Light Spirit Epic Chapter 452: Escape to the Bloody Night (2)


Chapter 452: Escape to the Bloody Night (2)

Although I don’t know what’s going on, Bedivere saw Kaos’ “performance” from a distance and finally let go of the burden in his heart.

“El, you can rest assured that Kaos will treat his son well from now on.”

“Really meow?” Albert still looked puzzled, the black tiger stripes on his forehead twisted into a W when frowning, “He dared to sacrifice the child, such a guy is worth believing meow …”

Albert had a similar experience. The pain of being betrayed by his father made him very disgusted with what Kaos did.

“Don’t do that. He knew he was wrong, and he’s willing to turn around. That’s a good leopard.” Bedivere patted Al on the shoulder.

Al sneered disdainfully: “He once abandoned the child, and will do it again.”

Beddie knew that Al was a very stubborn guy, and it was no use arguing with the tiger now, so he had to keep silent.

Deanna ignored Kaos and went back to slaughter the last sacrifice, the porcupine cub. When everyone thought that the festival was coming to an end tonight…

A leopard guard drew an arc in mid-air and was thrown heavily into the venue.

The Leopard Man was covered in wounds, and before he died, he vomited blood and shouted: “Everyone, run away! Corpse, the corpse is resurrected!”

The next second, the huge battle axe smashed down, smashing the head of the Leopard Man!

Bedivere instantly recognized that it was the battle axe of the Elephant Herbalist Papho! An ominous premonition rushed over his chest.

The good things are just over, and the bad things are coming soon. Tonight is destined to be a night of **** slaughter.

9 p.m., Rome.

Charlotte looked at the evil star who was seriously injured on the bed.

The blond boy was punctured by dozens of long spears, and there was a deep stab wound on his left hand. His blood stained his clothes crimson.

Dragons do not die from excessive blood loss. Even if they stream the last drop of blood, the inherent photons in their bodies can convert the energy that provides the cells to survive, and by burning these [fuels], the dragon can continue to survive until the body heals.

However, that’s the usual case. The body is exhausted, and the evil star with almost no inherent photons left in the body has long run out of [fuel] to continue its life. Only death awaits him. Like a normal person, he is currently in shock from excessive blood loss.

Archmage Merlin arrived just now. As soon as he entered the room, he ignored Charlotte and Justin I in the room, and immediately sealed the room with a barrier.

“What are you doing, Mage?! Help him!” The Roman emperor couldn’t help but anger when he saw that Merlin was not saving people, but was busy setting up a barrier.

“His life is in danger. Once he dies, the key fragments in his body will fly out. I have to set up the barrier first to prevent the fragments from flying around.” Merlin explained. He quickly set up the barrier, and then turned to check Shaxing’s injuries.

“Um…he lost a lot of blood, and the inherent photons are exhausted. I will try to sew up the wound on his body first. But his self-healing ability is no longer there, and the effect of magic treatment is not ideal. You have to be mentally prepared.”

The mage used magic to manipulate the sutures, methodically stitching up the dragon’s wounds. But anyone with a discerning eye can see that the dragon’s bleeding has stopped, and there is no point in suturing the wound. He didn’t stop the blood, but there was no more blood to flow at all.

Charlotte knew in her heart that even for a healthy human being, it would be extremely difficult to save her from such an injury. Not to mention a dragon that was already on the verge of death.

This guy knew he was going to die, and he wanted to try his best one last time. It’s a really weird dragon. The evil star is far from the selfish, greedy, ugly giant lizards that are rumored to be.

In front of Charlotte, there was just a clumsy, innocent, gentle, a little silly, unsophisticated, blond boy.

Merlin took out a bag of surrogate blood after stitching up the wounds of the evil star. Whether that is real dragon blood or something artificial is only known to the mage himself.

After the mage gave Shaxing blood, Longcai gradually improved. But that blood transfusion is only a means of temporarily prolonging his life, and the dragon’s improvement is only a return to light.

Shaxing opened his weakened eyes and glanced at the Merlin mage, Charlotte, and Justin I in the room. He also knew that he didn’t have much time left.

The evil star forced a pale smile, and tried to force himself in front of the girl for the last time: “Hey, Charlotte. Did I act cool just now?”

“Well…it’s cool.” The girl replied in a low voice, enduring her heartache.

“I don’t know if I can… win the lady’s kiss?” Xing Xing is now learning and selling, and moved out the lines from the movie he saw today.

Charlotte was shy for a while. The Roman Emperor saw this and immediately pulled up Archmage Merlin: “Let’s go away first.”

“But his injury—“

“Go away first.” Justin I pulled Merlin away.

After everyone in the way had gone, Charlotte turned to look at the evil star: “Okay…just a kiss.”

“Hehe.” Long smiled palely.

The girl leaned over and kissed the blond boy’s handsome face lightly. Those tender cherry lips imprinted an unforgettable touch on the dragon’s face.

“It’s not mouth to mouth…” Shaxing whispered.

“Who’s talking to you, you bastard.”

Xinghuilong sighed and closed his eyes.

“Um, Fiend? Cheer up! Fiend?” Charlotte shook the sleeping dragon. But he never wakes up again.

(This is the end. Maybe this is better.)

(He won’t disturb my life again.)

(The world will be saved… right?)

Archmage Merlin came over and patted the girl’s arm: “Don’t be sad. Let him go quietly.”

The more she told Charlotte not to be sad, the more her tears fell.

“This taste… very good. I always feel… alive… to be able to eat such delicious food… it’s great.” Shaxing praised a small cup with tears at that time. The ice cream scene came to Charlotte’s mind again.

Such a simple fool will leave her forever.

Although she can finally get rid of this annoying guy forever, she always feels…

It’s a little lonely.

If it’s now, back down here.

——She must not forgive herself.

“Mage, save him.” Charlotte said suddenly.

“What?…he’s dead, don’t be like this——“

“He’s still saved. Mage, you know how to save him, but you just don’t want to save him.” Charlotte exposed Merlin’s lie.

“Even if you say so——“

Charlotte didn’t listen to Merlin’s sophistry, she immediately took out her mobile phone, pressed the replay button, and played the previous call recording once.

“Sorry, kid. You could have been saved. But I couldn’t risk destroying the world just to save you.”

After listening to this passage, Archmage Merlin’s pale complexion turned blue: “You, how did you record this passage…”

Charlotte wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes and sneered at the mage: “It doesn’t matter how you recorded it. The important thing is that you do have a way to save him.”

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