Light Spirit Epic Chapter 457: Lost in the Bloody Night (1)


Chapter 457 Lost in the Bloody Night (1)

At twelve o’clock in the evening, outside the city of Athens, in the bridge of the battleship Nagelfa at dusk.

Deanna uses the healing wand to heal Albert’s left eye. The left eye was so badly damaged that he was about to go blind. Deanna carefully took out the sand and stone fragments from the tiger boy’s eyeball, and then cast healing magic from the staff, hoping to restore El’s eyes.

“…will this eye see meow in the future?” Albert asked in a low voice. He was infected by Deanna’s dignified expression and became uneasy.

Deanna squeezed a smile and comforted: “Don’t worry, it will gradually get better. Orcs’ recovery ability is so good, eye injuries are nothing.”

But her solemn expression was unconvincing.

Al turned his head to look at Argus beside him. The Leopard Man almost completely collapsed, losing not only his left arm, but also his own younger brother. He had almost succeeded in rescuing his younger brother, but he failed in the last step, letting his younger brother Baggs die under the iron hoof of the undead army.

Now, Argus, who was severely beaten, was pale and sat quietly on the ground, blood still oozing from the top of his bandaged left arm. Al wanted to say something to comfort Argus, but he didn’t know how to speak, so he could only continue to be honest.

Kaos was holding his newborn son in his arms and coaxing the baby to sleep. He glanced at the bridge in a blink of an eye, just happened to meet Bedivere, and immediately looked away in embarrassment.

“How many people died?” Bedivere couldn’t help asking.

“I don’t know.” Kaos replied casually, “There were 10,000 people sent to the battleship for refuge.”

“…Athens has a population of hundreds of thousands. We can’t even save a tenth of it.” Deanna sighed.

“Joy, be optimistic.” Albert quickly advised, “The others just didn’t get on the boat, and they may not all suffer. The undead army is only chasing us, and they have been completely wiped out.”

Deanna turned to Al with a wry smile: “Okay, I hope so. Everyone is tired too, let’s go to rest. Whether the undead will be completely wiped out is still unknown, but we are in the battleship tonight, at least Safe.”

After a whole night of fighting, everyone was tired and injured. Whether there were any survivors left on the ground, I was unable to manage in the middle of the night, so I had to wait until dawn to search.

“Come with me, everyone. The bed is ready.” Old Steward Simmons walked into the bridge and planned to take everyone to the lounge.

Bedivere and Albert looked at each other and followed behind Simmons. Argus also slowly got up and followed with Deanna’s help. Kaos, who was walking at the end, looked after the child in his arms as he walked.

Just when everyone was going to rest…

The real tragedy strikes suddenly.

Chaos, like crazy, took out the dagger from his waist and stabbed it into Deanna’s vest. The dagger pierced through the left back and pierced through the left chest. Deanna screamed and spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Deanna?!” Albert turned his head in surprise, “Kaos, are you crazy?! Why did you want to stab Deanna?!”

Kaos didn’t answer. As if he was hypnotized, he couldn’t hold back, but he stood mechanically, with a red light in his eyes.

“Hum hum hum.” A sinister sneer wafted around.

Keng! A dagger stabbed Albert, but the alert Bedivere already raised his weapon to block the blow!

Seeing that this blow failed, Simmons immediately floated to Chaos with a stride.

The next second, the old housekeeper’s appearance quickly changed, and he had become a hot leopard girl. The red-haired leopard girl was extremely coquettish, and her hands were restlessly stroking Kaos’ body.

“…Morgos!” Bedivere recognized the wild nature of the other party, even if the demon girl turned into a leopard man, she couldn’t hide it from the werewolf boy.

“Hmph, did you recognize the slave family right away? It’s not fun.” Morgos instantly floated to the side of Deanna, who fell to the ground. Before Diana could resist, the demon girl had already stretched out her hand and pulled out some kind of magic spell pattern from the body of the high priest.

“No…! I can’t give you the start key…!” Diana struggled desperately, but she suffered a heavy blow to the chest and was dying, unable to resist Mogou at all Silk!

Beddie and Al had already rushed over to help, but Chaos raised his dagger and slashed, blocking the approach of the two.

“Hum hum hum,” Morgoth successfully extracted the magic spell pattern from Diana’s body, and sneered proudly: “The activation key of [World Serpent Golem—Yemengard] has been confirmed by the slave family. Got it. Thank you for your cooperation!”

“What? World snake?!” Bedivere wanted to rush over to attack Morgos, but Chaos blocked Morgos with his body.

“Okay.” Mogos teleported to Chaos’s back, “You are useless, go to die.”

“…Order…Mergos…Master.” Kaos was completely hypnotized and couldn’t resist at all. He picked up his dagger and cut it to his stomach!

“Wow, wow, wow!” The little baby in Kaos’s hand suddenly started to cry. The child was woken up in the riot and was making a noise.

Chaos, who heard the cry of the baby, hesitated. His dagger stabbed less than an inch into his stomach, and the pain made him more awake.

“Ugh…what?…don’t think…manipulate me, you witch!” For some reason, he actually broke the hypnotic effect of Chaos Blood.

Morgoth’s face showed a burst of displeasure, but she didn’t pay much attention to She already got what she wanted. The old man is not interested.”

“Morgos!” Bedivere slashed with his dagger raised.

But the werewolf boy flinched. Mogos had already teleported and disappeared without a trace.

Boom! ! !

A large explosion shook the battleship violently. Everyone fell to the ground.

Bedivere struggled to get up from the ground and looked out the bridge window. A huge hole has been opened in the stern of the battleship at dusk. A huge snake-shaped golem climbed out of the warehouse of the battleship and immediately left the battleship.

“No!…The cursed ominous creature can’t escape the seal of Nagirfar!” Deanna exclaimed, spitting blood, “Hurry up, stop her!”

Albert hurried to the cockpit of the battleship: “Quick, who will fire?”

Ignoring the injury to his abdomen, Chaos rushed to the artillery seat, and controlled the turret of the Twilight Battleship to aim at the World Serpent Golem.

But it’s too late. Before Nagilfa could fire, the World Snake Golem had already coiled up quickly, jumped, and flew out hundreds of feet. As soon as the cannonball was fired, the golem was already wandering on the plains of the dark region a hundred miles away, escaping.

In the desolate wilderness, only Morgoth’s piercing shrill smile echoed.

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