Light Spirit Epic Chapter 463: Attack on Tiantu (4)


Chapter 463: Attack on Heaven (4)

“Wow ah ah ah ah ah!!!” the little boy screamed and jumped up from the bed.

His vision returned a few seconds later, only to find himself still in the cabin, late at night.

“Arthur…?” The woman rubbed her eyes, “What’s the matter, are you having a nightmare?”

“Mom! Mom!!” The little boy fell into his mother’s arms and kept crying. Only then did he realize that he had had a nightmare. The nightmare was so real, he almost thought his mother was going to leave him like this, and he was about to be killed.

“Don’t cry, be good, be good… You have to learn to be strong.” Iglin hugged her son tightly, soothing Arthur’s emotions.


“Yes, be strong.” The woman said, “No matter what, don’t give up the hope of living, don’t give up until the end, this is strength.”


The woman whispered a lullaby.

“Ah—the leader of Chenhui,

Why do you soar on the wind, soar on the wind?

It is to awaken the endless hope in this world.

The light shines on the earth, the light of God whispers,

If there is loving-kindness, there will be moments of seeing the light!


The little boy calmed down as he listened to his mother’s sleep music. He felt that the atmosphere around him was a little strange. He carefully observed the scenery outside the window, only to realize that the cabin he was in was very different from what he remembered: this house was not on the original prairie, and it was surrounded by dilapidated houses.

The cabin is in a slum, surrounded by various houses made of tin and rotten wood. The cabin was also different from the original: the furniture was meager, and everywhere was old and dirty.

Why would they suddenly live in such a place?

No. Not suddenly. They have always lived here. The knight Uther arranged for the two mothers and sons of Iglin to live in this slum cabin, so as to hide from the public, because the heavenly knight Gunther was chasing them.

Chase? When did it happen? The little boy was at a loss. He shook his head and explained to himself that he had fallen asleep.

Touch! The door of the rotten wooden house was knocked open. The one who rushed in was the dark iron knight Uther.

“Iglin, take Arthur and run away!” Uther said, “The Romans are attacking! Camilo is about to be captured!”

“What?! Gunther is not——“

“That kid is useless at all, he not only suffered a defeat, but also took the initiative to defect to Rome! He sold all the armaments of Pantoracken, and the Romans attacked so easily!  … It will become like this, and I will never give up the position of the Heavenly Knight to anyone in the first place!”

Knight Uther sacrificed the chance to become a Celestial Knight in order to have a family with his wife and children. In exchange, it was the fall of the imperial capital Camelot.

Before he could regret it, a flaming rocket had pierced his head and Uther fell to the ground.

“Uther!!!” Iglin rushed over desperately trying to rescue her husband, but more arrows shot from the door, leaving blood on the woman’s chest.

“Ugh!” The woman who fell to the ground looked at her beloved son with a dying breath: “…Arthur…Run….Don’t… Give up hope!”

The little boy moved his trembling legs and struggled to his feet, trying to escape.

But the next second, the arrow had already shot through his head. **Blood poured out, and he was killed on the spot.

“Wow ah ah ah ah ah!” The little boy woke up.

“Shh!” The woman pressed her hand tightly on the little boy’s mouth and whispered, “Be quiet, don’t let the Romans find out!”

It turned out to be a nightmare just now.

The little boy came back to his senses and found that his family of three was hiding in a cave. There was no fire, and my father was afraid that the fire would attract the Romans. The father was shot in the back by an arrow, and his injuries were very serious. If the Romans and the Romans discovered this small cave, their family of three would surely die without a place to be buried.

No, death is the best thing to do. The Roman army has captured the entire Pantoracken, they have lost their country, and the army is currently searching for civilians everywhere, trying to capture all the Pantoracken civilians as slaves to sell.

Without hope, they can only live in hiding among the mountains and fields. But the mother told the little boy that they were still happy, and at least the family of three was still alive.

The cave was very cold on winter nights, and they couldn’t light a campfire for warmth, so the father and mother had to hug the little boy tightly to prevent him from catching a cold.

“It’s alright, Arthur. We’ll get through it.” The woman whispered in the little boy’s ear, “Although the Knights of the Eastern Heaven are completely destroyed, the other three Knights are very strong, and they will definitely Arrived just in time to drive out the Roman army. They must…will…Uther…are you awake?”

The knight did not answer. He was seriously injured and fell asleep forever, and his body gradually became cold, stiff from the cold winter night.

“Mom…Mom…It’s so cold…” the little boy shivered, “and…so sleepy…”

“Arthur, hold on… hold on… hold on…” The heat in the woman gradually disappeared, and she fell asleep forever.

“Dad…Mom…” The little boy’s trembling slowly stopped. He was cold and sleepy, and the warmth from his parents could no longer be felt. Even though he was hugged by two icy corpses, he was still reluctant to let go of his parents’ hands. In this way, even his own body temperature disappeared bit by bit without a trace.

On a cold winter night, in the frozen cave, only three frozen corpses were left…

“Wow ah ah ah ah!” The little boy woke up from the nightmare,

“What a noise!” As soon as he screamed, the whip fell.


“Ouch!” The whip didn’t hit the little boy, but his mother, Iglin, blocked him.

“Um…sorry, he’s just having a nightmare. I’ll make him obedient,” the woman said.

“Humph!” The slave trader outside the cage threw his whip again in dissatisfaction, and the whip drew another bloodstain on the woman’s ragged body.

The little boy looks at his surroundings. It had been some time since he and his mother had been caught in this large ship for transporting slaves. There were hundreds of iron cages on the deck of the ship, and thousands of slaves from Pantolaken were escorted to Rome for sale.

The iron cage is dirty and sloppy, and the slightly damp haystack smells of urine and urine. This is not an environment for people to live in at…” Because of the wound infection The terminally ill Iglin was already pale, and she had been surviving for days, and it seemed that the ship would take more than a week to reach Rome.

“Mom may not be able to…but you…you must…live!” After she finished speaking, she died.

The little boy crouched in his mother’s arms and cried quietly. A child like him, even if he arrives in Rome, must have a very tragic fate and will never live more than three weeks…

(Not as good, just…)

He looked at the sharp nails exposed on the edge of the cage.

He shook his head, dismissing the idea of ​​suicide. His mother’s dying wish kept him alive, how could he go against his mother’s orders?

Just when his heart was stagnant and he planned to live like a walking dead…

The storm hits the transport ship. A tornado with a speed of several hundred kilometers per hour swept the entire ship into the air, tearing all the people and cargo on board to pieces.

The body was pierced by the sharp metal fragments of the iron cage, and was swept into the seabed by the fierce vortex. The little boy finally crashed into the reef on the seabed, and his blood was blurred. After the storm passed, he sank on the verge of death and sank to the bottom of the sea, quietly watching the countless fish swimming in this dark ocean, biting at his flesh and blood.

He closed his eyes forever.

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