Light Spirit Epic Chapter 448: Moving to disaster (8)


Chapter 448: The calamity (eight)

At the same time, the evil star was also thoughtful. He had already noticed that a few unfriendly figures had been following him while shopping with Charlotte. Dragon has never messed with these humans, and he doesn’t even have much contact with human society, so why is he being targeted by these guys?

But he deliberately ignored the group of uninvited guests. As long as the stalkers don’t do anything out of the ordinary, they have nothing to do with the evil star. Xinghuilong didn’t have much time left. He had to hurry up and have fun, so that he would not be affected by a few rats.

Ten minutes later, Charlotte looked up at the huge palace-like building in front of her. This was the Royal Hotel in Rome. It is basically made of white jade. The corners of the square are carved with reliefs of various lions and holy lilies. The white wall carvings are covered with a layer of gold, which is very gorgeous.

Its concave and convex circular white jade pillars are even more inlaid with golden stripes. These stripes outline the pillars with a deeper layering, and gradually appear wavy as the height of the pillars increases, not only making the pillars look straight The neatness also allows them to have subtle changes in shape, so that they don’t look boring.

The decoration here is extravagant, as it was specially built to entertain the royal family of Rome. How many dignitaries dream of a wonderful night in this hotel.

Tonight, it was specially ordered by the Roman emperor to reserve the venue, and the entire hotel was entertaining Shaxing and Charlotte.

Under the guidance of the waiter, the two entered the lobby of the hotel. The decoration in the hall is even more luxurious to the extreme:

Not a corner is not gilded with pure gold, not a pillar is not carved with gold and rubies.

The red gauze curtains were tied beside the pillars, and the left and right columns of the entire aisle were neatly tied with these gauze curtains, which were set against the carved white jade slabs on the ground and the red carpet neatly spread on them.

The three colors of gold, red and white are fused in the entire hall. The gold reflects the candlelight in the hall infinitely. Even such a faint candlelight can illuminate the entire hall. Each candlestick glows at the same time.

Charlotte swallowed. It was the first time she came to such a high-end hotel, and she couldn’t help being a little cautious. She looked at the disapproving and carefree evil star beside her, and bowed her head in embarrassment.

The dragon has no need to be polite at all. In front of him, how splendid the palace is is just a passing glance.

He would come here to eat, simply because the Roman emperor said the food was delicious.

The Roman Emperor Justin I was already at the huge round table in the center of the hall, waiting for the arrival of the dragon and the maiden. He was wearing a finely carved armor of pure gold, the decorative armor worn by the greats when they attended banquets. Although there is no defensive power at all, it is very gorgeous, more dazzling than ordinary dresses.

The red velvet tablecloth embroidered with gold patterns is neatly spread on the table, and it is filled with countless delicious food and wine, exuding a tempting aroma. This is the imperial banquet.

“Sit down, don’t be polite, and eat the food while it’s still hot.” The Roman emperor squeezed out a smile and looked at the evil star with a loving look.

Charlotte didn’t know about the Roman emperor’s son Alexander. She was always surprised to see the emperor treat the evil star like this, but she didn’t dare to ask more, for fear of angering Longyan.

Shaxing doesn’t care about anything, he sits down and grabs a big lobster and eats it.

“Um…don’t eat the shell, eat the meat inside. Even eating the shell will eat a bad stomach.” The emperor couldn’t help but say, “Watch me do it.”

“Oh, I understand.” The dragon let go of the lobster’s shell and took the lobster’s flesh out of the shell (actually, the chef had already helped to remove half of it), following the example of Justin I. Tender lobster meat stuffed into your mouth.

The blond boy loves this tender and juicy delicacy and smiles with satisfaction.

The emperor also smiled and took out more shrimp and stuffed it into the evil star: “Eat it, eat more.”

Charlotte watched while she gently removed the lobster meat from the shell with a knife and fork. She heard that Justin I was an illiterate, illiterate man from the military. Now, seeing how he taught Shaxing how to eat lobster, she knew how arrogant and informal this emperor was.

“Are you an adult? Can you drink? This wine is also superb.” The emperor picked up another glass of wine and took a sip.

“Don’t underestimate me, I’m a grown-up dragon anyway.” The evil star picked up the glass and drank the ruby ​​red wine.

They kept drinking there, and the two of them drank a large bottle of red wine in an instant, and the waiter on the side immediately brought the next bottle of wine.

“Good wine! … Miss Charlotte, don’t you drink it?” The emperor’s face flushed, the alcohol was spreading in his veins.

“Thank you for the kindness of His Majesty the Emperor, I am not yet an adult, and I am allergic to alcohol——“

“Well, okay, if you don’t drink it, I’ll take care of this glass of wine.” Sha Xing grabbed the glass of red wine in front of the girl with one hand, and drank all the contents in the glass with a grunt. The alcohol made him very excited, he refreshed himself, and continued to grab the abalone on the plate and eat it.

Charlotte has seen the terrible eclipse of the evil star too many times today, and she has become numb to it. When she saw Xinghuilong put a large plate of shark fins into her mouth like noodles, she even thought the dragon was a little funny and cute.

She doesn’t like the eclipse of the evil star, it’s just her tolerance for a dying person.

The happy dinner time lasts only after Shaxing has cleaned up a large plate of seafood mixed vegetables and spaghetti.

He suddenly felt sick after eating the spaghetti.

“Ugh?!” Sha Xing slammed his chest.

“Don’t eat in such a hurry. Isn’t this choking.” The Roman emperor reached out and patted Shaxing’s back to help Shaxing swallow the food.

But he suddenly felt dizzy, and before he stretched out his hand, he immediately fell to the ground beside him.

“Your Majesty the Emperor?” Charlotte was startled and wanted to stand up to see what happened.

The emperor struggled to get up: “This food… is poisonous?!”

The Royal Hotel in Rome is heavily guarded and the emperor’s army inside and out. Who has the ability to poison the emperor’s wine and food? !

“Oh, Your Majesty the Emperor, are you eating here? What a coincidence.” A middle-aged man in black armor walked into the hall.

“General Cass? Why are you here?” Justin I clutched his painful abdomen, “Is this your plan?!”

“Humph, Your Majesty the Emperor, why do you ask? You actually left the palace and came to this place to eat, and the guards on hand only brought dozens of people. With such a good opportunity, how could I not start with you? ?”

“Damn it—guard!!” King Justin I yelled.

Dozens of spear-wielding guards swarmed around the emperor. But they raised their guns, pointing not at General Cass, but at the Roman Emperor.

“You—what do you mean?!” The Roman Emperor Longyan was furious.

“Of course I meant to kill you.” General Cass sneered sinisterly, “Your close guards are all carefully selected by me. This plan was planned as early as ten years ago. You A dignified Roman emperor, doesn’t he even know whether the guards around him can be trusted?”

“Ten years ago?! Could it be——“

Cass ignores King Justin I and turns to look at the evil star who is in pain on the table: “Really. That idiot Framte kidnapped you ten years ago, you should be dead. Why is it still in front of my eyes now?”

Shaxing didn’t answer, and the food was still stuck in his throat, which made him dazzled, and he didn’t have time to take care of these things.

Justin I looked at Cass with fierce eyes: “Sure enough…you and Framte are accomplices…!”

“Correct. Your Majesty the Emperor, you should have killed me in the first place. If you want to blame it, you are too soft-hearted, thinking that Framte and I are not the same people. It’s too late to regret it! — —If you want to regret it, regret it in **** with your son!”

Cass grinned grimly, raised his knife and fell, slashing at the head of the Roman emperor.

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