Light Spirit Epic Chapter 459: Lost in the Bloody Night (3)


Chapter 459 Lost in the Bloody Night (3)

Two o’clock in the morning, Rome’s front, Brindisi.

A white light descended from the sky, passed through the strong protective barrier of Rome, and hit the city wall.

Three minutes later, Hall of the Celestial Knight, who was in charge of guarding this area, and the Roman general Narses arrived.

They were astonished to see a bloodied tiger boy, hugging another leopard girl, crawling out of the rubble. The soldiers raised their spears and threatened the orc, beckoning him not to approach, but the tiger-men didn’t seem to understand.

Albert took out a metal sign in his arms, “Is General Lancelot here?”

“Lancelot’s acquaintance?” General Cernas snorted in a low voice.

“No, this kid…” Hall looked carefully at Albert’s wings, “Although his appearance has changed a bit, but I know him.”

Al’s blood-dazed eyes widened, and he managed to see the Grand Duke Hall in front of him. “It’s you…! Please, please! Save Diana!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he fell to the ground and lost consciousness.

Hall checked the injuries of the two orcs: The tiger-man boy suffered no small amount of damage when he crashed into the protective barrier and walls of Rome. At the moment of impact, he wrapped his entire body with his wings to reduce the damage and save him from death.

The Tigermen came to Rome in such a hurry to “carry” another seriously injured girl. The snow leopard girl’s chest was stabbed with a huge wound by a knife. Although it was simply bandaged, it was still bleeding.

“Call the therapist!” Hall ordered.

“Wait! He’s an orc! You want to heal the enemy?!” General Selnas shouted.

“You can’t let them die, right?” A chuckle crossed Hall’s face, “We’ll have nothing to lose by rescuing them, and maybe even get something out of their mouths. information.”

“No!” Cernas’ hand has already stretched out to the saber on his waist, “Pantolaken’s Heavenly Knight, although this battlefield is under your command, this is still Rome. This possibility Things that endanger the security of Rome cannot be decided by you alone. This matter must be reported to His Majesty the Emperor first, and His Majesty will make a decision!”

Hall stretched his face: “You are so rigid, Your Majesty General Selnas. When His Majesty the Emperor makes a decision, both of them are already dead. Of course, we need to find a way to save them first. If His Majesty the Emperor wants to kill them. They, too, will come later.”

“No, no!” Selnas didn’t give in. “That tiger man was able to break through the barrier’s protection. His power is too dangerous! He can’t stay!”

“Although I have the same opinion as you…” Hall also stretched his hand to his waist to draw his sword, “but I still insisted on saving them. If we let them die like this, we will gain nothing. I can’t get it. It’s the most correct way to cross-examine it after being rescued.”

“…You will regret it, Hall.” Cernas had already drawn the sword from his waist an inch, ready to attack at any time.

—— Although this young general is highly skilled in martial arts, he doesn’t know how to turn his brain, and he only knows how to protect the safety of Rome. His stern, thin face was like a knife, and his sharp gray eyes were like knives. The weapon is not fully sheathed, and the face and eyes have already pointed the “knife edge” at Hall.

As for the ability to fight in close quarters, Cernas knows that he is far inferior to Hall, and it will be an absolute disadvantage to fight. But Cernas can’t take care of so much, the situation is very critical now, and he can only walk.

In the worst case, Hall was dragged by dozens of guards next to him, and he took the opportunity to kill the two orcs.

But will things go so well?

—— Grand Duke Hall also drew his blade an inch from the scabbard, ready to block counterattacks while being attacked.

This celestial knight, who is over eighty years old but has a middle-aged face, has extraordinary wisdom and far-reaching insight. Seeing that Albert brought this snow leopard **** the verge of death so desperately, he knew that something must be wrong. Even though he was going to fight against the Roman general, he still insisted on saving the two orcs.

The Knights of Pantoracken in Brindisi had less than 3,000 troops, and Rome had 50,000 garrisoned there. It would be an absolute disadvantage to fight. But Hall couldn’t take care of so much. The situation is very critical now, and he can only walk.

The worst situation is to knock Selnas unconscious, and escape with two orcs to seek medical treatment.

But will things go so well?

The two were in a state of tension for about ten seconds.

“What the **** are you doing?” A voice interrupted their confrontation.

Cernas turned his head and glanced. Dressed in a grey robe and dressed as a scholar, Justinian appeared in front of the two.

“…Your Excellency Justinian?”

“That’s it, Your Excellency Justinian——” Hall also put away his posture and briefly explained the situation to Justinian.

“Really? Uninvited orcs.” Justinian sighed. “But, you don’t have to quarrel or ask Uncle. It seems to be to celebrate the recovery of Lord Shaxing, Uncle. An amnesty has just been promulgated for all Roman criminals.

Even if they are enemies, since these two orcs are in Rome at this very moment, be kind to them and help them heal.

—— During the amnesty, the uncle did not want to see anyone die in Rome, even the enemy. “

Cernas was stunned for a moment. The amnesty of the Roman Emperor Justin I came really (not) at the right time.

The medical team has arrived at this time, standing beside General Selnas.

“That…” the leading therapist asked suspiciously, “Do you want to heal them or not?”

“…Take, take them to the medic!” The general said helplessly.

The healers rushed forward and began to administer first aid to the two orcs. Justinian glanced sideways at Albert’s wings, and then traced the battered outer wall of the castle.

“What a powerful force. Is this a new weapon for the orcs?”

“I don’t know.” The Grand Duke of Hall replied in a low voice, constantly analyzing the current situation in his mind, “However, no matter how dangerous an enemy is, it will no longer be dangerous after wearing a collar.”

The Celestial Knight turned to the healers and said, “Please notify me when the tiger man wakes up. I will interrogate him myself.”

The therapists agree. General Cernas on the side did not say a word, tried his best to hide his dissatisfaction, and looked at Grand Duke Hall coldly. Unlike Hall, who planned to use Albert, Sernas only wanted to get rid of the hidden danger of Albert.

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