Light Spirit Epic Chapter 453: Escape to the Bloody Night (3)


Chapter 453: Escape to Bloody Night (3)

“I can’t pretend I didn’t hear what I said just now.” A sharp blade was already on Mage Merlin’s neck. Merlin turned his head to look, and saw that his face was flushed with extreme anger, Justin I.

“…I can’t. To save him is to restore the key to the wall of the world to its full form. If this key falls into the wrong hands, the world is in danger.”

“I don’t care. I can’t save even a single person, how can I save the world.”

“Your Majesty——“

“I beg you, Mage!” Justin I put away his sword and stared at Merlin: “What will happen next, I will take care of it. You just need to save Alexander! “

“He’s not your son Alexander, he’s just a dragon——“

“It’s the same.” Roman Emperor Justin I looked at Archmage Merlin, his eyes full of sadness and paranoia: “Alexander is still alive in his body. I can feel it. When he dies, Asia Alexander died because of this. I will never allow this to happen!”

Merlin was silent. In front of him, he is no longer an overlord who is galloping on the battlefield and annihilating all nations; in front of him, this Justin I is just an anxious and overwhelmed old father who is afraid of losing his son again.

Even if the world is about to end, he doesn’t care. All he wanted was the safe return of his son.

Humans are emotional creatures.

However, if it is this pure emotion that leads to the destruction of the world…

Isn’t all this fate?

Merlin is a light spirit, a god-like being. If he really wants to escape from here, no one can stop him if the evil star is left to fend for itself.

But as a light spirit, he has his own principles. He can do or not.

He respects the fate of the world that he has decided by himself, and will never interfere too much with the fate of the world with his own hands, and will never take the initiative to distort the fate of the world.

Deception and concealment are pointless, he tried, but was exposed by Charlotte. This is a warning from fate to Merlin. There is some kind of great will interfering in Merlin’s plan, asking him to stop interfering in this matter.

Ask him to save Xinghui Longshaxing.

If this world voluntarily runs towards destruction, that is also the path chosen by this world, and Merlin has to obey.

So, Archmage Merlin sighed: “Okay. I’ll try to save him. He’s so weak, I just hope he can be saved.”

“He will be saved.” Justin I stroked the blond boy’s head pitifully, “Alexander has been a tough boy from a long time ago.”

Charlotte stepped aside and remained silent.

At the same time, Athens.

A battle axe smashes the head of a leopard guard. Bedivere had just recognized that the axe belonged to Papho the Elephant Man. When he was startled, a huge figure had already rushed into the square.

Pavre is a moving corpse. Incredibly, moving. His lower body had been gnawed by the monsters to the extent that only bones were left, but those bones were still able to walk, supporting the huge body of an elephant man!

Papho’s belly was full of rotting flesh and rotting maggots, and the maggots fell to the ground along with the rotting internal organs as the corpse walked. The sight was terrifying.

“Necromancer!” Bedivere thought of the only possibility. He jumped up all over, and at the same time had drawn his weapon.

“Necromancer? Succubus?! Why?” Albert also jumped up and drew his weapon. He only knew the existence of succubuses from Bedivere’s previous adventure stories, but he never thought that such a terrible thing would happen today.

He looked at Papho’s bony leg, covered with filaments that looked like blood vessels. It’s not so much that Papho’s corpse is moved with his feet, it’s those filaments that pull Papho’s legs to drive the corpse.

Is the succubus really so terrifying that it can drive even a corpse with only bones and become its own loyal warrior?

Was the previous attack of the monsters also the work of the succubus? !

If so, how terrifying this succubus must be! All the living and the dead can be controlled by her. Is there anyone in this world who can stop her?

Bedivere is also wondering. The attack of the monsters last night was no accident, and it was no accident that Morgoth appeared here.

The only one who can control the beast is the [Blood of Chaos] of the demon girl.

What’s even more terrifying is that the witch has added the terrifying feature of manipulating undead warriors in [Blood of Chaos]. Even if the leopard people spent huge sacrifices to suppress the attack of the monsters, the people who died because of this would still become necromancers, causing the second wave of harm!

Morgoth’s plan is far from over. No matter what she is planning, the city of Athens will inevitably fall into a **** storm again tonight!

Dozens of Leopards also crawled out of their graves, becoming necromancers. There was a faint red light in their eyes, and the carrion on their bodies kept falling down as they moved. This terrifying sight alone was enough to frighten the leopard people.

“What monster! Disappear for me!” Bagus drew a sword, trying to stop the undead from progressing. His flaming sword drew an arc of fire, igniting the undead.

However, the necromancer is long dead, and is not afraid of fire at all. The rotten flesh on their bodies was burnt by the flames and gave off a stench, turning into ashes and falling down incessantly. The necromancers with only bones left rushed over and slashed at Bagus!

Baggs panicked and raised his knife to block, and was temporarily unable to fight back. Seeing this, Argus immediately brought his gun up to help his younger brother, and the two fought against dozens of undead warriors at the same time.

On the other hand, Chaos was holding his Frost Demon Sword in one hand and his child in the other, carefully avoiding the axe attack of the elephant man Pavu, while covering Diana’s retreat.

But he has too many things to do, and he can’t take care of it all at just stepped on a small stone on the ground and stumbled. Pavu’s axe has been swung and smashed on Chaos’s head!

Chaos had to raise his sword to block, using the blade of the ice sword to dissipate the force of the Elephant Man’s axe, and at the same time rolled sideways, avoiding the fatal blow. But his dodge was not complete. Pavu’s sharp axe slashed a large piece of flesh on the arm of the black panther, and the wound was deep to the bone!

“Ugh!” Chaos felt dizzy from the pain. While hesitating, Pavle had already rushed up, raised his axe high, and planned to smash Chaos into flesh with one blow.

Seeing that it was too late to dodge, Black Panther closed his eyes in despair, waiting for his own death.

“Wow, woah, woah ah ah ah ah!” The little baby in his arms started to cry for the first time.

The baby’s cry seemed to have magical power, and it reached the ears of Papho, who had become a necromancer, and made the Elephant Man hesitate.

The next second, Bedivere, who just came to save people, has transformed into a huge silver wolf, knocking away Papho, who was holding an axe.

Albert also pulled Kaos away: “What are you doing? Run away!”

Kaos came back to his senses, heard his son’s cry, and looked at his blood-stained sleeves: “…Sorry, I’ll leave it to you here.”

He threw the sword in his hand to Albert, and hurriedly ran towards the crowd with the child in his arms to meet Deanna.

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