Light Spirit Epic Chapter 458: Lost in the Bloody Night (2)


Chapter 458: Lost in the Bloody Night (2)

“Damn! That sorceress——” Chaos got angry, and the wound in his abdomen immediately spurted blood. The baby in his arms cried louder.

Albert ignored Kaos and rushed over to check Deanna’s injury.

Chaos’ blow just now should have pierced Diana’s heart, killing the high priest. But he hesitated a little when he shot, the angle of the dagger’s piercing was slightly deviated, and the sharp dagger only brushed past Deanna’s heart.

“El… Brother El…” Deanna murmured in a low voice, “You have to… stop, stop her…”

“Leave that alone.” Albert hugged the Snow Leopard girl, carefully pulled out the dagger, and picked up Deanna’s healing staff to heal her.

No effect. Only Deanna knew how to use that staff. The snow leopard girl’s chest was constantly gushing blood, her face was pale and she was dying.

“Al, if it goes on like this—” Bedivere looked worriedly at Deanna, who was covered in bright red.

“I…what am I supposed to do, Betty?” Albert was so upset that he burst into tears.

With such a serious injury, the Leopard people’s medical technology will never save Diana. I am afraid that the entire Underdark will not be able to save her.

The only possibility that Bedivere thought of was——

“No! Absolutely not!” Albert shook his head stubbornly. He didn’t have to guess what Beedy was thinking: “I will never rely on human strength!”

“This is the only way to save her, Al.” Bedivere said bluntly, “You better hurry up. If you don’t send her to Rome right away, she’ll lose too much blood and die.”

“No, no!” Albert still stubbornly said, “If I have to rely on human beings, I would rather——“

“If you don’t take her, I’ll do it,” Argus whispered. “You don’t need to worry about my sister, [Sottnes].”

Albert frowned: “How far can you run this three-legged cat? I handed her over to you, and she died before it was sent to Rome.”

“I’ll go.” Kaos tore off his clothes and bandaged the wound on his abdomen.

“Shut up! It’s because of you guy that things are like this!” Albert scolded.

Chaos was stung by the words of the tiger man boy, and was immediately speechless. The baby in his arms was crying non-stop, making everyone more irritable.

“Let me go,” Bedivere said. “Give her to me. I’ll run as fast as I can, hoping I can make it in time.”

Bedivere doesn’t really have a clue. He has fought so many times today, and whether the remaining energy can support him in using the beastly transformation is a big question; whether he can run at a high speed and send the seriously injured Deanna to Rome is another bigger question.

Albert ignored the three guys. He took off his shirt and quickly bandaged the Snow Leopard girl, hugging Deanna and sighing.

“…I’ll go. I’ll go,” he whispered.

“But, with your speed…”

“I’ll think of a way.” Albert said stubbornly.

Bedivere sighed and took out a small metal sign: “Give this to General Lancelot in Rome and say you are a friend of Bedivere. He should have had a relationship with you. I hope he will help you.”

Al took the sign, picked up the dying Deanna and walked out of the bridge: “I’ll be right back.”

Beddie is still wondering how Al should get to Rome, and Albert has stretched out his wings in the dark.

Those wings are obviously unable to fly?

The dark clouds dissipated and the moon appeared. An extremely thin, but extremely bright beam of light shot down from the moon and hit Albert. [Egg of the Sun] collects the energy of the sun through the moon at night, and shoots it down on Albert in a cluster, providing energy for the tiger man boy.

His wings begin to shimmer, creating buoyancy.

Buoyancy alone is not enough to fly in the air, at most it is just levitating.

Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble——

The low roar of air continued. Bedivere watched carefully, trying to figure out what was going on.

On the tip of the tiger-man boy’s white wings, a strong high-frequency vibration is produced.

Similar to the feathers of birds, the hair tubes of each feather on El’s wings are hollow. Pure energy is rapidly ejected from these hollow capillaries, forming countless white flames on the original white wings, making the area of ​​the wings appear to be doubled.

