Light Spirit Epic Chapter 464: Attack on Tiantu (5)


Chapter 464: Attack on Heaven (V)

“Wow ah ah ah ah ah!” The little boy woke up again.

The nightmare of the wrecked slave ship he had just had was still vivid in his mind, and he was sweating with fright.


Nobody. It was pitch black all around. He appeared to be lying on a haystack, his naked body hurting a little from the hay.

That’s right. This should be a large house in Rome, the home of a noble, and the cellar used to imprison slaves. The cellar was dark and damp, with a musty smell. The little boy was naked and bitten by the mosquitoes in the dungeon.

In the dark cellar, someone’s footsteps could be heard. The man came to the little boy with a torch.

“Hey, Arthur, we meet again.” The faint firelight reflected on his brother Gunther’s face.

The little boy looked at his brother in horror: “Why…are you here…”

The answer is simple. Pantolaken lost his country because of Gunther’s betrayal. This man betrayed his country in order to gain honor in exchange for aristocratic status in Rome. Gunther, who became a noble, bought Arthur, who had just arrived in Rome, in the slave market and sent him to this dungeon.

To humiliate the little boy, as Gunther has done to his brother since he was a child.

His dagger swam across the boy’s thigh, and soon cut off a piece of the boy’s leg.

“You still can’t kill like that? Great.” Gangse sneered sinisterly, “We can have a good time again. You are the slave I bought for a hundred gold coins, hold on tight, Don’t let me play to death so soon?”

“No!! No…!” In the darkness of the dungeon, the little boy cried in despair, watching the old brother stab the dagger into his stomach.

“Wow ah ah ah ah ah!” the little boy exclaimed, waking up from a nightmare.

He was in a deep pit, his hands and feet were tied and he could not move.

That’s right, Gunther failed to trick the little boy to death. Instead, the little boy took the opportunity to seize his master’s dagger, stabbing Gunther to death with one blow.

But he was a slave after all. Attacking the master is bound to be severely punished.

The Romans punished anti-slaves by gagging their mouths and throwing their strapped slaves into a pit full of poisonous scorpions, where they were stung to death by scorpions.

The slave was stunned by poisonous insects and died in pain, but his mouth was gagged, so he couldn’t even scream; his hands and feet were tied, so he couldn’t even struggle;

In this way, the tortured slave had to roll on the ground in pain. The more he rolled, the more scorpions got entangled and stung, until the poison accumulated to the point of death, and all his internal organs bleed and collapsed together. Ending his life in severe pain inside and out.

Surrounded by the army of scorpions, the little boy closed his eyes in pain.

Waking up this time, he can no longer remember what happened.

He seemed to have had a nightmare of being stung by a scorpion and woke up screaming?

No, has he called?

He finds himself in absolute darkness.

The feeling of the body is gone, the body seems to be stripped away, leaving only the soul floating in the void.

He remembers that he was a slave, executed for betraying his master, but was secretly bought by a magician before his execution.

A little boy like him is the best material for a magician’s experimental research. Magicians want to spy on the secrets of human souls, and they use all means to search for strong-willed humans for research.

On the first night the little boy fell into the hands of the magician, the magician took the little boy and made it a living specimen for experiments.

Yes, he can’t see because he has no eyes.

He couldn’t feel it because he had no body.

His head: The two hemispheres of the brain, the cerebellum and the brain stem, were taken out as a whole, immersed in a culture medium, and “alive” in this form.

The only thing the head, soaked in the light green culture fluid, could feel was the sharp needles that the magician stabbed into it.

Those are experimental equipment, and it is also a means of supplying electricity to this head and maintaining its life activities.

Electric currents flowed into the boy’s head, causing a slight but constant throbbing…

He is powerless and has nowhere to escape, he can only live like this forever.

Eternally, tormented by this throbbing, cursed his unfortunate life.




Who will save me! ! ! !

Who’s coming…kill me! ! ! ! ! !

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ah


He clutched his painfully split head. He didn’t want to see, listen, or experience anything.

The stimuli of the outside world have plunged him into eternal madness, and he dares not imagine it any longer!

“Don’t! Don’t! Make it stop! Make it stop!!” he cried.

“I don’t want to dream anymore! I’m tired of dreaming, I’m tired! Please, let it stop!”

After a convulsion, Arthur lost consciousness and fell into the endless darkness.

In the same darkness, two opposing figures gradually appeared.

One of them is a woman named Yglenn.

Her dark eyes were full of anger and murderous intent, and she could not wait to tear the girl in front of her into pieces. The evil spirit serpent behind her was about to move, ready to pounce at any time.

The other figure is Greenville. There was only indifference in her green eyes.

The girl was like a doll, standing upright without emotion, her icy eyes glaring at Iglin. The Holy Spirit White Phoenix behind her is also ready to attack at any time, intending to devour the evil spirit giant snake in front of her.

After such a confrontation for a while, Iglin finally spoke: “Who are you? Why did you come to ruin my good things?! Why do you come in so many times to disturb our happy life!”

Greenville smiled disdainfully: “If your so-called [happiness] is to make Arthur dream endlessly, then your happiness is really That’s not a dream! Those are all It’s our projection in countless parallel worlds! They all exist, we just need to find a place to settle in them——“

“What will happen to Arthur in this world if Arthur’s spirit [immigrates] to another world?”

In the face of Greenville’s questioning, Iglin remained silent.

“Arthur in this world will die, right?” Greenville threw out the answer she had guessed.

“You’re so selfish, Iglyn. You’re only thinking about taking Arthur away into your dreams, but not thinking about what this [world without Arthur] will be like.” Greenway The son continued to chase after him, “Do you think he will be happy if you take him to another world? Do you think that if you let him live in a dream, he will be happy?

Wrong! Only truth can save him!

——Only the truth can liberate him!

Iglin whispered, “The truth will only make him miserable. If you hadn’t come to disrupt the situation, he could have lived in his dreams without any pain. Our family of three could have lived happily ever after!”

“Your happiness is based on the sacrifice of others! If I were Arthur, I would never agree with you to do this!” Greenville shouted.

“He doesn’t need consent! He just needs to live happily ever after!” Iglin retorted.

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