Light Spirit Epic Chapter 469: Fighting in Heaven (2)


Chapter 469: Battle in Heaven (2)

At the same time, Athens, in the patriarch’s house.

When Vivien saw the leopards sitting down, she was embarrassed to feel dirty, and sat on the floor of the hall like the others.

As soon as she sat down, she asked straight to the point: “How much do you know about the [Lord of Chaos]?”

The rest of the people present, including the Hackett brothers, as well as the three Palamides, and Bedivere, shook their heads blankly.

Vivian chuckled, which she expected. It seemed that she had to explain it from the beginning.

“[Lord of Chaos] refers to Demian D. Earl of Cornville. Great-great-grandfather of my father, Duke of Cornville. A succubus and a gifted artifact maker.”

“So what?” Argus asked, frowning. He hadn’t heard a clue from the woman’s words.

Seeing Brother Hackett disapprovingly, Vivian set her eyes on the weapon on Brother Hackett’s waist: “The weapons you wear, as well as [Twilight Battleship-Nagirfa], [World Serpent Golem- Yermengard], and most of the other epic artifacts that have passed through your orc clan, were made by my great-great-grandfather. I, Morgos, and my youngest sister, Morgan, are the rightful heirs to these artifacts. “

“What?!” The others jumped almost simultaneously, including Vivian’s husband Palamidis.

Vivian smiled. Her words had achieved their effect. The people present were so shocked that there would be no more impatient guys to interrupt before she finished speaking.

“It’s true. Those are artifacts that great-great-great-grandfather re-engraved by reverse engineering 50,000 years ago, according to the information left by the ancient gods in the age of mythology. A genius like great-great-great-grandfather made artifacts. There is no second home in history.

As to why these artifacts were left in the hands of your orc clans five thousand years ago, I don’t know. “

“Then what are you trying to say——” Kaos Hackett asked impatiently.

“Among the artifacts made by my great-great-great-grandfather, there is one of the strongest and most [unforgivable] monsters. It should have been sealed and never seen the light of day.

Its name is [Destroyer Dragon – Nidhogu Golem]. “

Beddie gasped, “Is it a golem again?”

“Although it’s a golem, it’s made bigger than a battleship. Its size…well, it’s about two Nagelfars side by side.”

“You must be kidding us—-” Argus crossed his arms uncomfortably.

“—And Morgoth is making [Nidhogu]’s idea, right?” Bedivere asked in a low voice.

“Correct.” Vivian smiled sweetly, “She probably saw that there were a large number of orcs deployed in [Battleship of Twilight – Nagilfa], and it was not easy to steal, so she turned to steal [Yemengard’s Golem] ].

Anyway, she was able to reach [Nidhogu] while driving [Yemengard], and the situation was worse than expected. “

Palamides asks, “What would happen if [Nidhogu] fell into Morgoth’s hands?”

Vivian was silent for a moment.

Then, she made an expression of displeasure and disgust, a complex expression that even her husband had never seen before.

“She will play the whole world in her own hands and turn people all over the world into her slaves (dolls).”

Everyone gasped again.

“[Nidhogu]’s power is not in its combat ability. What is truly scary is the [Mental Corruption Generator] equipped in its core.

It is capable of generating enough psychic erosion waves to cover half the solar system. This is very similar to hypnotism, but powerful enough to hypnotize more than 90 percent of the world’s creatures.

——By then, almost everyone in the world will become Morgoth’s puppet, and the remaining people who are not hypnotized will be unable to resist this constant spiritual erosion, and eventually succumb to her under power.

The power of the [Nidhogo Golem] is a cursed power that can distort the will of man and even the laws of the world.

This dangerous item must not be given to Morgoth, and no matter how much sacrifice is made, she must be stopped. “

Morgoth went to great lengths to attack Athens and steal the world’s serpent golem, but it turned out that she had even bigger plans. This woman is playing a big game of chess, and the conspiracy is also earth-shattering.

Bedivere swallowed and asked, “So, where is [Nidhogu] hiding?”

Vivian remained silent—she had no idea.

“I don’t understand.” Kaos’ doubts did not subside at all, “Since you have no clue about this matter, why are you here to seek our help?”

Vivian sighed: “Let me put it plainly. [Nidhogg] is hidden in a warp, and it is impossible to find it without proper guidance.

[Guide] is embedded in [Skidplatney’s Ark], [Twilight Battleship-Nagelfar], [Worg Golem-Fenrir] and [World Serpent Golem-Yeah] [Menggard] In the system of these four artifacts, only these four artifacts can touch the warp where [Nidhogu] is located——“

When Argus suddenly realized, he couldn’t help exclaiming: “You want to borrow [Nagyrfa]?!”

Vivian smiled: “There is no other way. We are already a day behind Mogos, and if we don’t act fast, it will be too late.”

“No way! [Nagelfa] is the treasure of our family, how could it be so easy to lend you!” Argus said angrily.

Vivienne sarcastically said: “[Nagelfa] was originally a relic of my great-great-great-grandfather, originally a treasure belonging to our Conwell family, when did it become your treasure?”

“However, you have no way to prove it!” Argus said with a stern face, “In any case, [Nagelfa] must not be handed over to you!”

“Hmph, I knew things wouldn’t go so smoothly.” Vivian sneered, “Don’t worry, I won’t take away the whole battleship. I just need the navigator in it.”

Kaos hurriedly asked: “What will happen to the ship without the navigator?”

“It won’t matter. [Najirfa]’s system has a powerful terrain recognition system built-in, and there is no need for that additional navigator. The navigator is just an instrument used to find the location of [Nidhogu]. That’s it.”

“Then I’ll give it to you.” Kaos said.

Argus shouted: “What?! Chaos, it’s not your turn to decide this!”

“It’s not your turn, Argus. Deanna isn’t here, and the ship can’t move anyway, so it just keeps floating. What’s the point of taking down a navigator. ——It’s just, If you want to take away the I am also obliged to watch you return to the original owner after you use it up. I will also follow.”

“Yes, whatever you want.” Palamides snorted: “The battle with Morgos is very dangerous, and you will lose your life at any time. If you still want to follow, just follow.”

Kaos nodded: “That’s it. I still have an account with that woman to settle.”

Being used as a tool to play with, and because of this, he personally hurt his sister Deanna, Kaos had no intention of letting Morgos go. Even if you catch up to the ends of the earth, you have to catch this demon girl and kill it!

“You’re kidding me, Kaos! What about your territory and responsibilities? Are you going to give it all up?” Argus asked in surprise.

“Before I came back, I asked my brother to take care of you.” Kaos sneered disapprovingly: “Isn’t that right, before our three brothers had a dispute over the position of the patriarch. All this is no longer Important.

Brother, you can become the patriarch and stay here to rebuild the devastated Athens. I also have things I have to do. “

“You bunch of lunatics…” Argus was speechless, he smothered the dissatisfaction in his heart and whispered: “You can borrow the navigation of [Nagelfa]. but there is one condition: keep the hostages and make sure you really return the navigator.”

He fixed his gaze on the two Leopard boys beside Palamides.

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