These white, translucent fireworks continuously intensify, creating propulsion that propels Albert higher into the air.

That’s right, El’s wings don’t fly by flapping at all.

It has a simpler (and violent) method of use: it relies on a jet of fluid-like pure energy to accelerate. This is hundreds of levels stronger than those ordinary wings that flap the air to fly. The [Egg of the Sun] that Albert swallowed is indeed the crystallization of the wisdom of the ancients!

Just as Bedivere wanted to understand the principle of those wings, Al had already adjusted his posture. He hugged Diana tightly, and immediately accelerated, flying towards the west.

Whoosh! ! ——

The white wings of the tiger man boy drew a white light that stretched for hundreds of miles in the night sky, like a shooting star flying in the darkness.

At the same time, Avalon Pure Land.

Greenville couldn’t help but feel a little frustrated. This is her 132nd failure.

She tried to use the power of the Holy Phoenix to dive deep into Arthur’s dream and awaken Arthur, who was addicted to the dream created by chaos. But all her attempts failed.

There is some unknown power that “guards” Arthur in the dream and drives Greenville out of the dream. That seems to be someone…a woman’s consciousness.

But that doesn’t make sense. The spirituality of King Oser also said that the spirituality of those ancient knights of the round table has completely disappeared and turned into a complete holy spirit (or evil spirit). It is impossible for them to still retain their humanity, just a bunch of photon thoughts.

These holy spirits and evil spirits who got into Arthur’s body should not have their own consciousness.

However, obviously, in addition to Arthur himself, there is a second… or even a third consciousness in Arthur’s body, which must be a good thing done by the Holy Spirit and evil spirits.

Just as the girl was contemplating, the white phoenix let out a neigh and landed beside Greenville.

“Well, what’s wrong?” Greenville asked.

Phoenix turned to look at the center of the huge lake. The girl also followed the gaze of the Holy Spirit Phoenix.

The huge, lifeless city at the bottom of the lake was suddenly full of life. Every building in it glowed with stars and seemed to be inhabited.

So brilliant, it’s like…inviting others to enter this underwater ancient city. Greenville took a deep breath and blinked. When she opened her eyes again, the ancient city had returned to its original dead silence, and all the lights had disappeared without a trace.

Just now… is it a hallucination?

The girl rubbed her eyes, refreshed herself, and turned to look at Arthur.

Now is not the time to care about that ancient city. The first task is to save Arthur from the dream world.

Greenville placed her hand on the knight’s forehead, and the Holy Phoenix turned into a white bird and crouched on and began to emit a soft white light.

This is how Greenville interferes with Arthur’s dream: she casts hypnosis magic on Arthur, mixing her own will into the photon’s information, hoping to awaken Arthur’s consciousness through psychological suggestion and bring him back to reality.

However, many failures made her understand clearly that ordinary methods cannot succeed. The more she uses hypnosis to awaken Arthur, the more powerfully the consciousness of the Holy Spirit (or evil spirit) within Arthur will hypnotize Arthur.

This is Greenville’s hypnotizing showdown with that spirit. And that spirit body is deep in Arthur’s body, it (she) has an absolute advantage.

If you don’t do something extra, you will never be able to defeat that spirit body.

Greenville thought so, she picked up the knife.

A small wound is cut in Arthur’s neck.

“Go, Holy Phoenix.” Greenville ordered.

Her Holy Spirit squeaked, turned into a white light, and penetrated into the knight’s body from the wound on Arthur’s neck.

In this way, the conditions are equal.

Allowing one’s own Spirit to penetrate the chaos-filled Arthur’s body carries great risks. Her Holy Spirit may have been swallowed up by Chaos and turned to nothing. And those who lose the Holy Spirit (spiritual) will die within half a month.

In order to bring Arthur back to reality, Greenville sacrificed herself.

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