Light Spirit Epic Chapter 462: Attack on Tiantu (3)


Chapter 462: Attack on Heaven (3)

At the same time (?), on a grassland in Pantoracken.

“Dad won’t come today.” The little boy looked out the window in disappointment.

“Uther also has his job, so it’s impossible to come to accompany us every day.” Iglin stroked her son’s head with a smile, “Okay, continue to read your book, Arthur.”

“But… Studying is so boring…” The six-year-old boy put down the Calculus book in his hand, making a fuss, “If Dad doesn’t come to accompany Arthur, Ya Se won’t learn. Anyway, it’s just memorizing a bunch of formulas, and I’m bored to death.”

His mother put down her needlework and began to teach her son: “Don’t be boring. Don’t you want to be an excellent scholar? Even elementary school students can’t understand calculus. How can I be a student when I grow up? Excellent scholar?”

“Arthur never said that he wanted to be a scholar. Arthur wanted to be a knight like his father.” The little boy protested, “As long as knights fight better, what’s the use of knowing all this messy knowledge?”

“No.” Although the woman was a little angry at her son’s speech, she still gently stroked his son’s head and persuaded: “Mom doesn’t want Arthur to join the Knights. Arthur wants to be a scholar, no It can be so violent. Violence doesn’t solve problems, it doesn’t make the world a better place.

The only thing that can make the world a better place is [knowledge]…and a tender heart. “


“Yes, gentle heart.” Iglin stroked her son with pity, “Arthur doesn’t need to be a great knight, just be a gentle person and live this life in peace, and my mother will Very comforting.”

“Mom…” vaguely understood the hidden meaning of Iglin’s words, the little boy snuggled up in his mother’s arms, closed his eyes, and felt his mother’s warmth.

At this moment, someone knocked on the door in a rude manner, making a loud “knock, knock” sound.

“Mom, mom?” The little boy was startled by the knock on the door. There are usually no visitors to this cabin, and almost no one knows about this place except the knight Uther.

The sudden visitor fills Yglyn with an ominous foreboding.

Just in case, she pushed her son down and whispered, “Arthur, hide under the bed. Listen, no matter what happens, don’t make a sound, okay?”

“…Okay, Arthur will keep quiet and won’t say a word.”

“Good boy.” The woman opened a cover under the cabin bed. It used to be a small space left by the knight Uther to store the sundries when he built the house (because the cabin has no cellar), but now it has become a hiding place for the little boy.

After the woman had her son hide, she put down the sheets, covered the hiding place, and went to open the door.

The little boy hid in the darkness and waited quietly. There were bursts of noise from outside the door, and he wondered what was going on. When he was full of unease, a woman’s screams had caught his nerves.

“Mom…” He slightly lifted the cover of the hiding place and looked out through the crack.

Blood flowed all over the place. His mother was lying on the ground not moving.

Iglyn is dead.


This six-year-old boy doesn’t know what death is, but he has a vague idea of ​​it from books. When a person dies, he falls asleep forever and never wakes up again.

His mother would never wake up again, would never make a little boy’s favorite muffin for him again, would never caress his head again, teach him to read and write, would never accompany him again with him and his father on a picnic, a tour of the mountains and waters.

He was horrified. He was at a loss as to how these [future possibilities] kept dying. But what he cared about the most was… Mommy wouldn’t love him anymore.

While the little boy was hiding in the dark and shivering, several men dressed as knights broke into the cabin. Arthur couldn’t see their faces, he could only see their iron boots through the gap under the bed.

“There should be another kid, where did he go?” said a knight.

“Find it for me. Be sure to find the rascal,” another knight ordered. You can tell from his voice that this man is younger than the other knights, maybe just a teenager; but from his proud tone, he can tell that he is above the other knights.

“…No…I can’t find it anywhere. Did he go outside to play?”

“Fast, Aeros, go to the forest to find them. Once you find them, kill them.” The young knight who gave the order said. His icy tone is reminiscent of January’s Frost.

The little boy shivered in the dark, but tried his best to restrain himself from making a sound.

“…Really? He is your brother after all…”

“He’s not my younger brother. He’s just a son of a **** born from his father and that bitch. It’s not a pity to die.” The young knight replied in a vicious tone. His tone was reminiscent of a viper in a swamp.

The little boy squeezed into a ball, his pants were soaked through, but he didn’t dare to move, for fear that the slight noise would reveal his location.

“Okay. Let’s meet here in an hour, Lord Gunther.” The knights left the room.

After the other knights left, the young knight who stayed in the wooden house suddenly sneered.

“You don’t have to hide, boy. I can smell the stench on your body from miles away.”

Touch. The wooden bed was overturned.

Squeak. The cover of the secret room was lifted.

Light penetrated into the small secret room from the outside, shining on the little boy’s face. But it was the light that heralded his death. The little boy looked in horror at the thin-faced young knight, the [brother] who kept bullying the little boy when he was younger.

“Long time no see, Arthur. How dare you hide in a place like this?” A cruel smile crossed Gunther’s face.

“Gang, Brother Gangse…”

“Shut up!” The young man grabbed his brother’s hair with one hand and hung him in the air as if he was holding a toy: “How many times have I said that, don’t call me brother again!”

The little boy looked at the knight in horror and remained silent.

He glanced at the woman who fell to the The woman was bloodless and her breathing stopped. She is dead.

“It’s all because of you two mother and son that my father didn’t want to work, he was on shift all day, and he was constantly demoted.” Gunse glared at his younger brother fiercely, “But don’t worry. From today, I will be promoted to heaven. I have become a knight. I, the heavenly knight Gunther, will carry forward the glory of the Pantoracken family and make up for the shame of my father. And you, as the family’s fault, die here!”

The little boy only felt a pounding in his stomach. The cold knife had pierced into his stomach, and warm blood spurted out from the bloodletting mouth of the knife.


“No reason. Your birth was a mistake, your existence is full of filth, and **** is your best place to live.”

The little boy’s consciousness gradually blurred. He turned his head to look, wanting to see his mother again before he died.

“What do you say [Gentle Heart], she is really an idiot.” Gangse snorted disdainfully, “Gentleness is useful. Can Gentleness stop me from killing you? Can it make the knives you endured disappear? Can you bring you back from the dead? Ha…”

The little boy burst into tears of despair. In the next second, Gangser’s knife had already been turned upside down, messing up the little boy’s internal organs, then cut through the little boy’s trachea, cut his throat, and killed him on the spot.

Arthur died just like that.

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