Light Spirit Epic Chapter 454: Escape to the Bloody Night (4)


Chapter 454: Escape to the Bloody Night (4)

Chaos glanced at the battlefield quickly, looking at the undead warriors emerging around him. These undead are not only the leopards, but also the beasts that died last night. Even if all the military strength of Athens is dispatched, it is not enough to compete with this undead army!

What’s more, these guys can’t be killed at all! Even if you are burned to the bone, you can still continue to kill as if you were fine! Every time they killed a Leopard warrior, these dead warriors immediately joined the army of the undead.

This is the death that is spreading. If nothing else is done, Athens will be a dead city tonight!

“We can’t hold on here!” he shouted to Deanna, “We have to lead the people to take refuge underground! . . . Activate Nagelfar!”

“No! That’s not how the Twilight Battleship Nagelfar is used!” Deanna loudly vetoed. The scene was very chaotic, and her cry was almost overwhelmed by the exclamations of the people.

Chaos looked at the injury on his arm and at the little black panther cub in his arms. He looked at his sister pleadingly: “Please, Deanna. I just want this child to live. He’s only a day old, is he going to die with us like this?”

Deanna was silent for a moment.

She looked around at the people around her who were tragically killed by the Necromancer’s attack. The leopards had never faced such undead monsters before, not only were they at a loss because of fear, but also in terms of ability, they were no match for the undead at all.

The Twilight battleship Nagirfa was not meant to save these people. It has its own task.

However, she couldn’t watch the leopards die. Athens has a population of more than 100,000. If nothing is done, it will only become a slaughterhouse for necromancers. All these 100,000 people die and then become undead warriors, and the disaster will further expand.

She finally compromised: “Okay, induce them to the underground passage. I will find a way to activate the Nagir method.”

At the same time, Bedivere and Albert are teaming up to fight Pavle, who has become a necromancer.

The giant Elephant Man undead is more difficult to deal with after death than before. His movements were as fast as lightning, and he swung the giant axe in his hand frantically, not at all worried that the excessive force would cause damage to his body. It’s dead, a corpse that knows no harm or pain, fighting unstoppable.

Bedivere was terrified, and timidly avoided Papho’s attack. That giant axe is too heavy, even if the weapon in the hands of the werewolf boy is used, it may not be able to block it. All he could do was keep dodging, and keep worrying about the safety of Albert beside him.

Although Al is inferior to Bedivere in combat experience, he has an additional advantage. The kinetic energy generated by the flapping of his wings in an instant made him dodge better and be more flexible.

Although the wings are often cut and smashed by Pavu’s giant axe, the wings are not his after all, he will not feel pain, and the regeneration speed of the wings is very fast, so he doesn’t have to worry about it at all.

“El!” Deanna shouted from a distance, “Hold these undead for a while. I’ll save you right away!”

Deanna seems to have her plans. Bedivere was a little relieved. He shoveled to the left, and Pavle’s axe slid over the werewolf boy’s head, but Brady had slipped under Pavle’s crotch.

As he slid past, he raised the Hydra dagger and slashed at Pavre’s ankle, cutting a deep incision in the undead’s boneless foot joint.

Beddie continued to slide forward and emerged from Pavle’s crotch. The giant Elephant Man was struck on the ankle and began to lose his balance and fall forward. Albert stepped back and seized this opportunity at the same time, raised the ice demon sword in his hand and slashed at Papho’s head!

Plan! The head of the Elephant Man undead flew out, drew a parabola in the air, and knocked on Bedivere’s head.

“Ow! Hey, what are you doing?!” Brady exclaimed disapprovingly.

“Oh, sorry!” Al laughed at the funny Bedivere. At the same time he was distracted, the headless corpse of Elephant Pavle was already half-kneeling and drew a line towards Albert. ax!

“Wow!” The trail of the axe brushed across El’s chest, leaving a small bloodstain. If it wasn’t for Al’s quick response, he would have been cut in half by the waist.

Albert looked at the Elephant Necromancer, who had no head, but stood up as if nothing had happened.

Yes, the head is just a decoration. For a corpse, having a head or not makes no difference at all.

This half-rotted Elephant Man corpse made Albert’s heart skip a beat. The black rotten blood dyed the Elephant Man’s corpse, which was almost left with only bones, and the rotten flesh kept falling down, making it even more terrifying.

Without [Holy], how on earth can these monsters be killed?

“Al, don’t be in a daze!” Bedivere shouted, and his shout brought Albert back to reality.

Pavu’s giant axe had already fallen madly, and Albert was shocked, flapping his wings and dodging backwards!

Boom! ! Papho’s full-strength blow can be described as earth-shattering. Although the giant axe has no special enchantment, it has terrifying destructive power because of its huge mass. The missed blow hit the ground, still producing a strong shock wave. The shock wave raised the rubble and splashed out, and the rubble shot at Albert like shrapnel!

“Ouch!” Al took the shock and flew back several yards involuntarily. The impacting gravel has come oncoming, and its number is difficult to dodge! Albert had no choice but to stretch out his wings to protect himself, allowing his wings to withstand the attack of those sharp stone chips!

Clap clap clap clap clap! The gravel hit Albert’s wings one after another, but there were still many that penetrated the protection of the wings and plunged into Albert’s body! He could hear the sound of his rib The next second he was distracted by the pain, a large gravel hit Albert’s left eye, smashing the tiger boy’s left eye. !

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ah

Whistle! A powerful shock wave shot from the back of the elephant man Pavu, shot through the vest of the undead, and opened a big hole in Pavu’s chest!

“El!” Bedivere hurriedly rushed over to help the tiger boy up, “Are you okay? Can you walk?”

“Can go. Uh ah ah actinium, **** Puff…” Albert cursed viciously, as if to soothe the pain in his eyes by swearing.

Bedivere knew that Albert couldn’t fight any longer, and the tiger’s eye injury needed to be dealt with in time, otherwise he would be blind forever: “Hold me. Run away!”


Bedivere turned into a giant silver wolf without a word, and grabbed Albert on his back: “Just hold on to me!”

Looking at Papho, who was standing firm and planning to launch an offensive again, and at the undead army that gradually surrounded the two of them, El knew that the battle was over and he could only run away. He clung to Bedivere’s back unwillingly, “Escape to the east of the city. There is… someone there to meet you.”

He wants Deanna’s tip to be [that].

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