Light Spirit Epic Chapter 456: Escape to the Bloody Night (6)


Chapter 456: Escape to the Bloody Night (6)

At the same time, Rome.

Boles, the dragon golem, enters the room. The soft light reflected on the golem’s silver-white body, making him look like some kind of god.

For the impatient Roman Emperor Justin I, this golem is indeed a lifesaver.

“Master Mage, I’m here.” Boles still wasn’t quite sure about Archmage Merlin’s intentions, but he believed that the Mage would make the right judgment, even if it didn’t seem logical.

“Okay, stand there and don’t move.” Merlin whispered. He himself was doubting what he was going to do. That’s obviously stupidity to put the world in greater danger.

However, did fate tell him to do this…?

I can only believe in fate, let it go, and watch which direction it will eventually evolve.

At the end of the fate of this world, there must be an [answer].

Archmage Merlin stretched out his hand and stroked the chest of the dragon-golem Bols. The armor plate on the chest of the dragon man golem sensed the will of the archmage and opened.

Hidden in the chest of the dragon man golem Bors is Bors’s [black box]—with a silver-black base, surrounded by numerous concave-convex porous circuit boards, pure and reflective A crystal core of brilliant light in seven colors.

In the translucent core that pulsates and beats like a heart, there is a white magic texture. This magic texture seems to have its own consciousness. escape from the bondage.

“Have you sensed the existence of other fragments and become active? It’s incredible.” Merlin sighed.

Justin I and Charlotte watched silently. People of their age have seen too many strange magics and sophisticated machinery, and they are not used to seeing them; but it is the first time they have seen such exquisitely crafted golems as the dragon man golem Bols. .

While bystanders were amazed, Mage Merlin began to reach out and take out the key shard in Bols’ core.

The shards, composed purely of magic power, were peeled from the black box of the dragon man golem like a filament of light, and finally trapped in the enchantment of the mage’s palm.

Merlin’s other hand undid the male star’s shirt and swiped on the dragon’s chest.

The bandages that bound Xinghuilong’s body began to shatter, and the flesh on the dragon’s chest began to separate.

The wizard does not use the blade to cut through the dragon’s body. Do not. His technique is far more sophisticated. The magic he cast caused the cells in the dragon’s chest to automatically shift, [giving up] a space. Therefore, there was not a drop of blood flowing from the chest that was opened in this way: not only the skin cells of the chest were displaced, but even the blood vessels avoided the Master’s palm, opening a space.

After opening the dragon’s chest, everyone can see the weakened heart of the dragon. His heart was still beating slowly, but it was weakened by the erosion of the six key fragments. The dark color on the heart seems to be a harbinger of Xinghuilong’s dying life. Glowing in various colors, the six key fragments are connected to each other, but they each occupy their own territory, entrenched on the dragon’s heart, looking like the sharp claws of the devil, gripping the dragon’s lifeline fiercely.

“Go.” Archmage Merlin placed the key fragment of the last World Wall in his hand next to the dragon’s heart. After unlocking the barrier, the last fragment flew into Wanglong’s heart and connected with the other six fragments.

The pattern of the magic power gradually becomes more complicated. It seems that countless blood vessels have grown between the fragments, forming a three-dimensional shape. This thing keeps shrinking and grasps the dragon’s heart more firmly!

There was extreme pain on Shaxing’s weakened face. His life is rapidly depleting!

“Mage!” Justin I exclaimed.

“Relax, it will be over soon.” Merlin cried.

The Roman emperor was so anxious that his hand was already on the sword at his waist. If Merlin was playing some tricks and killed Alexander, the emperor’s sword would definitely be unsheathed and cut off the archmage’s head!

However, as Merlin said, the final difficulty of the evil star will soon be over. The seven magic spell patterns twisted quickly, transformed their shapes, and finally synthesized into a key.

It’s not quite right to say it’s the key. It was really just a golden cube.

The cube floats over the male star’s heart, from violent twitching to immobility. The evil star was also weakened to the extreme, and his heart stopped beating.

Mage Merlin quickly removed the golden cube and shoved it into the core of the dragon-golem Bols.

Once the key to the wall of the world is released from the body of the evil star, the heart of the dragon begins to work again.

It got rid of the original silt black, replaced it with a healthy bright red, and thumped with strong vitality, and the sound was so powerful that bystanders could clearly hear the dragon’s heartbeat.

Archmage Merlin stretched out his hand and wiped it gently, and the flesh on the dragon’s chest immediately moved back to its original position, wrapping the heart in it properly. Sha Xing breathed a sigh of relief, and the originally pale and powerless complexion began to gradually turn rosy.

He instantly changed back to the form of a dragon from the blond boy. A small golden dragon was sleeping soundly on the bed.

“Change, change back?”

“He exhausted his strength, and when he returned to this state, the burden on his body was the least.” Merlin explained, “Let him rest. He has suffered enough.”

Justin I glared at Merlin: “And you could have spared him the pain.”

Archmage Merlin shrugged: “Your Majesty the Emperor, you can’t blame me for this. The huge risk that this key will bring after becoming a complete body is inherently——“

“ I don’t want to hear your nonsense!” The Roman emperor was angry. Even if the mage’s statement is correct, it is inhumane and cruel.

Merlin knew what Justin I was thinking. He responded with a chuckle: “If the face of the evil star was completely different from that of your son Alexander, would you still care so much about saving him, Your Majesty?”

The anger that rose to the forehead of the Roman emperor died immediately. He had to answer for a moment of silence.

If Alexander didn’t live in the dragon’s body, would Justin I still care about the life and death of the evil star?

However, if Justin I hadn’t cared about the evil star from the very beginning, the evil star would not have helped Rome to participate in the war, and he would not have been captured by the foxes for research, and he would not have suffered these crimes.

The face of a young man transformed by the evil star affects the fate of countless people. This is something that Justin I and even Archmage Merlin did not expect.

The reincarnation of Karma (Fate), great and mysterious, dominates everything in the dark.

Merlin looked anxiously at Bols, the dragon man golem. The armor plate on the golem’s chest has been closed, hiding the complete key to the World Wall deep within it. Merlin knew this was far from over.

He has a bad feeling.

But now, the keys have been assembled and the gears of the world’s destiny have begun to turn frantically, and no one can stop it.

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