Light Spirit Epic Chapter 451: Chaos


Chapter 451 Chaos Chapter (Beginning) Escape to Bloody Night (1)

The prayer only lasted ten minutes before the high priest nodded to the crowd and walked slowly to the altar. Another priest who followed handed Deanna a box that appeared to be an offering.

“Beddie, you’d better close your eyes. The sacrifice scene can be bloody,” Albert said sarcastically.

“I’ve already slaughtered a lot of people, so I’m still afraid of blood.” Brady smiled disdainfully.

There is no mercy in this dark age. Every time they fight, knights take action on the premise of killing their opponents. Killing is commonplace. If you are soft on the enemy, you will die miserably. On the first day he entered the Knights with Arthur, the werewolf boy had already made up his mind to dye his hands with blood.

Humans, orcs, beasts, monsters, he has personally killed countless. Are you afraid of bloodshed now? That’s ridiculous.

This is what Bedivere thinks. He thinks his psychological quality is already very good. But the next second, he almost vomited in the hood of the priest in the front row.

Deanna placed the offering on the altar and slashed the animal’s throat with one knife. Blood splattered, dyeing the high priest’s red robe even redder.

In fact, it wasn’t the **** scene that made Bedivere sick, but Deanna’s skillful technique. She slaughtered the life with the knife in her hand, without even the slightest hesitation, like a skilled butcher, mechanically handling the [meat] placed in front of her.

Here, life is not treated like life, she is just dissecting this piece of meat.

It’s terrifying.

I am afraid she has killed countless sacrifices like this. The annual [Thanksgiving] is her testing ground for slaughtering animals! Even the most seasoned knight may not be able to take a life without hesitation, but Deanna does it with ease!

Albert finally knows where Deanna’s composure beyond her years comes from. The Snow Leopard girl is a natural butcher, and she has long regarded life and death very lightly.

On the eaves not far away, a figure in a black cloak is crawling, quietly observing all this. He was almost integrated with the thatched roof, and with the cover of night, it was impossible for anyone to notice him lurking. But when he saw Deanna ruthlessly slaughtering the sacrifice, he couldn’t help being touched, and the shock shook a few thatch off the roof, almost revealing his potential.

He forced himself to be calm, suppressed the impulse in his heart, lowered his body lower, and continued to observe the sacrifice.

After slaughtering the first offering, Deanna picked up the second offering from the chest. Bedi narrowed his eyes and tried to see the appearance of the sacrifice in the distance: it seemed to be the cub of a Warg Warcraft. He was born with a mutilated leg.

The little wolf cub probably smelled the blood on the altar and understood his own destiny. It didn’t want to be killed just like that, and struggled desperately. But its struggles were completely in vain, and its three remaining good legs were tied firmly with twine, and there was no way to escape.

Bedivere frowned, watching Deanna stun the little wolf cub with the back of the knife, and instantly broke his throat and bleed, completing the slaughter of the second sacrifice. She placed the dead worg pup in the upper left corner of the altar, lined up next to the first offering.

The figure on the eaves is a little bit out of breath.

Deanna reaches into the box and grabs the third and final offering, ready for slaughter.

Bediver only saw Deanna pick up a small black object, which seemed to be the size of a fist, and it was impossible to see what it was from such a distance…

This sacrifice is so small that it seems difficult to start with. Deanna raised the knife and poked directly at the belly of the sacrifice. She didn’t plan to break the throat of the sacrifice and bleed it, but to break its abdomen and dig out its internal organs!

——At this moment, the torches on both sides of the altar suddenly went out.

Whistle! A gust of wind rose, and it seemed that someone rushed to the altar in the dark.

The priests immediately lit the torches. The fire came back and reflected on the altar. At this time, there was an extra figure on the altar!

Deanna frowned. Her sacrificial knife had plunged deep into the arm of a Panther man.

Chaos blocked the knife with his arm, and the other hand was already hugging the sacrifice.

“Brother Kaos? Let go! You said you gave me the full authority to handle the baby. Do you want to go back now?” Deanna glared at Kaos.

“…Sorry, I still can’t give up my child….He’s my son!” Kaos said stubbornly.

“He’s not. He’s a savage from a slave, just a piece of meat ready to be offered to the gods!”

“Stop talking nonsense!” Kaos angrily pushed Diana away, “I don’t care if he is a slave or not! He is my son!!”

Deanna took a few steps back and said with a sneer, “Kaos, your son turned out to be a porcupine? You pig father.”

“What? This—-” Kaos realized that something was wrong, and turned to look at the [son] in his arms.

That’s not a little black panther at all. It was a black-furred porcupine, indeed only the size of a fist.

“Your son is here, Master Kaos.” Rabbit Blackie appeared behind the altar holding a small object.

“What? You… are you trying to trick me?”

Diana shook her head at Kaos: “No. I have discussed with Xiao Hei, if you are so cruel that even your own son can be handed over as a sacrifice, let this child become a sacrifice. Okay.

On the contrary, if you are afraid that you still have a little humanity, you are willing to come back to save your then——“

Xiao Hei came over and handed the child to Kaos: “Little Hal will take care of you.”

Kaos hesitated for a while, but he finally put down the porcupine in his hand and reached out to take the baby panther.

After Kaos took the child, Xiao Hei smiled reassuringly, fell to the ground weakly, and never got up again.

“Uh, how could ——“

“She’s bleeding profusely.” Deanna murmured in a low voice. “She’s exhausted all her life to give birth. Without my staff to keep her alive, she should have died this morning. Now, even the life-extending effect of the staff has passed, and she is completely dead.”

Chaos looked at Xiao Hei’s icy corpse in surprise. The Black Rabbit died just after giving birth to a baby for Kaos.

“So despicable…to leave such a troublesome little thing to me to deal with, but go to heaven to enjoy myself…”

“Let her go. She just stole one of your brother’s wallets and was caught and made a slave. After suffering so much, her sins are enough, let her rest in peace.” “Let her go.

Kaos responded with a moment of silence. He subconsciously looked at the child in his hand. The little guy was soft and warm, held in the palm of his hand, looking as light as a feather, but unexpectedly heavy.

That is the weight of life.

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