’s fingers before she was sent to the stake.

Unwilling to lose his beloved, he risked taking a woman’s finger into Avalon’s Pure Land, hoping to make it the Holy Spirit of Yglenn.

The body of the succubus carries powerful thoughts, but after all, it is only a part of the body, and only one evil spirit can be created with incomplete information.

The evil serpent that Iglin transformed into has one and only one strong desire (desire): to see her son again.

It (she) smashed away Uther, fled into the woods, and waited for the opportunity, Arthur’s arrival.

A few years later, Camilo, the capital of Pantoracken, faced the fate of being captured. On the eve of the final battle, Uther D. Pantoracken, the heavenly knight of the Eastern Knights, came to the Avalon Pure Land again. .

He left his spirituality (the Holy Spirit) behind to fight, because he knew very well that he would accompany his life in this fight.

Therefore, the evil spirit serpent roams forever in the apple forest of Avalon, and the white deer of the holy spirit is also chasing the evil spirit serpent forever in the forest. Their humanity should have dissipated, leaving only the survival instinct of the spirit body, and the most primitive [a certain idea].

One is to see his son again.

The other is to stop her when the other party sees her son, so as to protect their son.

They are all waiting for the fateful encounter.

(——Until the end, fate leads us to meet again.)

(——just to tell you that our love for you really existed.)

The little boy was silent, crying in the dark. There was no remorse, only a faint sadness remained in his heart.

After a long time, the darkness receded, and a ray of light fell vertically from the sky, shining on the little boy’s forehead.

The boy opened his eyes slightly and stretched out his hands, trying to catch the light.

The light became more and more dazzling, so dazzling that the knight could hardly open his eyes.

When Arthur’s eyesight was restored, all he saw was a sky. Deep to a dark blue sky.

Greenville hugged the knight tightly, and her trembling voice sounded in the knight’s ear: “Arthur, you finally woke up!… Worry about me!”

“Greenville…” The teenager was still staring at the deep sky, as if something was constantly rising in the sky, “I had a… long, very long dream. One full of happiness, but also full of With sad dreams.”

“Don’t say it. It’s good if you can wake up.” The girl sobbed in the boy’s arms.

“Greenville, I think—” Arthur muttered in a low voice: “I think, I can understand a little bit about what [love] is.”

He couldn’t help holding up Greenville’s face and kissed it.

“Ugh…?” Greenville hesitated for a moment, then shoved Arthur away in a panic: “Stupid, stupid! What are you doing?!”

“I’m sorry, I can’t help it…” Arthur blushed.

He glanced at his arm. The body that had been corroded by the spirits had swirling curse lines as thick as fingers. These glowing spell patterns have now shrunk into extremely thin lines, and the erosion of the flesh has completely subsided.

The spirits of Uther and Iglin seem to have assimilated all other holy spirits and evil spirits in Arthur, turning all the spirits in Arthur into [Chaos], stopping the erosion of the knights by the spirits.

He felt very comfortable and no longer felt pain in his body.

Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble——

The ground shook violently. The huge ancient city at the bottom of the lake began to rise above the water.

The lake becomes waist-deep, and thousands of ancient city buildings unfold before Arthur and Greenville. The windows of the building shone with light, and it suddenly turned into a brightly lit city. A huge barrier envelops the city, trapping Arthur and Greenville in it.

“This is…”

“He’s inside.” Arthur got up and put on his armor, “In order not to let us leave, did he wake up the ancient city and invite us in?”

Intuition tells Arthur that King Oser’s spirituality is on the tower in the center of the ancient city.

“Let’s go,” Arthur put away his weapons, “it’s time for this to end.”

Greenville took the Holy Phoenix back into the diamond and silently followed behind the knight.

However, the knight Arthur has just stepped into the lake,

Pop sand! The strange water splashed, completely engulfing the knight.

“Ah, Arthur?!”

——Greenville watched in amazement as Arthur fell into waist-deep water and disappeared to the bottom of the lake.

The original big lake didn’t disappear, it was just compressed by magic, and the two-hundred-foot-deep lake was compressed into an illusion of waist-deep.

As Arthur stepped into the lake, the space around his body was compressed and sank to the bottom of the lake two hundred feet deep.

This is a veritable water bottom. The sunlight absorbed by the waist-length deep lake was dispersed in this deep and wide water, making it extremely dark and cold, like a deep sea.

Before Arthur had time to struggle, a huge monster was swiftly approaching. It circled the knight in a demonstrative manner, churning the water with chills.

The sixty-foot-long Holy Spirit Great White Shark stared at the knight Arthur with its fierce red eyes, and the red light dragged a long blood-colored light in its rapid movement.

The white shark grinned, and the two rows of sharp teeth in its mouth reflected a cold light.

It is the guardian of the ancient city. Waiting for thousands of years, just to slaughter the next prey in this death trap.

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