Light Spirit Epic Chapter 455: Fleeing to the Bloody Night (5)


Chapter 455: Escape to the Bloody Night (5)

Silver Wolf nodded, evaded Pavre’s throwing axe with a jump, turned and fled east. Dozens of Warcraft undead immediately chased after the silver wolf.

“Ugh…” Albert reluctantly raised the Frost Demon Sword to strike. A wave of freezing air shot out, and the raised ice mist wrapped the beasts that followed. Slowed down by the freezing fog, the demon beasts were quickly thrown away by Bedivere.

“Sorry!” Argus also caught up at a high speed and jumped on the back of Silver Wolf. He was covered in blood and seemed to be in a hard fight. “Give me a ride too!”

“Hey, I’m not a vehicle!” Bedivere exclaimed disapprovingly.

“Where’s Bagus?” Argus asked loudly, ignoring Bedivere’s complaints.

“Brother!” Bagus also turned into a huge cheetah. Following Bedivere and his party, he was also covered in wounds. The battle with the undead made him suffer, “Help, help. !”

That’s right, dozens of undead monsters are still chasing Baggs. He was so badly wounded that he seemed unable to throw distance effectively.

Argus raises his thunderbolt spear and fires a strike that hits one of the undead, preventing its pursuit.

Albert also drew an ice arrow, and the sharp ice arrow hit another beast and stabbed it to the ground.

The two frantically fired all kinds of magic on Bedivere’s back, annihilating dozens of undead monsters chasing behind Bagus… Not annihilating, but at least preventing them ‘s pursuit.

But Bagus is also exhausted and is about to run out of energy!

“Just a little more, hold on!” Argus yelled, still waving his weapon incessantly.

Bedivere tries to slow down a bit so Baggs can catch up. If he hadn’t really wanted to save Bagus, Bedivere wouldn’t have slowed down at the risk of being bitten by a monster on his butt.

Seeing that the distance was almost there, Argus stretched out his hand: “——Baggs, jump up!”

“…Brother!” Bagus changed back into a human form and used his last strength to fly! He caught up to Bedivere, reaching out just within reach of Argus.

Argus grabbed his second brother’s arm with one hand: “Okay, Bagus, you’re safe——“

He was only halfway through his words when a huge axe flew through his arm and chopped off Argus’s arm.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhly In the next second, Bagus had fallen to the ground weakly, surrounded by the army of beasts who had caught up.

The Elephant Man Pavu, who became a necromancer, rode on the back of a beast, and the throwing axe just now was exactly what he did.

“Bastard!!” Argus yelled excitedly, not even noticing the blood spurting from his severed arm, “Give me back my brother!!——– —“

“Don’t, don’t do this!” Albert desperately held on to the excited Argus, barely keeping the Leopard Man from falling off the Silver Wolf’s back, “He’s already dead! You’re arguing with him now. It didn’t work either!”

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa slashes frantically swipe the lightning spear in his hand, the arcs bombarded the beasts chasing after, blowing these beasts flying.

“Don’t, don’t get excited! If you get excited again—“

Blood spewed out of Argus’ severed arm at a high speed, and soon the Leopard Man was blinded and ready to go into shock.

But thanks to Argus’ grievous and furious attack, Bedivere successfully escaped the pursuit of the beasts and ran to the east of the city, almost reaching the outskirts of Athens.

“What’s here?” Bedivere couldn’t help but feel hopeless as he looked at the endless wilderness. If there is no means of escape, there is no way to escape in this wilderness. He is always a living creature, and no matter how good his physical fitness is, he will be tired. Those monsters who become undead are tireless, and they will continue to chase Bedi to the ends of the earth.

“No…already…arrived.” Albert muttered in a low voice.

Bettiville felt a shock, he stopped in panic, slid dozens of yards, and finally stopped on the edge of a cliff.

A cliff?

In this plain?

That’s right, the cliffs.

The cliffs that appear out of thin air on the flat ground are caused by the sudden cracking of the ground. The crack is getting bigger and bigger, and the earthquake is getting more and more violent. Something seems to be coming out of the crack!

