Light Spirit Epic Chapter 461: Attack on Tiantu (2)


Chapter 461: Attack on Heaven (2)

At the same time, the Underdark, Athens.

The Twilight battleship Nagilfa remains anchored about three kilometers east of the city of Athens. The leopards were busy looking for survivors in the city.

“Okay, gently…” Bedivere directed another Pantherman to remove the rubble. A leopard boy was crushed under the collapsed giant wooden house.

The leopard boy was a little scared at first when he saw Bedivere, but the leopard boy’s leg was crushed by the heavy wooden pillar. Just as he was so scared that he wanted to struggle, he shivered in pain, and he didn’t even dare to struggle.

“Don’t be afraid, child.” The werewolf boy crawled into the rubble, “I’ll save you now.”

He saw the crushed left leg of the boy, so he took materials on the spot, made a splint with wooden boards and cloth strips to fix the broken leg of the leopard boy, and then carefully dragged the survivors out of the house.

“Mom… Mom is still inside…” the leopard boy whispered.

Beddie glanced at the situation deep in the rubble. There was a crushed, **** hand there. “…sorry…your mom has…”

The teenager had collapsed in Bedivere’s arms.

As a result of last night’s attack, about 10,000 people took refuge in the city of Athens, which had a population of 130,000. There were 20,000 dead and wounded* and about 100,000 missing.

(*Note: The bodies burned by the incendiary bombs cannot be confirmed dead, and most of the 20,000 people are “wounded”.)

The succubus Morgoth’s attack left the Panthers dead and wounded. That demon girl caused such heavy casualties just to **** a golem. Her behavior was outrageous.

Bedivere suppressed the anger in his heart, and while helping the wounded, he thought about his next actions.

Half an hour later, in the first aid station made of cloth and wood, Bedi was still busy comforting the leopard boy. .

“…Come out with me.” Chaos gestured to the werewolf boy when he saw Bedi there.

“What’s the matter?” Bedi and Kaos came to the first aid station and asked quickly.

Kaos didn’t hesitate and asked straight to the point: “Don’t you think it’s strange? Most of the rescued children are children.”

“Hmm…” Bedi glanced at the first aid station. Indeed, among the dozens of wounded, all were teenagers and girls, and there were almost no adults.

“The sorceress Morgos probably chose adults to kill, and wanted to get a strong orc corpse to strengthen her undead army.” Kaosto analyzed with his chin, “I’m afraid it wasn’t what we burned yesterday. The main force of the undead army. The real main force has been taken away by the woman.”

Bedivere was surprised: “What does she want such a large army for?!”

Necromancers are different from ordinary soldiers. Although possessed of immortality, they require the succubus’ inherent photons to power them. The intrinsic photons will continue to be consumed while driving the undead.

To put it bluntly, [the fuel will run out one day].

And, those are corpses. Will rot and deteriorate over time. Even if Morgoth were able to drive the boneless undead with intrinsic photons, the combat effectiveness of those bone undead would continue to diminish.

The Necromancer is [Intolerant of Preservation]. Once the storage period is over, these corpses will be unusable due to excessive decay. Even if they are used reluctantly, their combat capabilities will be greatly reduced.

Morgoth attacked Athens and created an army of tens of thousands of undead. There must be some big conspiracy.

She’s going to make a bigger move in the short term. For example, go to war against a certain faction!

Thinking of this, Bedivere’s face turned pale instantly.

“Tell me, who is Morgoth, what does she want to get, and what is she planning?” Kaos asked.

Bedivere couldn’t answer. He had limited knowledge of Morgoth’s background, and only heard that Morgoth was Arthur’s half-sister.

“About that question,” a voice came from behind Bedivere. A familiar female voice.

“Let me answer you.” The werewolf boy turned his head in surprise and saw a black panther woman. She has dark eyes and long flowing black hair. The black armor on her body is the standard dress of magicians. Although there are only a few pieces of armor, it is light and convenient and will not hinder magicians. cast spells.

Panther? … Panther Magician! ?

But this voice, this smell, she is obviously ——

“Don’t go so fast, wait for us!” Another black-haired Leopard warrior followed the woman.

He also has sheer glossy black leopard fur all over his body, which matches the lady’s appearance very well. He is Palamidis. Bedivere had already seen Palamy whose hair had turned black, and he was not particularly surprised. The two also led two blue-haired leopard boys: Saifel and Seglade.

“Palramidis?! Then…you really are Vivian?! But, you—”

Before Bedivere could finish speaking, Ms. Black Panther covered his mouth with one hand: “Shh…don’t say anything, I’ll explain the next thing,” Vivian said.

She appears to have used the succubus’ shape-shifting abilities to transform into a panther, and Bedivere finally understands. Since Morgoth could transform into a Leopard, her sister Vivian should be able to do the same.

Bedivere once heard Arthur say that the succubus is the incarnation of [Chaos] and has no specific form. But he didn’t expect that Vivian, who was originally a stunning beauty, could abandon her human form and become an orc. He didn’t even think that Palamides would suddenly appear in Athens with a family.

Was this Vivian’s idea? Bringing the family to Athens at such great risk must be a big deal.

——While Bedi was in a daze, Chaos looked at this Palamidis and this strange woman with hostility.

Palamidis is still a traitor of the Gric (Leopard People), and he suddenly appeared at this time. It is difficult to imagine that this disaster has nothing to do with Palamy.

He really wanted to capture the traitor first for questioning. But Kaos suppressed the impulse: there was a lady in front of him, and he didn’t want the lady to see his savage side.

“Very good. Please explain.” Kaos was on guard, questioning his hand while pressing the weapon on his waist: “Does this disaster have anything to do with you, this… Vivian Madam?”

As if protecting her own child, Vivienne, who had transformed into a leopard, pulled Bedivere over: “There are a lot of people here. Let’s find a place where we can talk quietly.”

“Very well… The patriarch’s house has not been destroyed, let’s chat there.” Chaos glanced at Palamides.

“Call your brother too.” Palamidis added, “I know there are many misunderstandings between us. But this time I am here to sincerely help you through the crisis, let us sit Come down and have a good talk.”

Chaos was still full of doubts, he kept silent, and led the group to the direction of the patriarch’s house.

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