“A dead end?” Bedivere turned around and looked at the undead army that surrounded him.

He carried two seriously wounded orcs on his back, behind him was a cliff tens of millions of feet deep, and in front of him were tens of millions of undead.

In this desperate predicament, what can he do? !

Roar! ! ! ! The monsters roared and flew.

Albert drew several ice arrows, knocking the rushing monster into the air.

But there are still thousands of monsters rushing up, their offensive is extremely fierce, as long as they get close to Bedivere, they can immediately throw the silver wolf and others to the ground, and tear them to pieces in an instant!

“Beddie, listen to me, I count three seconds and jump into the cliff right away!”


“Three.” Albert shot a Frostbolt, blowing the nearest undead away.

“But…” Bedivere looked at the abyss behind him.

“Two.” Albert raised the thunder and lightning magic gun and swept out several times, and the arcs were blasted on the swarming monsters. The effect was like hitting them with a hammer. The impact forced them to jump back.

“Okay, okay…” Beddy wondered to himself, rather than being one of the Necrons, why not just jump into the cliff and smash to pieces?

Albert held up the ice sword and thunder gun: “One, jump!”

Under the urging of the tiger boy, Bedivere desperately jumped into the cliff.

Ice Sword and Thunder Spear also fire magic at the same time. Intense ice fog and thunderstorms exploded in the group of monsters, blowing the monsters into pieces!

Bediver felt a strong explosion above his head, he didn’t think too much, just closed his eyes and waited for his whereabouts to fall into a mud…


A dull sound lingered in Silver Wolf’s ears. The feeling of falling weightless was replaced by a strange stickiness.

Bedivere felt like he had jumped into a quagmire, his body was grabbed, and he slowly sank involuntarily. He opened his eyes and saw the wonderful scene under his feet:

At his feet is a huge ship, shimmering in the dark abyss. The ground was still cracking to allow the ship to emerge from the ground.

Bedivere was about a hundred feet from the deck of the ship, and at that distance he was already caught by some powerful force field. It is this force field that makes the silver wolf sink as slowly as it sinks into a quagmire, but it does not suffocate.

He sank for a full minute before finally landing on the deck.

The boat has floated to the ground, fully exposed from the rift.

At the foot of Bedivere, is a huge ship that is a thousand feet long, [Twilight Ship—Nagirfa].

The undead army watched the giant ship from the edge of the cliff, unable to attack or escape.

“Reload the incendiary bomb.” Deanna in the bridge ordered.

“Reloaded. Ready to launch at any time,” reported Kaos on the side.

“Level 2 wind. The elevation angle is corrected by 3 degrees to the left and 12 degrees up. Fire bombs are fired!”

Whoosh! !

A black cannonball is fired from the ship’s huge muzzle. This is very different from the light bombs made of compressed photons used in modern times. It is a physical warhead artillery shells are blasted among the undead army, and the first impact does not cause huge damage.

However, it hit the ground and exploded, instantly creating a violent firestorm, involving thousands of undead!

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh! Dozens of hot bombs continued to be fired and exploded among the undead army! The ground became a sea of ​​fire, burning the undead to black!

“Uh, burn the corpse with fire?” Bedivere looked at the undead struggling in the sea of ​​fire from a distance. They don’t seem to know how to escape, they just keep chasing the target (Bediver and the others). Since he was unconscious, he was swallowed by the fire and did not know how to put out the flames on his body.

“Ooooooooooooooooooooo!!” The elephant man on the back of the beast let out a strange scream. He was also engulfed by the sea of ​​fire. The carrion on his body was quickly burned to ashes, and the bones were gradually burned. disintegrate.

“…Goodbye, Papho. Dust to dust, dust to dust.” Albert muttered sadly. It seems that only this thorough cremation can give the undead real rest.

(Enough is enough of this spreading death and grief. Please don’t add to the grief.)

“Al!” Deanna ran from the bridge to the deck, “Come in and let me take care of your injuries.”

Bedivere returned to human form, and Deanna, one by one, supported the seriously injured Albert and Argus, and walked into the bridge of Nagirfa.

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